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Kangen Water – Myth, Scam or other?

Updated on July 29, 2011

So what is the deal with Kangen water?

In this article, I am going to address a Myth and a Scam when it comes to Kangen water. If you have done your research, then you have come across the following myth and scam statements in regards to Kangen water:

  • The Scam - Why would any one pay $4,000 for an overpriced ionizer when you can get the same water ionizer for half to a third the price? I mean are you nuts?
  • The Myth - Kangen water is no different than alkaline water produced by other water ionizer machines. Why would you overpay for the same alkaline water?

To start, $4,000 is a lot to pay for anything in this economy. So why pay $4,000 for the SD-501 water ionizer from Enagic?

The direct answer is because it is worth it. Let me point out that the reason you are buying a water ionizer in the first place is for your health and your loved ones health. Producing good quality anti-oxident water for years to come should be a top priority for you.

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is trying to get a deal by purchasing an inferior water ionizer that simply will not produce that good quality anti-oxidizing water for more than a few months to a year. Of course the level of hard water will depend on how long your water ionizer will last. The cheaper ionizers simply do not last very long.

So, with that said, are you willing to spend $1,400 to $2,000 for a cheaper ionizer now and pay the consequences say in 6 months down the road or are you willing to pay $1,200 to $4,000 now for ionizers that have a much higher life expectancy?

Ok, I have briefly discussed The Kangen Scam. Much more information including an amazing video by Doctor Carpenter can be found on a link I have at the end of this article, but first let’s go into the Myth of Kangen water.

Again, if all alkaline water ionizers produce the same level of alkaline anti-oxidizing water, why wouldn’t I buy one of your competitor’s ionizers?

The direct answer is because Kangen water is a better grade of alkaline anti-oxidant water. There are a few approaches to answering why this is. First is the testimonial from Doctor Carpenter where he explains how he has 6 to 7 of the competitions ionizers sitting in his basement because they don’t work or produce that quality ant-oxidizing water. He ended up with Sd-501 because it was the best on the market. Be sure to click on the link below to watch this video.

There is also some scientific approaches as to why this is. First off, because the water molecule is so unstable, it has a positive charge which means it is oxidizing in its very nature. Through the process of electrolysis, it takes a large surface quality surface area and the correct energizing transformer to keep the water molecule in its unstable negatively charged state. Water run over cheap and small electrode plates simply oxidize at a faster rate.

I hope this helps in your endevor to find the best ionizer out there. Be sure to click on for more information.

Thanks, Phil Richardson

Is the SD-501 really worth $4,000?

Ok!  This may be the best ionizer out there, but again can one justify its price?
Ok! This may be the best ionizer out there, but again can one justify its price?


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    • profile image

      Rick 8 years ago

      The amount of ignorance amazes me. The folks that have never tried the water are commenting that it is a hoax. The people that are cheap and do not understand quality complain about the price. And the people that have never helped anyone else but are selfish, complain about the business.

    • profile image

      Stephen 8 years ago

      To be in an MLM is to be willing to be lied to and willing to lie to others.

      As far as Kangen water. I have tried it, researched it, and found that I can create the same PH by adding Baking Soda to any water.

      My money is better spent on better foods and good walking shoes.

      MLM = Humbug.

    • philrich profile image

      philrich 7 years ago

      I would like to address the last question. Sure, baking soda will change the ph level of the water to more alkaline. As a matter of fact, you can purchase ph drops for as little as $30 that will change the pH. However, these quick remedies will not change the structure of the water into what is known as micro-clustering and having a negative (-ORP) Oxidation Reduction Potential. The -ORP is the true benefit of drinking Ionized water that baking soda or pH drops can simply cannot address. You can receive more information on this by viewing my website.

    • profile image

      LOLZ 7 years ago

      Just found a flyer on my front door inviting me to attend a seminar. As a member of the health care field, I instantly knew it was absurd...water cannot be attributed to the myriad of ailments the flyer suggested it did. I googled it because I hoped (and yay...I'm right) that most people know this is just another get rich quick (or not) scheme.

    • profile image

      Dianne Hansen 7 years ago

      Hi Phil,

      I commend you for not getting stressed out and appearing angry over the few negative and simply ignorant comments made here.

