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Just got a new PC with Vista? Here’s a few handy tips to make Windows Vista run faster

Updated on January 18, 2009

Speed up Vista


Just got a new PC with Vista? Here’s a handy few tips to make Windows Vista run faster

So you just got a new pc that operates on windows Vista for yourself. However after you start up your computer you notice it’s not as fast as you expected maybe even slower than your old PC running on XP.

Don’t be surprised, windows Vista operating system is notorious for using large amount of your pc systems resources, and PC sellers in order to make sales, sell a low-priced pc without telling the buyer that in order for vista to operate optimally they actually need to upgrade the ram memory of the “bargain pc” they purchased.

However here are a few tips that will increase the Vista’s operating speed without having to upgrade your systems hardware right away. (also useful for those who upgrade to Vista on an older pc computer)


1.       If you don’t care for the bells and whistles (I certainly don’t) of Vista’s appearance like transparency in the windows, then turn off the setting (its name Aero – fancy graphics interface).

In the Personalization control panel, select Windows Color and Appearance. Then click the classic appearance properties, click EFFECTS to turn off menu shadows and change the color scheme to another choice.

2. If you don’t use the Windows SideBar often then turn it off- goto windows sidebar properties and uncheck Start Sidebar when windows Starts

3. Hers another useful tip, turn off the Visual Effects (useless eyecandy) by going to SYSTEM CONTROL PANEL and go to ADVANCED tab, and click Performance.

4. Take a good look at the extra bundle ware that came preloaded onto your new PC, most of the programs are useless and just slow up your system. Free games or many other extra-programs you are just not going to use, by uninstalling using this free uninstaller (more complete than the windows uninstaller) at


5. Turn off the weekly defrag that Vista does, reschedule it to once a month at 1 AM when you should be sleeping. The defrag is great but it does slow up the pc when it’s operating.

Thanks for reading and good luck to you!


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