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Is technology hurting our social life?

Updated on December 20, 2013

Role of technology in modern man's life

Modern man is striving hard for new technological advancements so that the life becomes easy to live. Advancements in technology have been accelerating ever since industrial revolution had taken place in 1760. However, this rate of advancements has been exponential in the past 15-20 years. Modern man works and plays with many sophisticated gadgets which he would not have imagined before. Laptops, ipads, mobiles, notebooks, etc are becoming his day-to-day requirements. Today we hardly think of going to the banks for money transactions, standing in a queue to book tickets or going to shops for purchases.

Our dependence on technological devices is increasing day by day. For example, we wake up with an alarm set in our mobile, use microwaves for cooking, go to our workplace in cars, use TV and theaters for entertainment, use mobile phones to call our friends, work with laptops and tablets throughout the day, and finally take rest on our beds. We spend a greater amount of time with the electronic gadgets in comparison to the time spent with our friends or relatives. No doubt that these technological advancements have made our life easy but at the same time have impacted out life in multiple ways. Social life is one of the areas which is being strongly influenced by technology.

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Creation of virtual friends

I remember my childhood days when I used to go out in search of friends in the nearby areas. We used to play for hours together in the evenings after the schools. These activities help to shape ones personality as one learns to mingle with many people around. These gatherings in the evenings have taught me many values like why sharing things is important, how to control anger, etc. But unfortunately, today’s kids like to entertain virtual friends through online chat. This chat facility is an easy tool in their hand which can be opened and closed whenever they wish. This does not seem to teach them about long standing relationships.

Impacts on the communication skills

Technology has made it feasible to see and talk with a distant friend at any time. Many of us take this as an advantage and try to contact a friend living in the next door or a different floor in the same office through chat or phone calls and discuss over the issue in brief. As a result, the advantages hidden in a face to face contact are lost. The writing skills of the current generation kids are getting affected as they are habituated to write small messages in the chat sessions or while sending SMS. Lots of grammatical mistakes remain uncorrected. As a child, I was always encouraged to write letters to my grand parents living far way from us. During this process, many of mistakes were corrected and I was taught about better ideas of expression. My kids hardly have this chance as they lift the mobile whenever they want to communicate anything to their grand parents or get on to skype or google talk.


Impacts on relationships

We are so messed up with our busy schedules that many of us do not find time to talk with our partners and share our ideas with them. Modern kids hardly have any time for their parents as they are indulged in multiple activities. To catch up pace with the current competition, we generally ask our kids to learn multiple things at the same time. Poor kids! they are not left free even during the vacations as they need to lean some new computer courses or get trained for some new activity. During my childhood, we used to enjoy summer vacation at our grandparents house in a village. There were no TVs or telephones to disturb us. We used to meet our cousins at that time. All of us used to enjoy the stories from grand mother. Those were some golden moments which we cousins discuss about even today whenever we meet. I ponder if our children will have anything so memorable to remember when they grow old.

The positive side of technology

There is no doubt that technology has empowered us to live a better life than what our ancestors would have dreamt of. It is because of this technology that I am able to convey my opinion through hubs to you. However, is technology the sole reason behind dying social relationships? Was it possible to know about your childhood schoolmate in your thirties after loosing contact with her/him for a pretty long time? Social media has now made it possible without the necessity of meeting that schoolmate in person. Thanks to the modern world which is well connected! Many of our close members live far away from their kith and kin, in other countries due to jobs or to acquire higher qualifications. Telephones and internet helps us to remain well connected with our distant relatives and friends. These benefits associated with the upcoming technological devices help us to remain socially well knit rather than being secluded to our home.

This discussion leaves us with a question - Is technology hurting or enhancing our social life? A bit of both I believe. It's all a matter of perspective and they way we use the technology.


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    • purnasrinivas profile image

      purnasrinivas 4 years ago from Bangalore

      Thank you DDE for appreciating my hub

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Interesting topic here so much has changed with modern technology that social life is definitely affected in many families. A useful and informative hub.