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Is VoIP Reliable enough for a Business?

Updated on June 14, 2011
SIP VoIP Systems
SIP VoIP Systems

Reliability on the Internet

We've all experience Internet outages. Because of the way the Internet is set up, there are many ways to get a connection and not all of them are as robust as others. Slowdowns, power outages, router configuration errors, and even updates can all work together to break your Internet. When deciding to replace your traditional PSTN systems with VoIP, you're forced to ask the question about VoIP's reliability. As a business, you can't afford to have your communication lines down even for a few hours. Lost sales and poor customer support will take their toll.

To make matters worse, the much publicized outages of Skype haven't exactly reposed greater faith in VoIP's sturdiness. This is the second time Skype has gone down in a short period of time and has people raising the obvious question about whether or not Skype or more broadly VoIP is ready for business class reliability.

In some ways, the question has already been answered. More than half of medium sized US businesses already use VoIP in some form or another. They're obviously doing well enough. So what determines the robustness of a VoIP system and what steps can you take to ensure that your own Internet voice systems don't collapse?

Probably one of the most important considerations is whether or not you wish to repose your faith in a product which has little accountability. Skype is so large a business and so widely spread, it'd difficult to imagine a company like that responding quickly to your business needs. What you need is an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) who is willing to take quick action on your behalf to fix the issues that you're facing. Secure hosted VoIP PBX systems for example will be manned by people with whom you have a close relationship and can call up at any time to sort out differences. When youre entire business depends on the lines being up, that's exactly what you need.

The challenge lies in finding a provider who also has the proper infrastructure to maintain reliable VoIP connections and the customer support which is so crucial to fixing problems. It's not an easy balance to find but the right providers will be successful. They will be able to provide high quality HD voice PBX systems and also remain responsive to your needs. Find out more by checking out the various VoIP providers in your area today.


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