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Updated on September 1, 2010

The Politics of Intimidation

There is simple answer to the question of why has Cape Wind survived nine years of regulatory review and blistering opposition: Jim Gordon's ego. Add to this the occasional deceptive practices by federal and state regulators, a thoroughly inept press and a network of environmental advocates and groups who accept any claim for green energy as gospel and you have the perfect storm. Of course, industry does its part. Companies such as Siemens and GE who salivate at the thought of huge federal subsidies to pay for their expensive wind turbines add to the constant chant of wind, wind, wind and who bolster Gordon's bogus claims about the reliability and cost effectiveness of offshore wind are co-conspirators in this great rip-off. But, at the center of this idiotic circus is the ever present and ever menacing Jim Gordon.

Gordon is, if nothing else, a master manipulator. He can lie through his teeth to a live audience and still find himself the darling of the greens as he smiles his way through the adoring throngs. He and his small family have the carbon footprint of a small village but he is so sickeningly sincere when he asks, "But don't you want to clean up our air and provide cheap/clean power?" Of course, he has known from day one of his Cape Wind crusade that his power would be dramatically more expenisve than the convetional mix but he held the lie aloft anyway, watching it wave in the breeze as the oh-so-smart among us saluted and wept for joy that a savior, a clean energy prophet had arisen from the ashes of coal and oil fired power plants. Of course, now that the truth about Cape Wind's costs has been revealed these same sycophants find no voice to raise in anger at being so completely mislead, not even a whimper of surprise.

Imagine, here is a man who with a straight face told Boston Magazine that recreational boaters tend to avoid the site of his Cape Wind power plant because its location, the heart of Nantucket Sound, was too shallow for them. Imagine, Gordon actually said that the twenty-five square mile area at the heart of Nantucket Sound are too shallow for small craft....and Boston Magazine took him at his word and printed this babble. We will not even mention the intellectual corruption of the Boston Globe and most of the national print media who adoringly regurgitate Gordon's energy manna.

Still, one has to wonder what is the spell Jim Gordon has been able to cast over supposedly cold hearted, tough minded and purely objective federal regulators. Agency after agency, even when admitting the problems Cape Wind will cause in such things as radar, avian mortality, disruption of fishing grounds and archeological sites, and economic chaos in the retail cost of electricity continue to issue approvals for the project. What is Gordon's magic, what is the bludgeon he holds and over whose head? There simply must be more to this matter than just the demonstrated incompetence of the current administration of the Alliance To Protect Nantucket Sound and the constant failures of their principle counsel, Perkins Coie.Gordon himself seems aware of where his true power lies.

Here is a chilling glimpse of the real Jim Gordon, the greed-driven ego centric multi-millionaire who wants yet more wealth and power and fame: he is reported to have said to a candidate not so long ago, "People who oppose me don't win."

Jim Gordon gives arrogance a bad name.


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