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Journey Post #2: Keyword Research

Updated on July 14, 2014

My Niche

As I stated on my previous Hub, I'm doing a keyword research today. But before I do that, I'll make a niche review.

What is my niche?

I'm thinking last night what will be my niche and I decided to go into video game niche.

Update: I decided to change my niche into something I don't know. This challenges me because I didn't do a keyword research it may be competitive but I don't care as long as I learn new things.

Besides, Google Keyword Planner is down right now. It doesn't show keyword stats so I will review my keyword after some time.

Please continue reading below. I believe there's something in this post that will help you.

As for my strategy on driving traffic into my site I will create different hub after I bought the hosting and the domain.

Why video game?

Let's face it, video game niche has a lot of potential and have a huge audience behind it. Huge audience = lot of traffic.

Maybe you're thinking that video game niche is saturated and have a lot of competitors and my answer is yes, and no.

Yes it has a lot of competitors and saturated place to go but if you think deeply, the audience behind it is growing more and more everyday. I'm not worrying about the competitors (right now) because I knew that my content will be enough to beat them up.

I won't rely in organic traffic too much because I learned that there's plenty of traffic sources that is overlooked and I will try to use them all. Organic traffic will come on its own once I established my audience properly. (More of my strategy to come)

Note: I'm mainly focused on Adsense site because I suck at affiliate marketing but I will try to use them both for my monetization.

Keyword research will be discussed by:

  • How I researched my keyword
  • Good and bad keyword
  • My chosen keyword
  • Tools I used

Keyword cloud
Keyword cloud | Source

Keyword Research

I read a lot of how-to guides for keyword research and I will share you how exactly I found my keyword.

1. Brainstorm - Before I used any tool, I used my brain first. There's no tool that can surpass our brain so I started to think what I really like to write about.

Note: I've read alot of tutorials and I found that its not always what you really like. Sometimes it is good to learn new things and get out of our comfort zone. It is also challenging to write and learn at the same time so our readers will know that the writer really know what he's saying and follow the same step. I choose to write topics that I have knowledge because I'm a beginner so if you are an experienced writer, why not go out and write things that you never knew before.

2. Google Keyword Planner - This is a very powerful tool that helps you determine the previous search history of a certain keyword on Google. I saw many writer overlook this tool and rely solely on paid tools.

Advantage of this tool:

  • Free - That explains all.
  • Accurate - Because keyword planner is part of Google, the stats is accurate or minimum discrepancy if ever.

3. Market Samurai (Trial version) - After I searched a 'broad niche' in Google Planner, I download the data and used Market Samurai to search for my 'golden keyword'. I will publish a tutorial on how I used Market Samurai on different hub.

There you have it. I only used three methods to find my keyword but I can't decide if I will really make a site for this keyword cause it has a low search volume and CPC.

Below I will explain how I looked on CPC stats. It is good to know how we can monetize the niche by seeing its CPC although it is not always right I just looked it on different way.

How I look on CPC stats

My opinion
Keyword 1
Naturally, people will think that this CPC has a lot of potential. Yes, it is right but I looked it on different way. For me, the higher the CPC the higher it will be marketable on affiliate marketing
Keyword 2
For this one, lower CPC have lower value for affiliate marketing. This type of CPC is best for 'adsense site'

Good Keyword

This is my selected keyword. As you see, there are a lot of signs that this keyword is good
This is my selected keyword. As you see, there are a lot of signs that this keyword is good

Bad Keyword

The keyword here is 'buy laptop' you can see that this keyword is dominated by e-commerce sites. You should avoid this kind of keywords
The keyword here is 'buy laptop' you can see that this keyword is dominated by e-commerce sites. You should avoid this kind of keywords

Good and bad keywords

Doing a keyword research takes a lot of time and focus (unless you're a pro you can do it with ease).

I will show you two different keywords I encountered while doing a research.

Good keyword should be:

  • No keyword in the title, description, URL, and head - if you found something like this I suggest you go for it.
  • Low PR - if the page has a PR of 1 and below then it is also a good keyword. But personally, I'm digging deeper to find 0 PR on top 10 of the search result.
  • Page Backlinks - Web pages that has low 'page backlinks' is also a good sign of a good keyword.
  • YouTube Videos - if there's a lot of YouTube video result on a search query, chances are there' no one trying to rank for that keyword.

Bad keywords are like this:

  • Optimized page - this is the opposite of the first sign of good keyword. If you see that the keyword is in the title, description, URL, and head you should forget that keyword.
  • High PR - obviously, the sites with high PR are authority sites and you don't want to compete with them (for now).
  • E-commerce sites - Ebay, Amazon, Walmart, etc. this sites have priority on Google search results. Try to avoid this sites.

Tools I used

Of course our brain is still the best tool but using the man-made tools will make a great impact and makes keyword research possible. So I will list down the tools I used.

  1. Google Keyword Planner - free and easy to use, best keyword research tool.
  2. Market Samurai (Trial Version) - I use this tool to see the competition and determine the good and bad keyword.
  3. Keyword Researcher - I don't know why but this tool is overlooked. It it great to see long tail keywords that will bring huge amount of traffic is used correctly.

Final Thoughts

There you go! This is how I find my keyword which I will make a site and try to rank and make money with it.

Please comment below if you have questions and if you want to add suggestions. Criticisms are always welcome!

Do you like the way I make a keyword research?

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