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Is EL Wire Good For Business?

Updated on May 27, 2015

Get Rid of Old Neon Signs

EL Wire is a great tool for many businesses. It's helps get your name out to the world to see, it saves money and puts your name above the rest. Days of old school neon signs are a thing of the past. It's time to make way for new technology and new advertising. EL Wire can not only be used on the outside of many businesses as a great marketing tool, but they can also benefit interiors.

EL Wire is popping up everywhere from billboards, to street signs, and even building logos. It uses on average about 10% the electricity of halogen, neon, or other lighting sources. This can make a big difference in many companies bottom line, as not only is the technology cheaper to purchase, but electricity savings are a huge advantage. For the cost of lighting an old neon sign for a day, you can light a new age EL Wire sign for the entire month. Not only that, but they look better and are more versatile. Say your company logo changes in 3 years. You don't have to find a vendor that makes neon signs, spend hours with them trying to finalize the design, then hope that it arrives to you in one piece. Simply bend and change the wire to your heart's content or even add new colors. It's as easy as that. No special art or contractors licenses are required.

The Benefits Are Endless

EL Wire helps get your business exposure
EL Wire helps get your business exposure

Make A Safer Business Environment

In today's economy, businesses need every advantage possible to prosper over the competition. Having new technology gets noticed as EL Wire provides colors most people have never seen before. From Electric Optics' Vibrant Blue, to Brilliant Pink the colors here are sure to make impressions daily. Having drab halogen lighting around your modern business can detract from your business's overall mission.

Interior decorating is a new use for El Wire as it provides safety, fun and also saves electricity. El Wire can be used to lighten a walkway, show where an exit is, or simply provide backlighting for a mirror or bathroom sink. The sky is the limit for uses, and many interior designers are starting to put this in their repertoire. El Wire is also waterproof, as you can use this outdoors around the parking lot, to light a path up to your entrance, or line the doorway for all to see.

Next time your business has a marketing decision, think about the best way to spend your money for the overall goal. EL Wire can provide many great uses all while helping the end result.


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    • SuperiorInteriors profile image

      SuperiorInteriors 7 years ago from San Diego, California

      I can imagine this being incredibly effective decor for nightclubs, obviously... but I think it would even look great in something like a chiropractor's office or perhaps a novelty boutique like a soap store. Lots of possible uses for EL wire!

    • profile image

      CASPERpage 7 years ago

      There's a hallway at my work that could use some of this.