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Iron Man's Arc Reactor

Updated on April 18, 2016

‘The Arc Reactor’

The arc reactor is a device embedded in Tony Stark’s chest that prevents the shrapnel in his chest from inching closer to his heart. This device works on fusion power, which in the 1st part of the Iron Man series used to be derived from a palladium core. In Iron Man 2, a new element was created by Tony to replace palladium due to its high toxicity. The device has electromagnetic coils in a torus. It generates power upto 3 giga J/s, which could run his heart for approx. 50 lifetimes (without using the ironman suit).

Advancements in this matter are being done in many parts of the globe, to achieve the on-screen technological advancements of Stark’s suit. But it might take quite a few years to achieve it. After all, like the cool guys says, “I am Iron Man!”.

- Chirag Gupta


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