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JustAir™ Shock Proof Cases

Updated on December 23, 2011

Have you recently added in iPad to your collection of electronic devices? If so, you know how important it is to protect your investment.

Protecting Your iPad

If you’ll be carrying your iPad along with you in your briefcase, backpack or purse, a screen cover alone isn’t really enough protection. It’s also important to protect it against breakage with a shock proof case.

The makers of the JustAir™ Shock Proof Cases sent me one of their cases to test, and I have to say that I’m quite happy with how it works. My bright pink Just Air™ Shock Proof Case provides excellent protection for my iPad.

The case itself is made from polyurethane memory foam, a substance known for its shock absorbing capabilities. It zips completely closed and there is extra cushioning on the edges of the case, which means that all corners of your iPad are protected when stored in a Just Air.

The case provides cushioning and shock resistance via a protective layer of air-filled cells made using patented technology. Additionally, the lining of the case is dust-free and the inner layer of the case is made specifically to be non-scratching and resistant to water.

My Experience with Just Air

I actually dropped the case while my iPad was in it (not on purpose!) and was pleasantly surprised to find that the device was not harmed. Based on the nature of the fall (It fell onto a gravel walkway in a campground while I was walking my dog. Don’t even ask why I had it with me!), I feel sure that the iPad would have broken if it were not in this type of protective covering, so I am “sold” on the quality and value of this product.

Protect Other Devices

Just Air is actually available in three different sizes. One is especially designed to hold iPad and iPad2, but can also work for other tablets of similar size. Larger cases are available for larger tablets and laptop computers. Available sizes include 10.5 inches (iPad) and 13.5 inches and 15.5 inches (for larger tablets and laptops).

Disclaimer: While I received a free sample of this product from the manufacturer to test, the opinions presented are my own.


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  • jeyaramd profile image

    jeyaramd 6 years ago from Mississauga, Ontario

    Polyurethane memory form is the same material that we find in the support of some beds. I could imagine that it would be a great support for Ipads.