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Is Pinterest Addicting?

Updated on June 5, 2013

Pinterest is a site where people can share their interest. Think of taking your corkboard, recipe box, shoe box, etc. of ideas and putting it online for everyone. Then people can take your interest and pin to their online board.

I ended up on the site just because a friend had posted on their Facebook about homemade toothpaste. Once you make that first click then it is over. At least that is how it worked for me. I read the article on homemade toothpaste and then from there I could click on more pins that user added to their board. For me 5 minutes turned in a hour or two. I ended up finding handfuls ideas that I loved. I will give you just a taste of what Pinterest has to offer before I answer if it is addicting.


For scrapbooking I found pins on organization. I would never thought to organize my scraping tools and paper. One pin shows taking a plastic storage container and putting files in it. Then labeling each file with the color of the paper and a colored dot on it makes it easier to find. Just that one idea excited me. Let me tell you about the storage I have when come to scrapbooking. I have all my paper and tools tossed in a cardboard box. If I want certain tools I have to dig out of the box. That is time consuming and stressful. Then the hard a handful of ideas of pages you create and people share their creations. Pinterest is like a scrapbooking community where you can always come up with new ideas for your book from others.


This section has recipes for homemade toothpaste, laundry soap, dish soap, food, etc. Pretty much anything you can do at home. The one I like is taking your kid’s old broken crayons and melting them down and making them new. The crafts that are homemade good amount of them can be done with kids. I also crochet a bit and just by typing in crochet in the search box I was given several different Spa treatment without the spending of spa money then this topic is for you as well.

Is Pinterest addicting the answer is yes. Once you start finding topics that interest you then you won’t get off the site. Then you will get back on there and once your back on their goes more time out of your life. I will let you know when I actually find time to go to the store and buy the items I need for all my pins.

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