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Jitterbug Cell Phones

Updated on December 29, 2010

My father has been losing his eyesight and his hearing for some time now.  Every year it seems to get worse and worse.  It finally got so bad that he could not even use his cell phone anymore.  He complained that it was too hard to see the small numbers and the volume did not go high enough.  I figured that there had to be something I could do to alleviate his situation.  I had heard about phones with very large key pads so I figured they might make cell phones with large keypads as well.

I did some research online and found out about the Jitterbug cell phones.  The Jitterbug cellular phone is unique because it is made especially for senior citizens.  The buttons on the phone are really large so seniors do not have to strain their eyes to read it.  The volume on the phone can also be turned up really high so those who have a hard time hearing will appreciate this feature.  I bought the Jitterbug phone because I knew this was what my dad needed.  I gave it to him and let him test it out.  He tried making phones calls and adding contacts into the phone.  Dialing the phone was pretty easy.  The menu was easy to read and the functions were pretty user friendly.  There was no need to refer to a user manual every five minutes.  My dad also turned up the volume on the phone so that it was quite audible even from several feet away. 

Since my dad does not make much calls, he signed up for the basic plan.  The basic plan was pretty cheap and it served his purposes.  Plus, if he did not use up his minutes for the month, they would carry over.  So far, he really likes his Jitterbug phone and I think he will plan on using it for awhile.


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      Al102 6 years ago

      My grandma has low visions and poor hearing as well, but the phone that fits to her need very well is the Just5 cell phone. It has big keypad, loud sound, SOS button, and other great features that made her love the phone.This provider also offers great affordability. Since my grandma doesn’t call and text a lot, she can only spend $3.33 a month for the cheapest minute plan. The minutes expire in 90 days so she can make the most of it. It’s pretty perfect, really!