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Jawbone Up24 Review, Sizing and Set-up Instructions

Updated on March 20, 2015

The Jawbone Up24 comes with the following features and specifications as standard:

  • Wirelessly sync your notes in real time
  • The UP24 records your sleep time, sleep time and wake moments automatically and UP analyses your sleep phases
  • Enter your daily workout, your steps, distance, calories burned as well as active and inactive phases
  • Connect with friends to work with them to achieve personal fitness goals to motivate yourself or to compete with them
  • Scope of delivery: UP24 Jawbone Bracelet; Charging cable (2.5mm jack to USB); Quick Start Guide

The Jawbone Wristband is good for monitoring perfomance
The Jawbone Wristband is good for monitoring perfomance | Source

I have had the Jawbone Up24 for a few weeks now and have updated the new firmware and the new app for two days – here is my experience.

First, you should ask yourself what you really expect from a gadget on your wrist. I do not want a device that constantly wants to speak with my smartphone and without a permanent connection, it is just a fashion accessory.

I also do not want a device with a display that indicates to me that one of my Facebook friends has just uploaded a funny video. I also do want a touchscreen or so many buttons to adjust just about anything.

What I wanted is mostly a silent companion that is tracking my movement and activities and also monitors the quality of my sleep. Moreover, what was important to me was the gentle awakening feature – a wake-up outside the deep sleep phase.

Those are the things that make the Jawbone Up24 attractive to me – a single button, the vibration function and a (only after pressing a button) briefly shining day/ night icon.

Jawbone Up24 Sizing

One can buy the Jawbone Up24 in two colours (depending on your taste) and three sizes. Choosing the right size was a bit of a problem for me because of the method used for getting measurements (band around the wrist length measure). This yielded exactly 18cm which corresponds to the maximum size for size M and the minimum for size L.

After reading some reviews and asking other buyers, I have decided to go with size L -which was an exact match. If you go for the upper range size, the band sits very tight and the ends protrude at an angle from the wrist making it almost impossible to be inconspicuous. If in doubt, you would rather go for the larger sized band.

5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Jawbone Up24

Jawbone Up24 Setup Instructions

The coupling of the band is done using Bluetooth 4.0 LE (low energy), so you will need to have at least Android KitKat (or the corresponding iOS) on your device -otherwise nothing works. After loading the app (Up24) and activating the Bluetooth, the coupling is very fast and you can find some personal data (age, weight and photo) and your goals (weight, sleep duration) to enter.

In addition, you can define the times when the band awakens you through vibration. Other bands like the Sony SWR10 only offer a way to distinguish between working days and weekends.

Charging the band is done by removing the cap with the silver shield, among which is a jack. On these you out the included USB adapter and you can load your band on each USB charger or PC.

To get the current status of the band, you press a button labelled “Sun” for day mode and “Moon” for night mode.

When fully charged, the battery lasts for up to 14 days – a fact that is confirmed by the battery indicator on the app.

Coupling the Jawbone to your Smartphone is simple and fast
Coupling the Jawbone to your Smartphone is simple and fast | Source

Jawbone Up24 Sleep Monitoring

The first most importance feature of the Up24 is to monitor quality of sleep. The change from day to night mode is done by applying long pressure on the knob until the belt vibrates briefly and the moon flashes.

Based on one’s movements, the Up24 knows whether one is in deep or shallow sleep phase. This feature works surprisingly well and you wake up in the morning feeling more energetic because you woke up at the right stage of sleep.

Jawbone Up24 Motion Tracking

The Up24 recognizes what you are doing from the movements and vibrations you make. Walking and running can be reliably detected but is however counter at a longer stride with some jerkiness, not a single step.

On the default settings of the wrist band, the step length is quite good but can still be perfected by calibration of the stride. To do this, I drove to a sports ground with a 400 meter track, run one round and jogged one round too. To complete the process, use the stopwatch function of the band through short and long press on the button.

The first round showed me walking 417 yards, the second round jogging was 423 meters. The app then calibrates at 400 meters when the activities have stopped. The subsequent two rounds of testing (again walking and running) were each represented by exactly 400 meters.

The smart band has GPS tracking but it is not so accurate – an 8.5Km forest run with some differences in height was reported to me as a little over 10Km since the length has deviated from the stadium round. But it is important to measure the movement and count steps.

The objective of the app, therefore, is more rightly on the number of steps, not the distance. The distance and calories burned are calculated from the completed activities in addition to the number of steps displayed (from the weight calculated). Very nice feature- after x minutes without any activity, a short vibration reminds you to take a few steps to loosen up. I have set mine to one hour and is often reminded at work while on my PC.

Nutritional Tracking on the Jawbone Up24

You might want to enter your meals in the app since the update works just fine. First choose the foods by entering text or barcode scan or a photo. The latter is probably more of a gimmick and does not work with my breakfast.

Text entry and scanning work very well when entering rich text especially with intelligent system proposals. After the food is identified you can then set the amount either through selection of common portions or selection of grams. Swipe Left/Right to get through each available units of measurement (dose/unit/gram) to scroll and Up/Down to set the amount.

My only criticism is that the Up/ down dial is very sensitive and so you have to have a slow finger or you will have to live with slightly different amounts (some days I eat 3.1 eggs). At the end, the diet is assessed for quality and colour.

It also gives the details of calories and ingredients and if there is for example, too much sugar or cholesterol, you will be explicitly warned. In the overview, you can immediately see how many calories you are still missing or if you have eaten too much.

Other Features of the Jawbone Up24

The app gives you every day more or less useful tips for all sorts of things or offers challenges such as “drink 8 glasses of water”. The tips can be rated with “useful” or “am not interested”. At the end of the day you can then check whether all three targets (sleep, steps, diet) were achieved.


There are bracelets that are cheaper than the Jawbone Up24. There are also bracelets that go more in the direction of Smart Watches. However, I have never seen a smart band that supports the above goals and comfort like the Jawbone Up24.

A small drawback is the fact that the Up24 is not waterproof. And so, for showering or swimming it should be removed.

I can confirm that the battery holds for 14 days with moderate use of the stop function and the LED status indicator. The band has widened a little over time but it still fits and is not flappy.

It would have been nice if the device was waterproof. What is a little annoying with the app is the fact that you have to have a continuous online connection. As it stands, the band is read, the data loaded to the cloud and then retrieved from the cloud on your smartphone.

Without an online connection the current dare is not displayed. I hope this will be rectified on the next update. The usually approach is to first present the data locally on the phone and synch on the next online opportunity with the cloud.

After a few days, the app displays some motivating instructions. For example, after a very sporty weekend I got a message that I am approaching the 20% of Up24 owners – very nice.

There are some cases reported of the band going completely blank. Here is what has helped me:

  • Recharge the band battery completely
  • Delete all alarms in the app
  • Decouple the band from the app by “Band management>delete bracelet data”
  • Turn off the Android Bluetooth and delete all app data for Up24, then reboot the Android device
  • Hard reset the band with the following combination: Press 9XShort, then 1 long and wait a few minutes as the band restarts
  • Turn the Bluetooth on again, restarting the app, enter your login data. Since all data is stored in the cloud, you neither lose steps nor sleep protocols.

Overall, the Jawbone Up24 is a strongly recommended product.


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