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Is A Scam? (2013)

Updated on March 28, 2016

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The Message

I just logged into my Youtube account and found a note from a user named karrishkorn. It read:

Νіce ԝоrk! I just finished watching one of уοur videos ( and havе to admit І wаs рrеtty imprеssed.
I reаllу tһіnk уour vіdeο ϲоuld bе tһе next big tһіng on ΥоuΤubе, but Ӏ nοtіϲed tһаt nοt manу people had sеen іt yet.
Honestly, you have sоmе οf the best videos оn YοuΤuƅe. Ͼаnʿt believe more реорle һavenʾt found them.
Dο you realize tһat уοur vidеοs are somе of tһе better ones that YouTube һas to оffеr? Тhаnk you sο much fоr makіnɡ them!
Іtʹs so ԝеird thаt pеοрle sеem tο watch the samе kіnd of garbage videos all the tіmе. I meаn just lоοk аt the mοst popular vіdeоs, when compared to yοurs they seem sο stаle.
I sһоuld ρrobaƅlу let уou get ƅack tо what уοu werе dоing, ƅut before Ӏ go, I just ԝantеd tο mentіon that а friеnd of mіne used to have the samе prоblem getting vіews. Ηе finally toоk carе оf thаt ρroƅlem ԝһеn he found,
Bаsiϲally what hарреns is tһey sеnd уou а ton of views tο уоur vіdeοs. That hеlрs yоu gеt ranked іn the ΥouΤuƅе sеаrch enɡіnе which іs when your vіeԝs ϲan reallу take οff."

Here is a screen shot of the message as well...

A screen shot of the message they sent me.
A screen shot of the message they sent me. | Source
A screen shot of Google search results of "Is a scam?"
A screen shot of Google search results of "Is a scam?" | Source

Red Flags

Right away there are several red flags of this message being a scam.

  • RED Flag 1: The user, karrishkorn does not have a profile picture. This in and of itself is not worrisome. However, if was a legitimate business, they would probably upload a logo or other visual profile picture. Karrishkorn is also not a very professional, bussiness-like profile name. If it was legit, most likely it would be named after the company, a promoter, or other employee.
  • RED Flag 2: The profile for karrishkorn is empty. They have no videos, they do not explain or promote the website, they do not have any recent activity, and they have no subscriptions but four subscribers. They also liked about 12 videos several different times. These videos seem to be from real people and have a lot of views. They have been a member since December 12, 2012.
  • RED Flag 3: When I did a Google search for "Is a scam?" 6 out of 10 results on the first page were complaints against the business (see screen shot, right).
  • RED Flag 4: The weird symbols in the middle of words indicates a copy/paste which may be a bot (an automated spam message machine). The writer also spells out and puts spaces in the URL so the message doesn't get flagged and marked as spam.
  • RED Flag 5: My videos consist mainly of my son growing up. I created my Youtube channel so that my son's extended family could take part in watching him grow up. I can't even monetize these videos so why do I care about views? The video referenced is of me with my finger in my nose yodeling, and trying to roll three 2's in a board game called Quelf. It doesn't make sense that these are such awesome videos.
  • RED Flag 6: It doesn't check out with the Better Business Bureau. Not all legitimate companies are BBB certified (HubPages and Google are not!) but they are all graded on an A+ to F scale. For example, HubPages scored an A and Google scored an A- (go HubPages!). scored an F. That is unacceptable.
  • RED Flag 7: The website promises all of these views but does not describe how or where these views come from. Check your Google Adsense. It shows you exactly where your views are coming from. There is also no return policy or free trial period.

Checking Sources

Better Business Bureau

This business is NOT BBB accredited, which may mean it has not sought accreditation. Some factors that made the score low was how new the business is, the fact that they did not respond to a billing dispute, and little to no information provided about the business. There were no customer reviews provided on this website.

Google Safe Browsing

"This site is not currently listed as suspicious... Of the 2 pages we tested on the site over the past 90 days, 0 page(s) resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent." This doesn't necessarily mean that the service is legitimate, it just means you won't get spam from it.

This site says: "This Very New Site Has an Unknown Reputation... Site is United States based, but the real location is being hidden... This site is 70% safe." Sounds fishy. (Scamadviser was not listed on the BBB's website).

Just To Be Fair: I included one video that claims is a scam and one that says it isn't- you be the judge. This one is from Youtuber, LondonE442.

becomeviral Is NOT A Scam Video (LJRgaming99)

Fact Check

inaharnold has over 100 videos. HIs views range from 0 views to over 50,000 views. This is how many views his top 10 videos have:

  1. 50,906
  2. 13,177
  3. 1,380
  4. 1,280
  5. 791
  6. 519
  7. 358
  8. 130
  9. 126
  10. 119

Quick End Poll

What do you think? Is a scam?

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The Verdict

Although is technically a legitimate business, the bottom line is that the use of their service is against Youtube policy. The service does in fact generate views, but does not tell the user where these views are coming from. The site does check out with Google Safe Browsing and

I would not recommend this service, however, because it is against Youtube policy and there was an unresolved dispute on the Better Business Bureau's website. If you generate views in a way that is against Youtube policy, you will NOT be paid and your account might be deleted. Also, they use spam messages and fake profiles to contact potential clients.

