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Is making blogging a full time job possible?

Updated on May 28, 2017
If you are ready to take the plunge Introduce yourself to the blogland.
If you are ready to take the plunge Introduce yourself to the blogland.

Is making Blogging a full time job possible

How many bloggers are there out in the world? Too many to count. I can tell you one thing for sure, there are more in the 21st century than ever before. Why is that? Well with the invention of the internet, social media has ballooned and a few years ago, blogging became the thing to do and it has become more and more popular.Blogging has essentially become limitless. Or rather working on the internet has become more popular and or limitless. whether it be working on a blog or just working for a company through the internet. How many people have blogs, or work for a company who has a blog? If you actually think of this question you will probably say oh yes I have a blog or I know someone who works for a company and runs the blog for that company. That is not what I am talking about, though, although if you help your work out with their blog, you might get into blogging yourself. If you got into blogging do you think that it could make you enough money so that it would be a full-time job?

I have researched this and my consensus is yes blogging can become a full-time job it is possible. Making blogging a full-time job does take a lot of work. It might take years before it is an actual full-time job but should that stop you? If blogging is what you want to do as a full-time job, do it, don’t let anyone or anything stop you. I have read a bunch of different blogging things on Pinterest and they are very informative and helpful with getting my blog where it is today. It does say that you can make your blog a full-time job, it kind of already is for some people depending on how many times a week you post. If you post once a week, then it is just a past time, but if you post at least four or five times a week it’s more like a full-time job, the reason why I say this is because it is not only the writing of the posts and posting them to your blogging site, that is part of the job. You need to edit each of your posts occasionally as well, which takes time.

Yes, making blogging a full-time job is possible, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication but it is possible. The best way to make blogging a full-time job is to actually have your own domain for it, although using other sites can be beneficial too, you will get further with having your own domain. I have asked a few people about this and that is what they said, although I don’t have my own domain I am trying to make blogging a full-time job anyway. The reason why having your own domain is better is because you make money quicker than you would if you were using another blogging site. If you are really new at blogging though like me, I would advise you use a blogging site, for example, Hubpages, is the site I use and I love it.

Making blogging a full time job is possible

Can blogging be a full time job?

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Blogging can be full-time

You can make blogging a full-time job, if you are very dedicated and work hard at it. If you have your own domain it is easier to make blogging a full-time job, but you can use other sites to do the same thing, but with your own domain you have to set everything up yourself, so you have more freedom. With the other sites you don’t have as much freedom, but you don’t need to set as much up as you would if you had your own domain. With me not being too computer savvy, I chose to use a site for that reason. You just need to work hard on your blog and edit when it needs to be done, don’t just leave a post after it's been posted. You need to go back edit and update your blog on a regular basis in order to get paid, and you can make blogging a full-time job. It’s what you put into your blog that you get out of your blog is what I always say. So if you want your blog to be a full-time job, then update and edit a few times a week, not just once. If it’s not where you want it to don't give up on it, work with it and soon it will be to where you want it to be. If you work with something long enough you will get it to be full time if you want and that is exactly what I am doing with my blog, your blog can be limitless and who wouldn’t want that?

Work for what you want and things will come together. Blogging can be a full-time job if you put the time and effort into it, don’t give up, I am making my blog a full-time job no matter what it takes, and I am very new at this. I have really only been doing this consecutively for five months and if I can have that type of determination after five months of blogging, then what is a year going to bring. Use the sites that, pay you to blog, or start your own domain and get paid that way, blogging can make money you just have to work for it. Many people are working in the blogging industry now, so it's hoping why not get on the blog bandwagon and see where it leads you. It is possible to make blogging a full-time job if you believe it is, so why not give it a shot. It will be worth your while, I am sure of it. If you want something bad enough it is possible, isn’t it so if you want to be a full-time blogger don’t give up you can have that too if you work at it.

Blog can be full- time
Blog can be full- time

Be a full time blogger

Blogging can be a full- time job, with all the writing, editing and promotion that you need to do in order to get your blog seen. Which means it can take a limitless amount of time, but even though it takes a limitless amount of time, it will work out in the end and your blog can be full-time.

Can blogging be a full time job? Let's Discuss

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    • louise-barraco profile image

      Louise Barraco 2 years ago from Ontario

      Thank you I am new at this but I love it so far

    • Kristen Howe profile image

      Kristen Howe 2 years ago from Northeast Ohio

      Great ideas. It can be full-time, if you set aside time for it. I do have 2 blogs besides HP, that I'm there every once in a while. Voted up for useful!