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Millions of Apple Id's Hacked : Is Your Personal Information Safe Online ?

Updated on September 10, 2012


Isn't the World Web wonderful? Just a decade ago, we had to rush to the supermarket to pick up groceries, gifts, clothes and what all, but since online shopping became a craze, we could shop online, view deals by different stores and the finally make a purchase : and hey presto, the item was delivered to our home.

Similarly, in the good old days, going for a meeting was a pain. Not only the travelling, mind you, but the plethora of backup information that was required. Even for personal data, we had to carry photo albums, cards, letters etc oh! how retro grade. Today, all our data is in the cloud. Its there with us where ever we go. How is that?

Availability of Personal Information Online

Well, as technology advanced, the amount of personal information that was stored in Laptops increased. So if you lost your laptop, you could say Bye-Bye to all your personal data and email accounts and worse, maybe your credit card numbers and details. With the advent of mobile phones, especially smart phones, this loss of Personal Information became even easier (its far easier to lose a phone than a laptop). So, as convenience increased, danger lurked round the corner in the form of a hacker.

So what Personal Information of of use to a hacker? Well, anything I would say. This includes, Your name, address, work address, phone number, mobile number, work number, Birthdate, names of family members, birthdates of family members etc etc. So today, the amount of personal information available online is as follows:-

1. Your Facebook account (google plus, myspace, orkut etc etc).

2. Your personal webpage with all details. (using Whois)

3. Your email addresses, amazon accounts, apple accounts

4. Various sites where you have filled up forms promising you free gifts etc,

You see- over the years we have made so much personal information available online that even we dont know what we have put out there. Hackers just keep searching for links and then using a plethora of freely available tools, build up your profile and hey boom!!! There goes your information.

Safety of Your Personal Information

So, you have created an Apple id after you bought the iPod/Phone/pad that you were lusting after. Apple asked you to input a Credit Card Number, which you did and hey presto, you were able to buy stuff, download free stuff and a lot more seamlessly. The same thing was repeated at Amazon. Enter your Credit Card details, and just start shopping!!! Dont worry, our site is protected with this authentication, that tech....blah, blah..

The scary part is that you dont even need to know how to write a piece of code. If a hacker gets hold of your email id or amazon id, he can call up customer support, bamboozle them to reset your password , and then wreak havoc. Suddenly being on the Cloud is no longer attractive. You could loose your entire life!!! and savings !!! If you dont believe this, read how this journalist Mat Honan lost everything to a hack attack. Its scary!!. So ladies and gentlemen, your data is NO LONGER SAFE ONLINE.

Tips to secure Information Online

So what do you do? First things first :-

1. Enable two factor authentication if you use Gmail.

2. Have different email id's for online transactions and banking.

3. Dont use any data from personal information for your password.

4. Your password recovery email id should not have the same user handle as your other email passwords.

5. Dont store your credit card info on ANY website. Least of all Apple's. Apple does not make secure Operating Systems. They were secure as not many people were using it, but now as it has become popular, hackers will attack it even more.

6. Dont put your personal info online. As simple as that.

In conclusion, your data is not safe online, It can be compromised very easily. Your emails can be hacked even without the hackers writing a single line of code. So people, get paranoid and real and protect yourself.


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