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Joomla Extensions Not Listed in Joomla's Extension Directory

Updated on June 19, 2010

The Hidden Joomla Extensions

Did you know that if a Joomla extension isn't GPL licensed, it can't be listed in's extension directory? I'm here to tell you about two of the coolest Joomla extensions out there - and they're NOT listed! At the bottom of this Hub you will find links to these two extensions, plus a link to a directory that includes bot GPL and non GPL extensions.

First Extension: JomSocial for Joomla- Similar to facebook

Yup, you can create your own social network using Joomla and JomSocial. No monthly fees other than your regular hosting account. You can advertise anything you wish...use those affiliate marketing accounts that you have to the fullest extent thanks to Joomla's flexibility when displaying modules.

Some of JomSocial's features include:

  • Customizable member profiles. Choose whether or not to display the field when registering, too.
  • Member photo albums
  • Member video albums
  • Friend request
  • Walls
  • Internal messaging system
  • Who's online
  • Groups - members can create and either make them pubic or require their approval first
  • Group walls
  • Group photos
  • Group videos
  • Activity stream on main page
  • Subscribe to group activity streams

I'm sure there's more that I just can't think of at the moment.

You can find Joomla templates that include a JomSocial template!

There are some template providers that are incorporating JomSocial layouts into their template designs. This is a great way to go since the templates that come with JomSocial may not match your Joomla template as well as you'd like.

And then you can get JomSocial 'skins' - not an entire Joomla template - so watch out for this if you're shopping for a template for use with JomSocial.

Lots of components are JomSocial compatible

JomSocial lists several third party components and plugins that enhance or integrate with this awesome component. For example, you could add a Kunena bulletin board. One of the non-GPL extensions that I'll tell you about next (jReviews) is also compatible with JomSocial. And it has a plugin so that a member's listings in jReviews can be shown under their profile.

So if you plan on installing JomSocial, make sure that any extensions you choose to install that involves membership is compatible with JomSocial.

Second Extension: jReviews for Joomla!

jReviews is one of my absolute favorite Joomla extensions. As the name implies, the extension allows you to add product reviews (or property reviews, or whatever type of reviews you want).

But it does so much more than simply allow you to add product reviews. First of all, you could nicely display products without other people's reviews, such as some amazon products with your affiliate link in there. Let's say you want to create a website that has movie reviews. You have genres, such as Thriller. You can configure the genre field to be click-able, so that when you click on Thriller, you get a list of all movies with that genre.

And with the Advanced Search feature, people can be very specific when searching the listings. Each field that you set up can be searched.

Ideas for what you could use jReviews for:

  • Product reviews (duh)
  • Property for sale with all the bells & whistles (price range, property type, features).
  • Vehicles for sale like
  • Classified Ads
  • Swaps (book, DVD, clothes, etc.)
  • Business listings
  • Web links

And you don't have to choose just one of the above. You could have all of them on a single website using one jReview license.

You can add Videos and an Buy Now from Amazon button

It just keeps getting better! Yes, you can even configure jReviews to pull in videos and even add a field where you enter an Amazon ISBN and Buy Now button.

Check out the photo below - you can see the words in blue are click-able so you can get a list of movies with the same the year, rating and genre.

Optional Google Maps Plugin

If you were to create a business directory, or a real estate directory using jReviews, the optional Google Maps plugin would be the perfect addition. You can even have it show a street view of the location! Want to have custom map markers? Not a problem! The street view below looks a bit off, huh? When a listing is added, they click on a button that says Map It (or something like that...I forget exactly). Then a little street view map pops up and they can move the map marker to wherever they want. Google Maps isn't always dead on....

jReviews used for propery listings - has Google Map & Street View! Can you see the custom marker for Mobile Home?

Movie review

Want to charge people for adding a listing?

The maker of jReviews has released a beta version for charging people to add listings to component. A perfect solution for classified ads!

Want to learn more about jReviews?

Just visit the website (resources are listed below). Thus guys provides great support and the documentation is awesome.

How easy is jReviews to set up and use? Like any component that is as complex as this one, you'll need to sit and wrap your head around it a little. The component uses Sections and Categories and stores the listings as articles (don't try to edit it as a regular article though). It then goes much deeper > Field Groups...then the fields within those groups which can be broken down even further.

For instance, to show you the power of jReviews: to have a classified ad section to sell vehicles, you could have a section called Vehicles, categories called cars, trucks, etc. Then set up your Field Groups called Cars and Trucks, Fields called Price (yes, people can search by price range) New or Used, Mileage, Make, Model, and so on. Make it so that the Make and Model fields are click-able and people can get a list of all Fords, all F350's, etc.. Pretty cool, huh?

Then you create your Listing Type. This is where you specify what you want the form to have on it when submitting a new listing. For a Cars and Trucks listing, you'd add the Field Group  Cars and Trucks? You'd add that, could also create and add more Field Groups, such as creating a Field Group called Contact Info that has Fields for Phone number, email, etc.. This way when you create your Listing Type, you can collect that info on the submission form, too.

It's the Listing Type that allows you to use jReviews for more than one thing on the same site You'd have the ability to have allow property listings similar to those famous property sites - specifying price range, type of house...the sky's the limit.

It's also the Listing Type that allows you to either allow or disallow comments. If you have a section for used vehicles, you probably don't want to allow comments. But a Listing Type of Movie Reviews you would. You set up the Rating Criterion (how people liked the actors, special effects, etc.).

There's still a bit more to setting up your jReviews site, more options and such. But this should give you a good idea of just how incredibly powerful this component is. The name simply doesn't do it justice!


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      8 years ago

      Joomla is one of the most popular CMS nowadays. It's easy to install and convineient to use. Joomla extensions are also very useful. Thank you for your sharing.


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