      If these people were to test the water, they'd know the efficacy of ionized alkaline kangen water. Only Enagic produces strong stable ionized water. Only the Enagic equipment enables us to have testimonials of bonafide "healings".

      I had extreme acidosis, was comatose, was given bicarbonate of soda in IV drip... in the hospital. Eventually my heart began to be damaged because after getting out of the hospital, I didn't know what to do to correct the acidosis.

      Five years later (only 2 months ago!) I discovered Enagic and have been drinking the water 2 months. No more heart flip flops and spasms in my head. I feel stable and strong by now.

      That's a real testimony.


    • profile image

      george 7 years ago

      hello, i would just like to say that before i got my machine i was having trouble with stomach pains and always having trouble going to the restroom. since ive been drinking the water i been feeling alot better my skin looks better and i have no problems going to the restroom! my wife didn't belive in it and was mad at first that i spent money on it and now she's glad i got it because she see's a difference in me and she has been using the beauty water and its made here skin alot clearer! i am not working or trying to get people to buy the machine im just a normal guy telling people what it has done for me!

    • profile image

      Ron 7 years ago

      Several members in my family have this machine, And they all have several health problems. So do several of my friends. They drink a lot of water and they are still battle with the same things. They say to change your diet and eat healthy get off of soda, and it will work. Well change all of those things and give the water machine the credit. Every one I no include the ones giving these semiars come back to one thing. And that is how much money you can make that's what its all about is money not helping people. Unfortunetly that the way things work, But I have not had any success with this water. I have had more success with changing my diet!

    • profile image

      jeff 7 years ago

      My father in law is a kangen man, I think its a joke. He has told me how kangen water does everything from cure baldness to cure cancer, and not to leave out the fact that it cleans oil off the driveway. He also drinks Monavie, use to buy amway stuff, and was for a short time affiliated with Equinox, another MLM scam. My feeling is that if people are stupid enough to pay 4K for one of these things, they deserve to lose their money. Also, you always here people talking about how much money they're going to make selling kangen ionizers, not how much their health has improved, unless of course, you're the target of their sales pitch. Come on america, wake up. Hey, by the way, all you kangen fans, I have a special machine that makes magical water that if your car breaks down, you just pour this water on the car and it immediately starts up. If you dont want to pay your mortgage, you just send a cup of this magical water to your lender, and you dont have to make the payment. And, if you are about to buy a lottery ticket, just pour this water all over yourself and you'll probably buy the winning ticket. All this you can buy from me for only 4 THOUSAND DOLLARS...

    • profile image

      Lou Caspary 7 years ago

      This stuff, great as it is (I have an ORP meter) eats the plastic inside the bottles I carry it in. Fact.

      I can't carry glass bottles around with me during the day, what is the answer please?

    • profile image

      Beth 7 years ago

      I love the water!! I no longer have allergy issues. I am a personal trainer and I have ALL of my clients drinking it. No more migraines, acid reflux, autistic problems, asthma, MS, crohn's disease are just some of the testimonials from my clients. People spend way more than 4,000 on doctors and "meds" each year and don't heal themselves. Thank God for alkaline water!!

    • philrich profile image

      philrich 7 years ago

      The Testimonies speak for themselves. Thank you for your comments!

      I would like to address the question posted by Lou. I am not a big fan of plastic bottles and would suggest that you invest in the new non-corrosive metal containers now popping up everywhere.

    • profile image

      Mary Jo  7 years ago

      Response to Mitchie.. "KANGEN" is Enagics trademark... all units cannot legally claim that they produce "KANGEN" water. Means "Back to Origin"

      WHen you buy the unit from anyone, SOMEONE is making $$$$. When I buy shoes the real cost may have been $5 but I pay $50 .. is that a profit to the seller?? EVERY thing you BUY .. you are paying someone ... in addition to the product.

      And I hope your unit lasts ... and you stay very healthy. That's really what this is all about ... I will be sooo happy when many Doctors close their office doors, because we are all getting well getting alkaline balanced and there is NO longer a need for all th poison DRUGS!!!!!!

      They say that they others on the market only produce the alkaline water for a short time and then the plates get corroided, but sure hope not in your case~~~

      AND ... the water is really amazing "living water" the water that God intended

    • profile image

      Florian 7 years ago

      "The Testimonies speak for themselves. Thank you for your comments!"