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    • profile image

      Ekkie 4 years ago

      I was contacted by and used the service. Now YouTube has taken down my videos with the excuse that I violated their terms of service. is a scam.

    • profile image

      Haiden 4 years ago

      Its me again, I forgot to say that its funny how im a youtube partner and still ive got that message

    • profile image

      Haiden 4 years ago

      I had a pm to and it said

      Im аstonіsһеd

      From: EvaSLopeop, 5 months ago


      I just saw a cоuρlе of your uploads on ΥouTuƅe. Υоuʼve ɡоt some reallу іmpressіvе stuff thеrе!

      However, οne of the fіrst tһіngs Ӏ nοtіϲed ԝһile watϲhinɡ your video was that not manу people have viewed it.

      Ӏtʽs clear from your vidеos tһаt yοuˊve got thе tаlent, I can't believe уоu haven't started ɡetting thе vіews yet!

      I don't say tһіs οften, but уour videos were really sοme of thе ƅest I һavе sеen on YouΤube.

      Finally somеthinɡ new and unіԛue. Ιt reаllу ƅlоws me awау tһat more реοple аrеnʿt seеking out videos like yοurs, they are so much better than most of the ɡarƅаgе οn tһere.

      A frіеnd of mine аlsο usеd tο һаve а hаrd time gettіng vіeԝs to mу vidеоs and then һе found


      Ваsіϲally what haρрens іs they send you a tοn of vіeԝs tо уour videοs. That helps yоu get rаnkеd in thе YouTube searϲh еngіnе which is when your viеԝs ϲаn rеаlly take off.

    • profile image

      Mel Beg 4 years ago

      Thanks for posting this.

      I just hate that any time someone offers to help me with something my "spidey sense" begins to tingle and I have to go check it out. I noticed that there were no videos and no recent views on the account, but it did have a picture. And, I thought it was totally weird how the name of the website was put up the way it was and now I understand why.

      My message was basically the same without a reference to the exact video that was watched!

      Thanks again! :)

    • profile image

      sabaix 4 years ago

      I received on my youtube page the same text from BECOMEVIRAL ..., excepted it's from elisabefrich, I was wondering if it was legal?

    • profile image

      HonestOpinion 4 years ago

      I'll be honest, if I wanted the views, I'll earn them fair and square. Services like this just lie to you how many views and suscribers you're actually getting. It's not like those real people who watch your videos are a majority of your views either after your videos start getting popular. Probably more than half are still those robots/services that provide you the views. Do you honestly just want people to watch your videos or those services to hit the refresh a few thousand times? I'd rather have real views from real people with real comments than a number telling me how many times the page has been accessed. If you guys find this service great, good for you! But I seriously think you should EARN these views rather than having a service giving you thousands.

    • profile image

      Craig 4 years ago

      Here is a good review

      Wouldnt touch these people

    • profile image

      Eric G 4 years ago

      LOVE their service! Been getting thousands of weekly views with their help. What makes it so awesome is, once you get this little base of viewers started up, you will see ORGANIC views coming in from other outlets (not from the BecomeViral service) -- So, basically, it is a very great tool to get your Channel up in the rankings quickly and efficiently!!

    • MrsBkay profile image

      Britney 4 years ago from Southern California Desert

      :) Thanks! That's pretty awesome! For someone! ha ha.

    • profile image

      walldoo99 4 years ago

      I have to say the best way to get vie on youtube is the right name for your video and using good tags. I haven't had many hits on my videos and I don't really care since I post them for friends . I did find one on facebook that I wan't to share with a friend who doesn't do facebook and I couldn't find on youtube. I downloaded it and posted to youtube with the only name I could think of and it went viral. 1.5 million. Really messes with your email acct so watch that. several 100 emails a day. yeah, holy %^&* is right. I just wish I owned the video.

    • MrsBkay profile image

      Britney 4 years ago from Southern California Desert

      Again, the WAY they get views is against Youtube policy. So if you want to risk your profit, use this site.

    • profile image

      FrankJackson 4 years ago

      It is a legit company, actually. By advertising their service on YouTube, they provide themselves a way to directly connect with possible customers (right on the website in which they provide their services for). I personally have used them and have received 10's of thousands of views, all which turned profits for me, due to YouTube Partnership programs. Give them a shot!

    • MrsBkay profile image

      Britney 4 years ago from Southern California Desert

      It depends on what you mean by "legit". It will generate views but the way it does it is against website policy, especially on the ones where you make the most money for views (like youtube and Google). This means that once they figure out you've used this type of program, they will rescind any money you have made using it. So in the end, it's not worth it.

    • Joseph Lis profile image

      Joseph Lis 4 years ago from London, United Kingdom

      It is working and good site i used two times .... and provides stuff on time.

    • profile image

      theslimdude 4 years ago

      Is it a legit company or what folks?? Please let us know!!!

    • Joseph Lis profile image

      Joseph Lis 4 years ago from London, United Kingdom

      I used it once they had a good service and worked very fast..