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Just a theory

Updated on June 7, 2011

“A Theory!”


3 Angels Power Film Production INC

Narrator: Around 5:00 pm in the after noon, in a conference room 3 girls are sitting down in silence conjuring new ideas, each is holding a pen, and a note book, thinking hard. Suddenly, one of the three girls stands up, and in confidence breaks the wall of silence.

Gladys: “Angels, it’s time to get down to business.”

JD: “What! A new script?”

Gladys: “Well, as the matter of fact yes, you’re correct.”

Mona Lisa: “I knew it.”

JD: “Why not.”

Mona Lisa: “What’s you’re theory this time?”

Gladys: “Emotions in vocals, and expressionistic tones.”

JD: “And how do you plan to prove this theory?”

Gladys: “Simple. Your answer lies in how to perform a role.”

JD: “In any given script?”

Gladys: “Yes, precisely.”

Mona Lisa: “Can you elaborate on that a little?”

Gladys: “Sure. There are important elements to consider using once you decide to write a script. For instance; the element of sorrow is rather difficult to express in words without the use of metaphor or similes in poetry. That goes for other elements as well such as; passion, compassion, mystery, horror, terror, happiness, disappointment, exclamations, sadness, surprise, and pain.. So, what makes these elements come to life is the way they’re expressed in writing, and in the way of performance. When we talk about writing, we mean the association of each word with imagery. For each word develops a certain image in our mind which in turn triggers a specific feeling from within. But in performances, each word is expressed through the use of a certain tone of voice.

Mona Lisa: “True. Fashion is another example to consider. Every outfit tells a different tale of a different era in time, and colors make a clear, and direct statement. . In the movie industry, you need the right outfit to reflect a certain era otherwise the movie will fail to express the director’s intended vision. So, by looking, first impression is made.

JD: “I agree. It’s the same thing just like expressing how you feel through the music by making it talk while playing it on the keyboard.

Gladys: “Right. Instruments can make musical notes come to life. The music impact on us is high, and effective simply by listening.”

JD: “Indeed. In most cases, every tune becomes the mirror for feelings or emotions.. For example, if you were happy you’d hum or whistle a cheerful tune but if you’re sad jazz or blues might express your inner feelings.

Gladys: “ Imagine what if emotions aren’t expressed! What if feelings aren’t touched! What makes a play or a script successful? How can you feel something in words that aren’t vocally expressed by the use of tone or even mood? How can you feel something isn’t given or offered to you knowing the fact that it exists? I’m looking for a theory that brings out the importance of vocal expressions in speech as much as metaphors, and similes in poetry.

JD: “What do you suggest?”

Gladys: “We can put technology to test.”

Mona Lisa: “May I know how do you propose to do that.”

Gladys: “First, listen to a scene performed by robots, text to speech actors.”

Mona Lisa: “Then?”

Gladys: “Listen to the same scene performed by human, stage actors.”

JD: “Brilliant! You can use this theory to introduce the world to vocal expressions all over again but from a different angle.”

Gladys “Technology is great but can never replace the human power.”

Mona Lisa: “The power of expression which rules the world of technology.”

JD: “And brings us back to an old new theory.”

Gladys “No, just a theory.”

Gladys sits down in her chair calmly, and all three girls go back to conjure other ideas quietly in a room where silence becomes the source of energy for old theories to be reborn.

The Beginning....

Copyright Thursday, 10 March/2005

4:44 Pm

Pierrefonds, Quebec, Canada


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    • 3angelspower profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Cornwall, Ontario

      Dear Carolyn Moe,

      Being a writer isn't easy, and telling a story is like painting a portrait or composing a symphony. Writing is a gift my friend, the gift of visualizing. Writing depends on your style, and imagination. It also depends on the form you represent your story. In your case, I believe you are a visionary after all.

    • Carolyn Moe profile image

      Carolyn Moe 

      7 years ago

      When I write my scripts I just see the characters performing their roles... they just come to life on the page and start speaking... or in some cases singing.... it's taken some time to get to this point... perhaps I am a visionary.

    • 3angelspower profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Cornwall, Ontario

      Dear Jared Peace, and Reynold Jay

      Thank you both for your comments. I highly appreciated your words.

    • Reynold Jay profile image

      Reynold Jay 

      7 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

      I enjoyed this very much. You have this laid out beautifully and it is easy to understand. Keep up the great HUBS. Up one and awesome. Hey! I'm now your fan! I am working a series of 5 novels Seeds from Heaven that touches on a lot of the things you mention. It is now published, “Lean against the Wind” as of this week

    • Jared Peace profile image

      Jared Peace 

      7 years ago from the deepest pits of boredom

      very true! interesting read :)


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