      Indeed they do! There are many stupid people willing to pay a lot of money for nothing. What about the suckers who bought this and found out it does nothing for them? (see the comments above)

      Check for a thorough explanation as to why Kangen and ionized water in general is a scam.

      Fact is, the placebo effect works on about ~ 40% of people and that is why there have been 'successes' with this product. If tomorrow I invent a magic-cure-all-pill or some BS magnetic wand, I will succeed in curing some people's symptoms.

      People see these 'testimonials' but they have no idea how many people actually get cured. What's the % of people using this that got cured? Well I'll tell you why no one knows these numbers, because there's no way in the world this works, if it would you'd be able to buy it from your pharmacy not from these 6-pack-phils or joes that have absolutely no idea about what they're doing... except that fat paycheck that's waiting for them once they tricked one more ignorant soul into buying into this scam.

    • profile image

      james 7 years ago

      You can go to any whole foods grocery store and buy ionized water for 40 cents a gallon. Why would you want to pay 4000 dollars for a machine.

    • profile image

      eddie 7 years ago

      I do know one thing for sure that this water works a lot better than any other water out there.Goes through you fast ...doesn't make you feel full.Overall it makes you feel better for what it is and I can't say that about any other water just simply.!!

    • profile image

      Dom 7 years ago

      I'm in several MLM, and I don't lie to anyone. It's not worth it. If you're on the level with people, there are no surprises! I agree with everyone who commented pro Kangen!

    • profile image

      Max 7 years ago

      To Florian and some of the other posters. Like Dom I've been in several MLMs, and I've never lied to anyone or tried to trick them into buying anything. Making that statement is ignorant and you should know better.

      I purchased an Enagic SD-501 after it nearly completely relieved the arthritis in my neighbors hands. For the first time in 16 years she can now HOLD a glass of water in her hand without wincing in pain. Placebo or not, this is something doctors have failed to repair with her in that same time. Is it worth $4000? She spent FAR more on pain meds a YEAR, so I would say yes, many, many times over.

      Personally I'm totally happy with the machine. Fatigue after exercising is nearly non-existent at this point, and my roommates allergies are gone. I used to get a cold about 5 times a year, and haven't been sick in the 2 years I've owned the machine. To everyone that complains and criticizes the water, how about you just try it? You really got nothing to lose, most distributors give it out for free. Keep up the nice site Phil!!!

    • profile image

      RJ 7 years ago

      To Max: I agree! I've been to many MLM convention and none of them impressed me..

      To All: I used to get sick at least twice a year. I always take antibiotics and other medications to cure my flu and acute bronchitis. My kids used to get sick all the time from the change of weather, or from catching a flu. I have to spend alot of money on prescription drugs, especially my kids medication(albuterol). Some of the medications are not covered by our insurance. When we started drinking Kangen Water 6 months ago, everything changed. No more visits to doctor so far. The dealer of Kangen water didn't even try to sell me the machine.. I just tried the water and it works. I don't have this machine yet. My dealer is still supplying me with this water for free and I'm thinking of buying one soon. Here are the questions I ask myself: Do I wanna keep purchasing prescription drugs and run into health problems later on in my life? Can I bare the thought of putting my kids into prescription drugs everytime they get sick 3 or more times a year? Moreover, can I handle the thought of my kids having health problems later on in their life as we have seen other kids are experiencing now(diabetes, heart condition, obesity, etc)? No, I can't. This is the reason why I'm drinking this water.

    • profile image

      RJ 7 years ago

      One last thing, if this product will cost me $4000, so be it. If this means keeping my family healthy for a lifetime. Can't put a price when it comes to my family's well being.

    • profile image

      NB 7 years ago

    • profile image

      AL 7 years ago

      I agree with the placebo effect with many products. However there is something with this water. My wife has suffered with allergies all of her life. The older she gets the more she snores. She has been drinking the water for 2 weeks. She has noticed her normally congested head is loosening and draining. It's been 1-1/2 weeks since she has snored )relief for me).

      My friend that has been supplying me with the water has had much more dramatic experience prior to buying his machine. His family as well, including young ones with asthma has shown improvement. He has relatives that can not afford a machine, driving 25-30 miles one way twice a week to his house for the water.

