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Is the iPhone for Virgin Mobile worth buying?

Updated on March 3, 2013

If you are like me you hate having a high phone bill. Sure some of the major companies may say they have a low price plan to offer however once they add on additional fees and taxes those low price phone plans can add up quite quickly, and in some cases even double the cost of the plan to start with. After years of this happening to me with the major phone carriers I finally woke up, saw the light, and began researching low cost phone plans with no binding contracts.

This search led me to find Virgin Mobiles phone plans. They offer plans ranging from $30/mo-$50/mo which includes minutes, texting, and internet. The most expensive plan offers unlimited amounts of all three.

One of the only things that nearly stopped me from getting a phone plan with Virgin Mobile was their lack of top -notch phones however after much contemplating I finally decided that over $100/month with a major carrier simply wasn't worth having a "cool phone" and took the plunge signing up for Virgin Mobile. I must say that I was very impressed with their service and customer service for the months I had Virgin Mobile up to the release of their version of the iPhone.

Is the Virgin Mobile iPhone worth the initial cost?

When Virgin Mobile released the iPhone on their service I was ecstatic, that is until I saw their price. They ask $350 for the iPhone 4 and $450 for the iPhone 4s. To me that seemed like an enormous amount to drop at once on a phone, especially when major carriers offer the iPhone for free if you sign a contract. After a little math though I discovered it is EXTREMELY worth it to purchase the iPhone on Virgin Mobile vs. going with a major carrier. Below is some of my rough math.

Major Carrier (cost to have iPhone and service for 2 years)

Cost of phone $0, Cost of service for a month $200 x 24 months (not accounting for overages or roaming) = $4800 over two years.

Cost of Virgin Mobile (Initial cost of iPhone $450 and service for 2 years)

Cost of phone $450, Cost of service $45 x 24 months = $1530

So having a iPhone through Virgin Mobile can save you A LOT of money compared to your major carrier.

Phone Plans available for the iPhone 4 on Virgin Mobile

Below are a snapshot of the three phone plans available for the iPhone 4/4s on Virgin Mobile.


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