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Is Dating on a Social Network Possible?

Updated on August 8, 2010

Is Dating on a Social Network Possible?

 For years, online dating sites have been the only alternative for people who, for a variety of reasons, were not able to, or did not want to meet people in the “real” world.  They worked well and brought together millions of people who may otherwise have spent years in a state of loneliness.  But the advent and rapid growth of social networking sites has posed a challenge to the traditional online dating ones.  There are millions of people who today have accounts on MySpace, Facebook and other sites, all of them looking to expand their social networks and contact others who share their interests and outlook on life.

 Because of the fact that these social networking sites have huge memberships of people of all ages, interests and from all locations it may appear that dating on a social network is easier than on a dedicated site.  But it is the very size and complex membership structure of these sites that can make dating on a social network difficult.  People join these sites for all kinds of reasons and the most common is to either make new friends or find lost ones.  Irrespective of what members say about their interest and reasons for joining, dating on a social network may not be their priority.  Even those who may have become members with the aim dating on the social network often find other types of relationships and interests and dating is relegated to a low priority, despite that fact that their profile may indicate otherwise.

 That is why a person joining a social networking site with the sole object of dating comes across some serious problems.  With the huge membership base of all types of people, even with the best search tools, finding the right kind of people is often difficult.  And when contact is established, it may often be that the other person is looking for just friendship and nothing more.

 On the other hand, a dedicated dating site will have members whose sole objective is finding a date so their priorities are established.  Of course, even here, there is no guarantee of finding the right person and those looking for dates have to be careful of misleading profiles and predatory motives; but with care you can be safe and be certain that the person you are contacting is looking for the same things you are.  That is why the dating sites still scores over dating on a social network.  Many online dating sites are now allowing clients to link to their social networking sites so that members can learn more about each other and understand each other better.


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