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Jaybird X3's Bluetooth Earbuds - A Review of Awesomeness

Updated on August 19, 2018

Jaybird X3's - An Exercise in Good Design

The JayBird X3, the super portable Bluetooth wireless earbuds have been on the market for a little while now.

These headphones are slightly different from other wireless in earbuds as they are connected by a wire, unlike the Apple AirPods that are made up of two non-connected earbuds.

When I upgraded from the X2's I was aware that these were an incremental improvement to the X2's, which makes sense because it is not really like there is the ability to add many more features to this technology. Any additional features would likely be at the cost of battery life or sound quality, which no one wants to happen.

Those that have seen or owned the X2's or original Jaybird Bluebuds will surely know just how great these earbuds have been throughout there production. They have been amazing in sound, battery life and durability.

It should be noted that the most current version is not without some great refinements in what have been some impressive predecessors. The new more streamlined design means that these babies sit nicely in the ears, especially when paired with Comply Foams, isolating foam tips.

One particularly well-received refinement is the reduction in the size of the earbud housing themselves. The new shape has changed a fair bit from the X2's as they have been greatly reduced by the moving of the battery and charging connectors to the volume control on the cord of the earbuds. This makes for a slimline form factor but I do miss being able to charge them like the X2's where any mini USB connector would do in a pinch.

With this new form factor, we find that the comfort level has improved and the cool level has risen. You no longer look like your wearing massive hearing aids and the different finish means a subtle style without being completely invisible.

The new look comes with the added benefit if you are a wearer of hats, beanies or helmets. Now that they hug more closely will no longer have to deal with them catching like the older versions did. A fantastic reprieve from having to take my hat beanie of in the dead of winter just to get them to hit properly.

As well as a pair of Comply Foam ear tips, the X3's include soft-touch rubber tips that mould to the ear nicely but don't offer the noise isolation of the foam tips. The different sizing allows for just about anyone to find the best fit.

Pairing either tips with the custom tightening on the cord of the earbuds make for an incredibly secure fit and mean that whether you are a mad keen exerciser or just like to smash your head around you will not have to deal with any shifting or dislodging of them in the ear or around your head.

Athletes and marathon runner alike will appreciate the enhancements in the fully sweat and water resistant finish that makes them effectively aquaphobic. They are plenty durable to take on just about anything you throw at them.

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Soundwise the X3's are slightly different with some new drivers, but in noting that I only notice slight improvements in sound, though overall better it is an improvement I think the real benefit comes in the form of the Jaybird app. This little beauty now allows us to make changes to the sound profile of the headphones, to suit our preferences. This was a feature that was sorely missing in previous iterations. I still wish I could which off or change the default voice prompts that are built in though.

It allows you to change to suit. It should be noted that I am now audiophile, so you will have to decide on sound quality for yourself, but I think you will be pleasantly impressed. I believe most audiophiles will go for corded headphones anyway as they will offer the best sound reproduction overall. I'm more of a Spotify person myself, so I find that Bluetooth audio is more than enough for me, the convenience of not having a cord that I can accidentally wreck outweighs the compromise.

The thing I like about the sound profiles, is because they are firmware based, all you have to do is access the app, make your changes and then those changes will stick with the X3's headphones until the next time you make changes through the app, regardless of what different devices you connect them to.

As I mentioned before, the headphones now use a custom charging cradle to charge via USB, which is fine until you leave the charging cord at home or the office. It can be a real pain. Yes, they do have an 8-hour battery life, but if you need them over the weekend, chances are they are going to go flat on you.

You can purchase an additional charger set from Jaybird, so that is fine. But you might find yourself missing those days of being able to just use any of the Micro USB cords that you had lying around your computer desk.

I would have to say that overall they are a fantastic set of earbuds, with great sound and durable construction. They have a nice ear-feel, so those that aren't used to having in earbuds will soon become accustomed to it.

The real benefit with the Jaybird X3's is that for a fraction of the price of super high-end Bluetooth headphones and earbuds, you are getting a comparable device here.

Well worth the purchase, you are destined to enjoy all that these earbuds have to offer.


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