      The water may work better with some and less on others. Every one I have seen that tried it are impressed with their experience. However, I will be purchasing a lower priced with equal to better quality than the SD-501.

      You are going to always have na sayers. These Ionized Water machines are very popular and are used within the medical field in the Orient, with many seemingly miraculous experiences. As they continue to get popular in the American capitalist economy putting pressure on the medical and pharmaceutical field, there will be many attacks on the machines.

      You can call it placebo, snake oil or science fiction. There are too many experiences to ignore that there is something to Ionized Water.

    • profile image

      angela 6 years ago

      i just started drinking the water and i'm ashamed to say that i'm a skeptic of EVERYTHING. But.... to my surprise, and remember that this is not placebo bc i laughed at my husband and his family for paying the 4k for this machine, but after four days of drinking it i feel absolutely great. I am up really late now and up really early for that matter and i feel good. My mother-in-law has ms and has had some severe episodes that i've seen and i've only been in the family for a year and it breaks my heart. everyone else in the family, though it hurts them, take it with a grain of salt because this has been the norm for them for quite some time. she's been drinking for a couple of months and she has had little to no side effects. I truly believe it works. Now, i do lead a healthy lifestyle. I eat healthy, i work out seven days a week and i'm at a perfect and low weight, But since having my second child, despite my healthy living, i've felt really bad. I've had lots of abdominal, digestive pain. Last few days, i've felt good. i'm so surprised. And remember i laughed at the concept of "miracle water", but am a believer now. no one can call my experience placebo.

    • profile image

      angela 6 years ago

      sent a post earlier about my mother-in-laws ms. i said little or no side effects, i meant symptoms for those who didn't get that already.

    • profile image

      Scott 6 years ago

      My wife and son had severe stomach issues. Doctor visits, er visits and gastrointestinal specialist's had no answer. They were both losing weight like crazy and not eating for days on end. a good friend of mine told me about this machine that he had purchased that produced this medical water. Me being the biggest skeptic in the world thought he was crazy, he just kept bugging me to just try the water. I told my wife to just drink this water for a couple of months so I could tell him it did not work and to leave me alone, there was no way I was going to pay 4k for a water machine. She started drinking the water and after the first day her stomach seemed to clear up, of course i told her to just wait that she was just having a good couple of days. After she had no issues for two weeks we ran out of water for three days and she went back to drinking reverse osmosis water and got extremely sick for those three days. when i got more water after those three days her stomach cleared up right away. After another six weeks of no stomach issues at all I contacted my friend to see how I could by one of these machines. After I got my machine I had my son start drinking the water and his problems ceased also. Now the only time he gets sick is if he drinks a soda or sports drink. Thank you Enagic and Kangen water

      How much is your health worth? I feel this machine was a bargain!!!!!

    • profile image

      pcunite 6 years ago

      Let's say that the Kangen machine is true in all respects. At $4,000 you could buy a gallon of the same water this machine makes for every day for 13 years for the same price! Instead of building your own Wal-Mart it is a much better idea to just go to the one in your own neighborhood!

      Some people just can't do math...

    • profile image

      Angela 6 years ago

      If you go to the meetings you'd find out that the time limit of drinking the water is up to three days. I'm not sure why bc i'm not the one that goes to the meetings, my mother-in-law is. Who knows how long the water's been sitting on the shelf. I understant your point, but for some of us, we have really big families and we like to distribute it to all of them. I really think in our family the machine will pay for itself seeing as just me and my husband alone drink 3 gallons a day (me 1, he 2). my mother-in-law drinks one gallon, brother-in-law drinks one or more. ah, i could go on. I think it's good for our family that we bought it.

    • profile image

      Christopher 6 years ago

      Hello, I am an 18 year old kangen water drinker! I never really had any health issues other than being really under weight. In fact I weighed 128lbs. at 6ft. For years I tried weight training and dieting but I just couldn't pack on the punds I was looking for.

      I started drinking kangen water in June of 2009. Within 5 weeks I had gained 18 lbs. of muscle mass. Now almost a year later I weigh a healthy 175lbs with 8% BF.

      Kangen water doesn't perform miracles. It puts your body in the healthy state it belongs so that it can repair itself.

