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Is MooWoodle Really a Moodle WordPress Integration Bridge?

Updated on January 8, 2018
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MooWoodle – Bridge between WordPress-WooCommerce and Moodle


There are significant benefits that Learning Management System has derived from the cloud and those benefited are a broad spectrum of professionals including trainers, teachers, academic trainers or simply an employee. Trainers looking for an effective and trusted method of teaching or training pupils would find cloud-based Learning Management Systems to be consistently reliable when it comes to comprehensive training.

Furthermore, cloud-hosting of the very basic functions of a wide array of learning management systems enables trainers to seamlessly update content which students can access easily. The biggest advantage of a cloud-based learning management system is that it offers global access both for the trainer and the student who may be in two different parts of the world and yet a virtual classroom session can be held.

Even though there are proven benefits of a cloud-based learning management system, there might be one-off cases too where a cloud-based learning management system may not be necessary at all. Hence, a trainer may have a bit of a dilemma as to the cloud-based learning management system to adopt. Users, in general, believe MooWoodle is essentially a Moodle Word Press integration bridge. To begin with, a clear understanding of Moodle is essential to be able to grasp the subject-matter seamlessly.

What's Moodle?

Moodle is essentially a reliable open source learning management system launched in 2000 and is widely used worldwide. Lately, though, WordPress is arguably a strong contender for Moodle and could potentially be an emerging alternative. The fact that WordPress is touted as a learning management system replacing Moodle is possibly a fallacy as WordPress is essentially a content management system also known as an open source cloud-based software. Its primarily used for web development purposes, building blogs and so on with few clicks of the mouse as it were.

The crux of the matter is that WordPress functions purely as a content management system without bespoke plugins and with the execution of bespoke functions to plugins WordPress is really the best learning management system available. In other words, WordPress is a hybrid platform offering features and functions of content management system and a learning management system and the bespoke functions to plugins are the key differentiating factors of WordPress being a content management system as well as a learning management system.

Advantages of Moodle

Despite the fact that WordPress and Moodle are entirely different platforms, there are many users of Moodle who believe the integration of Moodle with Word Press would result in a state-of-the-art and cutting-edge learning management system and the industry as a whole would be highly sophisticated with the competitive edge. Research reveals that users in increasing numbers are integrating WordPress with moodle on a monthly basis and the integration of the two platforms has led to a whole new platform known as Moo Woodle. Apparently, users of Moodle are in an advantageous position with Moodle integrating with WordPress which is an extremely reliable multi-purpose platform. Through an integration of Moodle with Word Press scalability of users of a learning management system that incorporates bespoke plugins have increased by leaps and bounds.

Enhance Moodle learning management system using WordPress

WordPress as a blogging platform well-known for its reliability which reflects in the statistics - a whopping 23 percent of the web is powered by WordPress. Even if one is using Moodle for creating and maintaining an active blog, one could very well use WordPress as well for the same purpose. In addition to advantages like search engine friendly URLs of WordPress along with social sharing alternatives, WordPress can be used seamlessly. There are several plugins available to choose from for email marketing that can create and manage email campaigns seamlessly.

WordPress and Moodle to Build a Student Network

Its well-known fact that creating forums and groups in Moodle is challenging. On WordPress however, it's not as much of a challenge as WordPress offers various plugins for creating a student network. Groups and possibly forums specific to any number of courses can be created with plugins, like:

BuddyPress: For the purpose of members creating a social or student network

BBPress: Intended for creating private forums or specific to a group as and when required

Integration of WordPress and Moodle

One may be wondering as to how WordPress and Moodle integrate with the view of the fact that the two are entirely different platforms. The integration process from the standpoint of an owner of Moodle learning management system is that the owner would require an altogether different WordPress site which can be installed in a sub-domain too. A plugin known as WooCommerce-Moodle facilitates the integration of the two dissimilar platforms. Moreover, other plugins can be used for adding bespoke functions if required.

WordPress above all has as much potential of functioning purely as a learning management system like Moodle as well as a platform for maintaining a blog or website, create an e-store, a student network, adding membership, posting articles so on and so forth.

© 2018 Avik Chakravorty

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