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Ipod, iPhone, cell phone chargers

Updated on June 21, 2014


So many chargers
So many chargers | Source


Have you ever noticed that the chargers we get with our

electoronic devises never last long.

Do you find yourself constantly buying a new cord?

I do. Seems to me like every few weeks they just stop working.

Does my family abuse these said chargers?

I really don't think so , but something is going on for sure.

I notice when you buy the charger that is name brand

it's very expensive and the cord still only works for a few weeks.

If you buy the generic ones for the apple products they may not

work. I bought so many cords for my iPod touch from everywhere. I

bought 3 from Walgreens all broke in the same first days.

luckiky for me the manger kept exchanging them.

I bkught one from best buy that was to apple and it

was one peice the cord did not disconnect. That Iasted

about two months and then stopped working and I just bought

another cord. This time from Walmart let's see what happens.

Now for my cell phone which is an LG my charger is much

more solid. They one that came with my phone works like a charm

but like most Androids the chargers are interchangeable so I must

fuss with the kids and they disappear them.

Inhave bought cheap chargers and have no issues at all with them

so I would have to say they are built stronger.

I have a car charger that I paid 4-5 dollars fo. I bought

in the gas station and it works perfectly.

I need a charge!

No matter where I go seems some one needs a charger for something.

Every week while attending Dialysis wih my daughter

I notice someone always asks to use my charger. Some people

never carry theres or there's breaks and they need a charge.

I notice especially with Apple products the chargers always

break. Seems like the cord breaks in the same spot all

the time. You would think they would come out with a swivel

cord that would not adhere to all the wear and tear and

would actually be a reliable product.

Well if I could invent it I would but really I don't have the resources

for such an idea.

I find when I purchase generic chargers they either don't

work at all or they last about a week.

So for financial reasons your better off buying the apple cords.

Now when it comes to the android phones and other phones

I don't see as much of a need for replacement

The cords made are either of a higher quality or they

are just made tougher if you know what I mean.

Apple clearly is making enough money every year with the upgrades

and people wanting the newer products but they never make

the chargers universal every new product change the charger too.

What a charger has become

Toting around a charger has become the normal these days.

Most people have a hard time leaving home with out their

smart phones or tablets. I myself am so guilty of this.

If I leave my home and don't have my phone or my itouch

I get stressed. Never mind when the battery goes out.

I set into panic mode.

What if something happens at home ?

see my youngest daughter is a dialysis patient and any

emeregency can happen with her and my husband

has brain cancer so really any emergency can happen with him.

I worry about any number of things throught out the course of the day

Never mind when I am driving somewhere I need to

know my phone is close and charged.

So I imagine that people whom live similar lives to

mine would have similar feelings on these issues.

So I have been thinking a lot about chargers

and I wonder this do you like the chargers that

are one solid piece or do you prefer the ones

that have the USB cord and you can plug into computer

or other devices for convience charging

Charger preference

Which kind of charger do you prefer?

See results

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