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It's Awesome. Check Out Your Google Search History on Your Mobile

Updated on June 13, 2011

Google Has Done Amazing Thing Again!

Google is doing smart things for its users by making it easier for them to have a review of their most recent Google searches on their mobiles. This cool feature to search history on your mobile has been introduced at Google Mobile’s Homepage.

Although IPhone is already having such type of smart capability of pulling search suggestion for URLs you have visited previously but Google is providing its unique IPhone optimized version of in the shape of History Link.

With This feature, every persona is now have the amazing opportunity to check out his search histor on mobile. Whever you check at your great search engine, Google, you can now capture at yur favorite mobile, Iphone. So go ahead and enjoy this cool feature!

Let Us Check How It is !



Google Search History on Your Mobile
Google Search History on Your Mobile

You can get this amazing “ Search History “ option through “History” link present at the end of Google’s mobile website page. You will get a page when you click on it where you will have search history from your phone but also your desktop searches too. Enabling “Save Searches” features is mandatory to use this feature. You will view your recent searches in reverse chronological manner including timestamp and the result of your previous searches. To differentiate your mobile phone and desktop searches, an icon for mobile phone is being displayed on results page.

So finally the most import thing about this feature is the inclusion of your history starred results. Google is in a process of better integration of mobile and desktop searches via starring feature. So with this Google effort what you get is a cloud-based unique bookmarking system as you have the opportunity to check it from your phone, computer, and your Office PC.


Google is already at the edge of changing world wide web completely. The amazing applications provided by Google are doing well and above all most of them are totally free. Google You have Done it Again.


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