      My gains from drinking Kangen water have changed my life. I can stand proudly with girth now that I am not a living tooth pick.

      This might not seem like a huge deal to most, but I've been dealing with being under weight my whole life. I was teased in school, bullied, and nick named Bones. That sort of stuff takes a toll on the self-esteem, but now I'm more confident than ever and I only have the water to thank! :)

    • profile image

      UCLA Chem Grad Student 6 years ago

      You can't change the PH balace of water unless it has very high concentrations of metallic ions. Unless your water supply is contaminated with very high concentrations of calcium, magnesium, or sodium it's impossible to make it more alkaline. You would know you were drinking "real" alkaline water by the fact that you would probably spit the water out. Take salt water from the Ocean for example that has a PH balance of 8.

      The power of the mind is something that science can't fully explain but you shouldn't have to be scammed just to feel healthier. Drinking more water since you think it's "ionized" probably doesn't hurt either. ;-)

    • profile image

      Josh 6 years ago

      UCLA grad, ummm,,, we are changing the Ph with a Kangen machine everyday all day. Its kinda funny that you comment that ph cannot be changed unless there is a high mineral content

    • profile image

      Holly 6 years ago

      Can anyone explain to me why Kangen has no Better Business Bureau rating and IonLife has a rating of A+? And were you aware that there are Kangen units available on the retail market, not an MLM?

    • profile image

      Wendy 6 years ago

      Ok, so I felt the need to pipe in here. I started getting back into health and alternative therapies 12 yrs ago at the age of 30. 7 yrs ago I started a holistic parenting group and one thing I am sure of is be open to everything that comes across your desk ;-) You just never know. I didn't realize Kangen was MLM but you know as a die hard MLM despiser I've warmed up to them. While I used to think MLM meant inferior product I've come the other way. Most of the good companies have lots of scientific testing and information behind them. What difference does it make if my mother in law makes a cut or the guy that owns the local health food store that pushes one brand over another? Speaking of my mother in law- I used to roll my eyes at her MLMing but you know she believes in her vitamins and I give her koodos! She has 30% lung capacity, she's on cumadin and should be dead-she's had pnemonia several times each winter and we didn't think she'd make it. Well I tell you, she's got her vitamin regimen and acai berry stuff and nopalea etc. and you know in 3 or 4 yrs (she's 75 now) she's hardly been sick once! I have trouble keeping up to her, she does more in a day then I do! She's involved in so many church things and school things and helping friends blah blah. She's managed to stretch her blood transfusions to 14 months instead of every 3 or 4. So something is definitely working for her! yeah for her MLM products ;-)

      Now, in terms of the Kangen water...I did years of research and finally gave up and bought a water distiller- a good one! I figured I couldn't go wrong starting with dead water (there are lots of great testimonials out there supporting distilled water) but for the kids I added back in the Concentrace minerals. Anywho...long story short, I met a new friend at a raw food potluck and she looks RADIANT! She was concerned about my distilled water and I said I know- I've read the articles for it and the ones that say it's the worst thing ever. She said you should try this alkaline water. I'm always game to try anything BEFORE I OPEN MY MOUTH ABOUT HOW BAD IT IS. Seriously people if you haven't tried product 'X' how can you say if it works or not? I'm still so darn tired and headaches when I eat certain foods etc. Sure I have allergies but I need to look at correcting those, not just avoiding the foods. So I told her I'd give it a try and see what I thought. Well my whole family (husband, 3 kids and I) started drinking the Kangen water. We drive 1/2 hour and pay $1/gallon for it ;-) We didn't spend the '$4,000' and are not pressured to where we go. I take to glass 5 gallon carboys and fill them up. Well...I tell you I feel better, my skin feels better, I have more energy, and most importantly none of us have been sick at all in months which is rare when you have little kids- someone usually has a cough, or a sniffle or a snotty nose, tummy ache etc. My 5 yr old has almost stopped complaining about a sore tummy. Anyhow, I'm still not 100% convinced- I'm not judging, just using it and observing as we go. I'll post back in the future to let you know where we headed from here, and when winter hits. My whole point to this is find a way to try the water, you've got nothing to lose and possibly everything to gain- including your health.

    • profile image

      Anonymous 6 years ago

      This is a complete hoax/scam. You cannot change the structure of water from H2O or else it's not water anymore. The entire idea of it is just stupid.

