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Iron Man Suit from Cardboard and Cool Spider-Man SpiderSense Suit

Updated on March 3, 2013
Iron Man suits from cardboard, photo by Royal Dump
Iron Man suits from cardboard, photo by Royal Dump

A Reddit user by the name of Royal Dump showcased a few snapshots of his project: cool cardboard Iron Man suits. He was able to produce one of Tony Stark's Mk VI suits, which he wore on Iron Man 2. The other works in progress were for the rumored Mk VIII suit, which will soon come out on Iron Man 3 (showing in the US in May 2013).

Check out more details by clicking here. Royal Dump even mentioned that he sold some handmade Iron Man Avenger's foam costumes for $400 each.

You can also see my Walyou write up on this recycled Iron Man suit and more.

Also, please see one of my most popular Hubs ever on this hand made life-sized War Machine replica.

SpiderSense ultrasonic suit invented by Victor Mateevitsi
SpiderSense ultrasonic suit invented by Victor Mateevitsi

You also check out this interesting new invention: SpiderSense, a specialized suit that grants you Peter Parker's superhuman senses! Though it may look like a prototype for now, imagine that there are tons of potential uses when it gets in the market, just like this life-sized War Machine model.

SpiderSense was invented by a Chicago PhD student Victor Mateevitsi, who will be presenting his research in an international conference in Germany in March 2013.

So what can it do? Basically, SpiderSense gathers ultrasonic signals from the environment, so the wearer can sense any approaching object or person, just by the sound waves that reflect upon them. Think of it as bat echolocation with a spidery twist.

Check out Mateevitsi's work and more details by clicking here. I also wrote it up on Walyou with other cool examples so please surf on over to my Walyou article.


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    • Thefilmguy24 profile image

      Thefilmguy24 4 years ago

      Cool article. I would love to have one of those Iron Man foam costumes. The new Iron Man suit Mark VII for Iron Man 3 looks pretty awesome. FYI...Iron Man 3 comes on May 3rd 2013 here in the U.S., not April. Cool hub though. Voted up.