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Just Got My New IPhone 5 What Sprint Users Should Know

Updated on December 10, 2012

I per-ordered my pPhone 5 on September 14 online from Sprint with the delivery date of September 21 and was over- nighted by UPS.

Actually my contract was up months ago but as others have done, I held off getting a new IPhone and waited for this new model. My old Sprint phone was the HTC EVO. I chose this new Iphone 5 for several reasons.

1. The Android phones are powered by the Google system. I will never by another Google powered device again, tablet or phone. As I have wrote in other Hubs, my adsense account and my Google account was canceled with no explanation.I have sent several emails to Google without a reply. Here is what happens when you lose your Google account. You basically start from scratch with your Android phone. You lose your contacts and a lot of your apps, some you have already paid for. To this day I have no idea why my Google account was cancelled Seems more poeople are having problems with their Google acccounts and Google adsense accounts being canceled without explanation.

2. I have an IPad and wanted a phone that would seamlessly integrate with this device. I have many friends and family that use their IPhone on a daily basis to take pictures and share those photos through Apple's Instagram app (Most popular Apple app.) The IPad and Iphone 5 work beautiful together.

3. I have become a big fan of Apple products. They are designed so well that there is usually no guesswork on how things work.

My new Iphone 5

Bad picture of My new Iphone 5
Bad picture of My new Iphone 5

Odd problem with Sprint Iphone after activation

OK, now there was one problem I ran into with the new Sprint Iphone 5 and had to call Sprint service twice. After activating my Iphone 5 I started to receive a text message every half-hour from 911-4 with the following:

//BREW:0x1041c54:Free msgs:will stop automatically //SVAgICdTEAQAAV1A9rqV6Or0di5WzlhXOCToNZGN6gEFy0BNl+Bx7m4X2lxH83U9r6OJEywLofZ7atcvhFB1R2T1lijPOEkMoP//VS

I was told to use my Iphone 5 and dial 2##873283# to get a service update. After doing that I received no more of these text messages until an hour later and received seven of them in a row. (the sprint representative said he would call back in a half hour to see if that worked, never did call back.)

After the seven text messages in a row I haven’t received any others and it's been about ten hours.

The representative wasn't too sure about this problem but I did my own research. I found the 911-4 text message was some kind of SMS notification message from Sprint. I think these messages would have stopped anyway without dialing 2##873283# to get a service update. Here is more information about the 911-4 message from a online Sprint group.

It was a little hassle to transfer my contacts to my new IPhone. I take the blame for this because I never backed up my contacts on Google or through other methods, but I did download them to my PC before my EVO “broke.”

The way I had to load my contacts to the IPhone 5 was to mail the “My Contacts” file from my PC to myself and read the email from my IPhone 5 and load each contact individually from my email. Basically, the IPhone asks you if you want to add the contact. Was a lot quicker then it sounds.

All and All I'm very happy with this new Phone. The case I'm thinking about buying is the Gumdrop Drop Tech series case but I'm open to other ideas on different cases if anyone has any suggestions.

I hope to write another review on this phone after playing with it after a few days.

First Impressions of The New Iphone5

The new IPhone 5 is very slim and feels solid in your hand. I almost hate having to buy a rugged case. I have read that many people are for-going a case because of the new construction of the Iphone 5. The back is metal and the front screen I read, is made out of a more durable and scratch resistant material.

I haven’t played with the new map feature that was included in the Iphone 5 to replace the Google maps butI have read of many problems with the new feature.

Towns, not being where they are supposed to be and stores and such on the map that have been closed for years. I expect Apple to get up to speed with this feature in a few months though I'm disappointed they couldn't iron out the wrinkles before they released this device.


I started getting the 911-4 text messages again. This time when I called Sprint they told me to back up my Iphone 5 to Itunes I then did a reset my Iphone and then reloaded my settings back onto my phone. They walked me through it and was simple. It's been over a day and havn't received any more 911-4 text messages. I think it's finally fixed.

iPhone case I decided to buy.


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