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Jet AFS 1000 B Air Filter Review

Updated on February 10, 2010
Schematic of the Jet AFS 1000b
Schematic of the Jet AFS 1000b

Breathe Easy with the Jet AFS 1000 B

Any carpenter or contractor knows that dust extraction from tools - and dust in the air - is a constant problem that is never fully solved.  Sure, there's the dusty clothes and hands.  But what about dusty lungs? 

Not only is breathing dust very bad for your health, but a dusty shop makes clean finishing work difficult, and leaves a layer of dust on every tool.

But dust extraction can be expensive!  Once you graduate from using your shop vac to clean up and get into true dust extraction from tools such as your jointer, planer, router and saws, you're looking at hundreds of dollars in fans, fittings, and 4-inch tubing.  As for myself, I have invested around $400 in a Rockler dust collector, tubing, and fittings.  And I still have to switch the dust tube from tool to tool as I go.

I figured air filtration for my home shop was out of the question.

But then came along the Jet AFS 1000 B air filter, at a new reduced price of $299.

This thing isn't crazy-powerful (only 3/4 HP fan motor), but it's more than adequate for my 35'x35'x8' basement woodshop.  But what really sells this thing is the price.  For $300, I now have crystal-clear air.  The Jet AFS 1000 B circulates the air in my shop every 10 minutes, according to the literature.  In practice, however.....I LOVE IT!!!!

As soon as I became aware of the existence of this incredible deal, I discovered that the Jet AFS 1000 B is selling-out fast.  It isn't available online; it's on back-order for months.  So I went down to my local Rockler store (in Cambridge, MA), and picked up the last one they had in stock.  The guy at the register told me the AFS 1000 B's had been selling like hotcakes and he didn't think they would be getting more of them for a while.

So if you have a woodshop and you don't yet have air filtration (in addition to your dust extraction system),  try to nail down your own Jet AFS 1000 B as soon as you can.  You'll be glad you did.



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