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JCL tutorial - OUTLIM parameter in JCL

Updated on July 12, 2012

OUTLIM parameter in JCL

OUTLIM parameter, the name itself indicates that it is used for limiting the output...Well here is the explanation about use of OUTLIM parameter.

1. The OUTLIM parameter used to limit the number of lines or records that are written to a system output dataset, i.e SYSOUT

2. OUTLIM parameter sets the limitation on the number of lines that can be wrote in SYSOUT. The following is the syntax, which shows how the OUTLIM parameter can be used in JCL.


In the above example the limit is specified as 500, OUTLIM=500 says that only 500 lines or records will written into SYSOUT DD.

Stop here:

A. OUTLIM parameter can be used only on a DD statement with SYSOUT parameter.

B. The maximum number of lines that can be specified in the OUTLIM parameter is around 16 million.

The following examples shows where we can use OUTLIM and where we shouldn't

OUTLIM parameter can be used with SYSOUT

OUTLIM parameter can't be used with any other. Only with SYSOUT is allowed


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