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Is VoIP Good for Your Business?

Updated on March 19, 2013
Benefits of Business VoIP
Benefits of Business VoIP

Types of VoIP Solutions

As a business if you want to migrate to VoIP, you have several options. Due to the flexibility, you get to decide on the kind of architecture and control you would like to have over your VoIP infrastructure. The two main types of VoIP solutions are in-house PBX and hosted PBX. With regard to the former, you build and maintain most of the IP infrastructure. This gives you an unprecedented amount of flexibility that allows you to customize a solution specifically for your needs. In some cases, organizations already have the requisite hardware in place and merely need a connection to a VoIP Gateway for communication with the PSTN phone system.

The other solution is to have a third-party provide you with VoIP service while they maintain everything at their backend. Using this hosted PBX model, you as a customer don't need to spend anything on capital investments and the burden of maintaining and upgrading the VoIP infrastructure is taken off your shoulders.

Typically, the in-house PBX solution is favored only by large companies who have both the resources as well as the expertise to craft a VoIP system from the ground up. Small or medium-sized businesses find it much easier to simply sign up with a VoIP provider and have the service delivered to them without any of the additional hassles.

Benefits of VoIP

Here are a few ways VoIP is beneficial to a business.


The most obvious and easily understood benefit of VoIP is that it reduces costs. This is especially notable in the case of international calls that are priced several times lower than with the PSTN phone system. In today's globalized world where everyone needs to be in touch with each other all the time even across countries, this can save your organization thousands of dollars even in the short term.

Increased Productivity

VoIP allows your employees to take their work with them no matter where they are and on whichever device they happen to be on at the time. Using a feature known as "SIP forking", your employees can share one number amongst all of their devices so as to make the work environment seamless at all times.

Customer Retention

Due to the flexibility of configuration, VoIP numbers can be transferred easily between employees with the click of a button. This means that when a person leaves, you can automatically shift all of their clients to another person and thereby retain your accounts. This is especially important in marketing driven organizations.

These benefits just skim the surface of what is possible with VoIP. Contact your local Philadelphia VoIP phones provider to find out how you can get started today. There are many hosted VoIP providers for you to choose from.


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