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Journey To Make An Authority Site

Updated on July 14, 2014

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Hi everyone! Before anything else, I would like to make an introduction about myself.

Well, I'm Rein and I'm 21 year-old from the Philippines. I'm an electrical engineering student and I love surfing the internet learning new things and ideas that are hidden deep in the web.

I started to make this journey because I want to know how far I can go and stay focused doing this things. Of course to make a living is a priority but making quality contents is what I really aim for now.

Patt Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome, Alex Becker of SourceWave, and Matthew Woodward are my inspirations why I am trying to make an authority site.

Aside from making a passive income thru internet marketing, I also had a dream to make a site that gives everything and answers the life's biggest problem (too much for now and reading inspirational articles lol).


Making an authority site isn't easy (for beginners). So I would like to keep my goal as simple as possible.

  • Inspiration - I want to become an inspiration for new bloggers like me so they will see that they will share the same experience like mine.
  • Interaction - I want to have a good interaction with my audience so they can ask me or I can ask them when we both have questions in mind.
  • Self-confidence - building my own site will also build my confidence because I can show my family and friends a real proof that there's money online if we pursue it.
  • Improve writing - I'm not a native English speaker but English is our secondary language back here. Writing quality articles will really help me develop my ability to write.
  • Make money - money matters. Period. There's a lot of possibilities out there to make money, making quality and helpful resource at the same time.

A journey will be useless if there is no goal. So above are my simple and doable goals.

I'm working my writing style to be more interactive so my viewers will enjoy what they read
I'm working my writing style to be more interactive so my viewers will enjoy what they read | Source

Why HubPages?

Maybe you're asking me why I choose to write here on HubPages and not in Blogger, Wordpress, Bubblews, etc.


Because I already tried them all! Here's my blogger page that went to the first page of Google after 8 months.

I'm just earning a penny on that site because I realized that my niche is bad (many factors).

Back to the topic, aside from trying them all I chose HubPages because:

  • Community - HupPages has a community that really cares. I've read many forum questions and Hubs that had a really good interaction with it.
  • Good SERP Result - HubPages also had a very good SERP so my content has a good chance of getting organic through Google.
  • Free - having a good community and good SERP result, HubPages is free to use and you can also earn money while making quality Hubs.


Final Thoughts

I really want to be a successful Internet Marketer so I will do my best to get this goal done.

Within this journey, I will try to write many useful tips as much as possible. This tips will come from my experience along the road on what works and what does not.

My future Hubs will be:

  • Keyword Research
  • Domain and Hosting
  • Content Creation
  • Backlinking (if I decided to make backlinks)
  • Tools I used
  • Monetization
  • Income Reports (if any)


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    • reinregalado profile image

      reinregalado 3 years ago

      Thanks Janice! Glad you like it. Positive comments really helps me to push deeper into it.

    • profile image

      Janice Horner 3 years ago

      You have such determination, I wish you luck in your adventure!

      Your article was up- lifting, like a breath of fresh air!

    • reinregalado profile image

      reinregalado 3 years ago

      Thanks Jan! Glad you appreciate it

    • JanHeath profile image

      JanHeath 3 years ago from Australia

      Hi Rein

      Great goals! Look forward to your future hubs.