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Is WinMX Legal?

Updated on March 8, 2010
Is WinMX Legal?
Is WinMX Legal?


The question over the legality of file sharing services is a common one these days on the Internet.  With stories constantly coming out about the RIAA and MPAA suing individuals for using them, and the sites themselves being taken down, it only throws more confusion over the entire process.  Hopefully this article will clear up the air with a short, simple article on the subject that gets right to the point.

So Tell Me, Is WinMX Legal?

Is it legal to download WinMX? Yes.  Is it legal to install? Yes.  Is it legal to search? Yes.  The problem comes, however, when you want to download files from it.  Downloading copyrighted files is illegal.  So, your favorite track of Lady GaGa, or Kanye West, or the latest episode of South Park are illegal under United States law.  However, downloading items that are not copyrighted is allowed.

An exception to this is if you already own the song or video through a regular purchase and you download it solely for your own use as backup.  Courts have generally ruled that this is acceptable so long as you don't distribute it to others.


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