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Is Elon Musk Right About Cyborgs?

Updated on February 21, 2017


In a recent global government sumit in Dubai, Elon Musk claim that we must merge with computers if we are to keep up with Artificial Intelligence. Is this true or just wishful thinking on his part?

- Feb. 2017


Can human survive the on slaught of AI? With computers getting faster and software getting more sophisticated, is humans obsolete? In my humble opinion, contrary to the genius Elon Musk, I think not. Let me make my case simply.

In 2017, there is no AI system that can do some of the simplest task a human can do. For example, a human chef can cook up a 5 course meal in less than one hour. A human surgeon can operate on a brain. A human can hike up Mt. Everest and return. A human can play a Stradivarius violin in a recital. A human can create a work of art or write music or a book. A human can walk, talk, drive and run and swim and think all together. No machines can do all that, even though they may do pieces of it well.

What is it that make humans superior to machines and that scientist and engineers cannot duplicate? It is uniquely human. Humans can learn. We have 5 senses that provide us input signals which we can process in parallel and make sense out of our environment. We then can adapt and learn and cope with what life throws at us.

Da Vinci Drawing of Man


The demise of homo sapiens is greatly exaggerated. In fact, I am willing to state humans will outlast any robot in my lifetime. The reason is so simple, we have the right package. Our organic based body is self healing. Our digestive system allows us to create energy from our surroundings. Our brain allows us to invent and adapt to any changes. Our faith in God shows us we were created in the likeness of God, a perfect being. Anything we create, can only be as good at best but not surpass us. That is how the universe works.


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