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Java apps to make your low end phone a smart one

Updated on December 2, 2011
Java apps to make your low end custom phone a smart one
Java apps to make your low end custom phone a smart one

This is the era of smart phones. Computing world is slowly switching from desktop PCs to hand held devices like smartphones and tablets. Processing power of computers of one decade before are now available in our smartphones. But there is no need to feel bad even if you are possessing a low end java mobile phone. You can make even your low end java custom phone also a smart one by installing some free smart apps available in java. There are apps in java, which gives most of the features available in apps of latest platforms like Android, iOs, Symbian etc.See some of such apps

1. Snaptu

Snaptu is a simple app, that makes your phone a smart one. But recently this company was acquired by Facebook. And now they are going to restrict, the features other than facebook in their app. So they are discontinuing the support for yahoo, linkedIn, Cricinfo in their app. Actually Snaptu revolutionized the mobile app concept itself. They introduced the concept of accessing most of your favorite sites accessible from a single app. They also created Facebook app for most of the mobile platforms. According to them, Facebook app created by them is used in more than 80% of mobiles. But even after acquisition by Facebook, snaptu team has released an app for LinkedIn. So soon you can expect more products for other social networking sites also.

2. Voice chat apps

There are many apps that allow users to make voice call over internet, even using a GPRS connection. RockeTalk is an example of such an application. It allows you to make voice call, Picture chat and also to connect to your friends in instant messengers like yahoo, MSN, Gtalk etc

Nimbuzz is another app that allows you to do the same things. It also allows you to do voice chat with your friends, sending videos and pictures to friends, Connecting to chat services available in Gtalk, Facebook, MSN etc. Both Rocketalk and Nimbuzz requires you to create account in their sites and save your social networking username and passwords in it. But it is not a problem as they are providing good security to your private data.

Talkonut is another voice chat app that is available for Java phones. It also allows you to call over internet other friends using GPRS connection. Also chat features in social networks like Facebook, Gtalk etc are integrated in it.

3. Web browsers

Now very good mobile browsers are available even in Java phones. Opera mini browser is the best one in this category. Actually Opera uses data compression and connect to internet through their servers. So you can get a very good browsing speed even in your GPRS connection. Also due to the association of getjar java app store and Opera, you can get a direct link to getjar apps in the starting page of Opera itself. It opens a direct way to download other apps that you want directly from your opera browser. Also opera community is available, which also provides useful browsing tips

Bolt is another browser that is available for Java phones. Actually the developers of this browser claim that it can stream HTML 5 videos directly from you tube, Facebook etc. Also they are claiming that you can update your Facebook and Twitter posts from the browser itself, during browsing. Also this browser provides the facility to backup your most needed data in their cloud.

4. Facebook

Now Facebook is available for all phones including java phones. Most of the internet users are spending most of their time in Facebook only. Facebook traffic has crossed traffic in Google search engine also. Anyway the era that is going to come will be of social networking sites like Facebook. Now Snaptu has been acquired by Facebook. So soon you can expect improved Facebook app for Java phone. Even in the existing Facebook app, most of the features in Facebook are available

5. Tinytweeter

An app that cannot be avoided for Twitter users. All features that you can access in twitter is available through this app also.

All these apps can be downloaded from Getjar app store. Or simply time the name of the app in Google search bar. First option will be to the sites of these app builders. Download the version of app suiting your phone from there.


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    • profile image

      ajith abrauk 6 years ago


    • victor4 profile image

      victor4 6 years ago

      My most used java apps are Opera mini browser, Dictionary by vikrant and Snaptu. I think without these any phone is incomplete. Also I suggest you to download jar books from umnet, if you are a mobile book reader

    • profile image

      Anderson 6 years ago

      Snaptu is a nice app. But dont know how the acquisition of it by Facebook is going to change the app. Most probably, they will convert it into a facebook only app. The cool thing about snaptu was that you can access most of your frequently used internet serices at one place.If that is lost, Snaptu will not be good any more


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