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Is It Legal To Use A Phone Recording Device To Record Your Phone Calls?

Updated on June 7, 2011

Phone Recording Devices Make it Easy to Share Information!

Title: Listening In ~ License Attribution License ~ Photographer desi.italy
Title: Listening In ~ License Attribution License ~ Photographer desi.italy

Phone recording devices are handy little gadgets to have for keeping good records of your business calls. Not only can you keep an immediate record, but you can also download the recording to your computer and create a file so that you can refer to the recording as needed at a later date. Just be sure you are recording legally, because penalties for breaking the law are stiff!

Sometimes, you might want to use a recording in court or as proof of a transaction to assure accuracy. Again, you must really be certain that you have respected the rights of the person or people whose voices you have captured with your phone recording device. Otherwise, your proof may be inadmissible if you are dealing with the legal system.

Phone recording devices may also be used in the home. Again, you must be sure that everyone being recorded is aware of it. If you have problems with your kids making costly long distance calls or simply making forbidden calls, knowing they are being recorded could be a powerful deterrent. However, if they do not know you are recording, and you spring your “proof” on them unexpectedly, it could cause far more problems than it solves.

Thanks to the Bill of Rights, it is illegal in the United States to record conversations without the knowledge of the person being recorded. In some instances, (such as law enforcement) this requirement may be lifted. To be safe, before using a phone recording device to record any conversation or meeting, all persons being recorded must be made aware of that fact.


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