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Is Your iPad or Tablet Private

Updated on January 12, 2013
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or do crooks know everything about ya

In 1883 the cash register was born. A useful device. No disputing that. Yet since that time it has also provided a ready excuse for some shrinking violet sales persons to place a wall between themselves and their customers.

Today's computing tablets free sales associates like never before. Now what's old is new yet again.
Sales associates can be free to mingle with the customers. No more running back behind the counter.

In fact, it's time to remove that tired old counter permanently. With the great deal of smart phone apps that are available, a leisurely browse through Google Play or the iTunes apps stores will reveal the right solutions for every field from astronomy to zoology.

Now finally in the twenty-first century, the wall can come back down. When it comes to smart ways of using an iPad to boost sales, restaurants are on the forefront. Teams of waiters scurry from table to table pinching and tapping customer orders in real time to the kitchen without the need to scream out to the chef for each dish. Placing their orders instantly via iPads dialed in to their establishment's Point of Sale system (POS).

Even the fresh to the market iPad Mini has already been deployed by the legions of iOS app developers that populate the app stores. The new smaller lighter design is a godsend to the beleaguered sales associates and waitresses that have already pioneered in the field and trenches of retail and service industries.

Business owners with a hungry sales team, waiting to devour every lead and sales opportunity, are always in search of new ways to get ahead of the competition. Lately that has meant using the iPad, the portable tablet computer from Apple.

Many iOS app developers, churning out smart ways of using an iPad to boost sales, were recently reminded of the importance of full disclosure of what information their mobile applications are retaining.

The smart businesses are embracing the need for the reviewing of their full catalog of mobile app titles that they may offer. The California Attorney General, Kamala Harris has recently laid down the law in no uncertain way. It's best to be upfront and reassure your customers that their iPad's data is secure.

With steep fines looming for mobile developers that disregard the need for a privacy policy, the race is on to save face and fines. In the long run, with the ever increasing power of commonplace technology such as smart phones, a little civility and full disclosure will go a long way in easing the situation.

That's the risks. But the gains outweigh the little bump in the roads.


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