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Israel Bans Apple's iPad

Updated on April 19, 2010

 Jerusalem--if you are arriving at the Ben Gurion airport in Israel with a new Apple iPad, you can expect authorities to seize it in customs. The Ministry of Communications banned the ipad because of the interference that the iPad creates with its wi-fi technology. This standard is fine in the US but the technology is much stronger than what is used in Europe and Israel.

Israel stated that once Apple creates the iPad built for European markets, the ban will be lifted. Apple states that the technology used in it complies with the European wireless standards. What is odder is that Israel has not banned other wireless devices made in the US into the country, which include laptops. Apple states the wireless is actually weaker because the antenna iPad uses is much smaller and is encased in solid aluminum. The signal transmits via the Apple logo.

The devices seized are placed in storage, which the owners must pay for, when they leave the country. The reason for the ban may because the stronger wi-fi signal could interfere with Israeli military signals.


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