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Internet access server error Linksys E1000, E2000, E3000

Updated on July 16, 2010

Internet access server' error pop up:

When you install the Cisco connect software on your computer, you may get annoying pop up error about Internet access server. This will be repeated after every few minutes. It will ask you to install the drivers for the Internet access server. When you try to install the drivers using the CD of Cisco connect software, it will not take the drivers and you will start getting the same pop up again and again.

There are reports when a customer installs Cisco Connect during initial setup, customer during or after the installation may start to see messages about needing a driver for Internet Access Server. When computer is connected to the Valet/Linksys in Device Manager you will see under Other Devices an object called Internet Access Server with a driver conflict icon.

How to get rid of this pop up: Open the Device manager on your computer. When you open the Device Manager, you will find the option ‘Other Devices’. Under Other Devices, you will find the option ‘Internet access severs’ with the yellow exclamation marks. You can simply right click on it and disable it. That’s it.OR

Use Windows Update. You might need to set Windows Update to automatically download and install recommended updates.You can check Windows Update any time to see if it’s found updated drivers for your hardware, especially if you recently installed a new device. Then, you can install the updated drivers. Here’s how:

(1) Open Windows Update by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button. In the search box, type Update, and then, in the list of results, click Windows Update.? (2) In the left pane, click Check for updates.If there are any available updates, click the links to see more information about each update. Windows Update tells you if an update is important, recommended, or optional. Each type of update might include drivers. For more information, see Understanding Windows automatic updating. (3) On the Select the updates you want to install page, look for updates for your hardware devices, select the check box for each driver that you want to install, and then click OK. There might not be any available driver updates. (4) On the Windows Update page, click Install updates Administrator permission required If you’re prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.Windows Update will tell you if the updates were successfully installed.

E2000 problems with older wireless cards at shorter range:

Unable to connect with older wireless cards at VERY short range. Some older wireless cards such as the Intel Pro Wireless 3945ABG may not work properly if they are less the 24” from the router.

Play station 3 reports error (Linksys E2000):

PS3 reports error during network test. If user runs network test in PS3 desktop it will report an error and say to contact router maker.

Some PC’s are slow when surfing the web when Parental Controls is enabled in Cisco Connect: (E2000)

With Parental Control enabled in CC, some PC’s are slow when surfing the web: Router is configured and CC is installed with Parental Controls enabled on CC. It can be more readily reproduced using browsers like Safari and Firefox (on a Mac or PC). Only affects the computers that do not have a policy set for the websites that are being block on other PC’s.

SCENARIO EXAMPLE 1) makes sure you have internet access and enable parental control on PC1.2) Connect PC2 to the primary network, make sure you have internet access. Next, block Internet Access for PC2 using CC 3) Connect PC3 to the primary network and access a website

Expected Result: The PC3 should not be affected by blocking rules set on PC2. Actual Result: PC3 experiences significant delay when accessing sites.

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