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Irreplaceable Fossil Fuel

Updated on September 27, 2017
jackclee lm profile image

Jack is currently a volunteer at the Westchester County Archives. Before retiring, he worked at IBM for over 28 years.


This hub is making the case for the importance of fossil fuel in all our lives. Recently, due to the debate over climate change, fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal has been reduced to second class status. Fossil fuel is irreplaceable as of 2016 and all the progress made with renewable energy sources have been puny compared to our demand for fossil fuel.

- Jun. 2016


The push to convert to renewable energy such as solar and wind and geothermo sources have led some to predict that we could replace all fossil fuel within 20-40 years. That is just wishful thinking. As an outsider to the energy industry, and an average citizen, I just don't see it. This conclusion is based on my own observation and understanding of the current state of energy consumption. The vast majority of people on our planet still rely on cheap and efficient energy to survive.

Great strides have been made over the last 30 years in solar and wind power with the help of government subsidies. However, it is still only account for 13% of total energy use. Future projects are not very promising. Unless there is a dramatic breakthough in either technologies, I just don't se how they can replace fossil fuel.

My Prediction vs. Stanford University

A Stanford University study has determined that we could be totally renewable within the next 40 years. I am going on record to challenge that position. Common sense tells me that we will never be weened off fossil fuel. It is just too good an energy source. One that is readily available, compact to transport, and cheap. It is also needed to manufacture all sorts of industrial products that we need.

Obviously, anyone can make predictions. The trick is to be right. I am willing to stake my reputation on this fact. Fossil fuel is irreplaceable and we will need it for years to come. It will only be replaced when an alternative fuel is found or discovered that is comparable. So far, in 2016, that fuel does not exist.

Carbon Credits $$$

The Amazing Fossil Fuel

Why is fossil fuel so good? The answer is simple. It is abundant and it has high density. For example, if you take a gallon of gasoline, it can move a 3000 pound car for 30 miles or so at high speed 65 miles per hour. No other energy source is comparable. The convenience of transport is also a big plus.


I am a climate change skeptic. I am also a proponent of fossil fuel useage. I do see some niche market for certain renewable energy sources. Solar energy is one such example. I see some limited use in solar electric farms where a large land mass is available and southern exposure to sun light exists. However, it is not reliable enough to guarentee total replacement of our coal and gas power plants.

Another possibility which cannot be discounted Is the end of climate change alarmists. If and when the impact of climate change is diminished, fossil fuels will remain the king of natural energy sources.

© 2016 Jack Lee


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    • Dont Taze Me Bro profile image

      Banned cause of PISSANTS Promisem and Dean Traylor 

      2 years ago

      Won't matter what the evidence is in 30 years, the motive behind the ruse of man made global warming has nothing to do with the evidence. :-(

    • jackclee lm profile imageAUTHOR

      Jack Lee 

      2 years ago from Yorktown NY

      I'm not worried. I don't think I can wait 30 years. I am hoping in 5 years, the evidence will be irrefutable such that climate change will become passe.

    • Dont Taze Me Bro profile image

      Banned cause of PISSANTS Promisem and Dean Traylor 

      2 years ago

      You are a climate change skeptic? You mean a climate change denier, don't you? Watch out Jack Lee, you might wind up in prison one day soon, just ask the DOJ.

      Nice little piece here, your facts and opinions are right on. The shame is 30 years from now, when nothing has changed significantly climate wise you will still be hearing that we are going to destroy the earth with fossil fuels just like 30 years ago the global warming wackos were declaring it would all be over by now.


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