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Izombies the future of actors

Updated on February 15, 2017

Experts suggest the way we use smartphones are making us feel powerless!

The Acting profession relies on creative, open and adaptable minds, long are the days of physical game play and kicking a ball down the street….alas the rise of the iZombie the future Actors of the industry.

It's been warned that human posture can actually change our hormones. This is part of a philosophy called embodied cognition, the relationship between your mind and body is so interconnected that what we think can influence how our body reacts.

The use of smart phones has led to an increase in slouching, just take a look around the next time you’re in a public place. This downward slant of the neck and shoulders.

A hunched position is bringing us closer to a stressed mental state.

Technology that has become so common place so quickly, the full effects of constant smart phone usage have yet to be studied.

People sitting in these head-down, “powerless” positions are more likely to conjure “depressive” memories as opposed to positive ones. The effects of these positions has everything to do with “classical conditioning,” a learned process when we collapse our bodies to protect ourselves from danger. This posture of submission once helped save us from predators.

If you look at the greatest Actors of our time they were raised in a time when this “powerless” posture just did not exist and rather than having their head in a iphone or tablet, they were out communication face to face and playing stimulating games and exercises growing up with a creative, responsive brain.

These are the next faces of our movies and TV shows, as unfortunately all the greatest Actors alive today are only human and will come a time when they will rest in peace.

Rather than looking for inspiration from the real world around us, these iZombies will turn to Facebook and Google. The age of great actors is coming to an end unless something is done NOW.

Take a look around you now, if you’re reading this and have children, what are they doing? head in a phone I bet…go now and observed their posture, do something about it before your child grows up with such bad posture they will become mentally deficient and “powerless”.

Of course there will be some conspiracy theorist that will say this has been planned for long time and these devices are aimed to ‘dumb’ down the masses and make people recessive and powerless, which is exactly what is happening though I don’t believe it to be a conspiracy theory but rather a severe side effect of technology that so happens to be beneficial for the powers to be.

So what can you do about it?

  1. Check your posture– If your finding yourself head down and slouching…sit up shoulder back and decrease time spent using the device.
  2. Raise the device to your eye level
  3. Stretch out– After using your device place both hands behind your head and push your elbows back and look up.
  4. Be aware of it- Next time your on set look around and the sight of all the hunched back people should be enough to scare you into changing.
  5. Help yourself– Invest in some back and neck support products if you are already suffering from pains.

This is the biggest danger to the film industry yet no one is talking about it, in 10 years time the industry will have no talented actors but will have dumbed, blanked faced, izombies to call actors who will be reading scripts from their smart phone and communicating via Whatsapp or Messenger.

It's Not to Late for Your Children

Do not let your children grow up like this, you owe it to the world to yourself to raise a happy, creative, adaptable and open-minded child that can communicate and understand the world without being brainwashed by smart devices. You as an actor should now after reading this article be more aware of the danger and how it’s already effecting you…take note and do something about it.


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