    • profile image

      Water fact 6 years ago

      Not only did I try this water on the advice of a friend, who sells it, it made me violently sick to my stomach. As I threw up I noticed that the water I had just ingested came back up and was burning my throat and mouth, like acid. Afterwards I cautiously researched it (doing it backwards, I know - should have researched it first), and found that a normal pH level for stomach acid in humans should range between 1 and 2, so stomach acid is about 1 millions times more acidic than pure water, much less alkaline water. When the water enters your stomach, it is IMMEDIATELY brought to the pH of the stomach acids present, so go ahead - drink Kangen water if you want. It doesn't matter, since all that money to alkalize the water is wasted in the two seconds it takes for the water to hit your stomach.

      Oh - and the water then goes back up around neutral as it enters the small intestine, where it's then absorbed into the body. Please do what you want with this information. Except ignore it. These are actual facts that anyone can check - please don't take my word for it. Enjoy!

    • profile image

      Bubba 6 years ago

      To Dom, Max, and RJ,

      You don't think you're lying, but you are. You've been brainwashed by the MLM to believe the lies that they tell and to retell them to others. It's sad really, you are probably uneducated, gullible people who are just looking for something to believe in.

      To Holly,

      The reasone they are not represented on the BBB is because they are not really selling the product to the public. Any claim would be leveled against the individual salesman(an independent distributor for the MLM). This is also how they get around making the claims that alkaline water can cure cancer. They don't make the claim themselves, they tell it to uneducated, gullible people who then go out and ignorantly tell it to other people.

    • profile image

      al boo boo 6 years ago

      will try

    • profile image

      Michelle Tukachinsky 6 years ago

      Wow.. great blog post as well as comments. This is a very controversial subject. There are a few people selling this water product (kangen water) in my area, and I did have some interest,because I think drinking pure healthy water on a daily basis is important.

      Now I am totally confused. :) But.. I do feel more educated.

      Thanks again!

    • profile image

      Shelly 6 years ago

      We were introduced to Kangen water about a month ago when a new acquaintance noticed my partner’s psoriasis. He said he had something that “might” help. We rolled our eyes. Later he dropped off 5 gallon’s of Kangen water and said drink this. Within three days of drinking the water I noticed that I wasn’t feeling as achy as I had been. It was true I had been dehydrated. This “new water” tasted so good, that I drank it. No scam in that. I used to drink about $5.00’s worth of bottle water a day. ($1,800 yr) Yes, the only water I liked was FIJI. It is expensive but when I had it … I drank it. I justified the cost as an investment into my health. I don’t smoke or drink soft drinks. The Kangen Water will pay for itself easily in one year…do the math. We have a family of 3. Plus it is green. No more landfill bottles.

      But more importantly, after a couple of weeks of drinking this water we began to notice that my partner’s psoriasis was better than ever. It’s been a month now and his psoriasis continues to disappear. How much money do you think that is worth? Are you aware that there is no “cure” for psoriasis? And the side effects are humiliation and bouts of intense pain and itching. That means living a life in hiding for many who suffer with psoriasis. Again how much money is it worth to be free from such suffering?

      This company sells their product using a grass roots approach and direct sales. National Retail means large marketing, advertising, storefronts and commissions just to name a few large dollar expenses. Personally, I like the idea of buying something from someone who has had a personal experience and who believes in what he/she represents. Good for Kangen using their marketing and advertising dollar’s to reward (show their gratitude ) to their own customers! We bought 2!

    • profile image

      Mark Toutain 6 years ago

      I'm am not part of the Kangen MLM. I have been researching alternative therapies for my nephew who has cancer and for which the best Sloan Kettering doctors have not been able to help. The more I try to sort through the noise, the more I believe there is some merit to using this water. I have thoroughly reviewed Stephen Lowers claims about why he believes Kangen water is "junk science" and respect the fact he is a chemist offering a valid argument as to how water responds chemically to the electrolysis. (or "lack thereof") What I find compelling is during my research, I bumped into two people in Jacksonville, FL who had cancer and claimed to be disease free having used the Kangen water devices. (One of the two people had no MLM ties to Enagic.) Their stories are compelling but lack the scientific data that I personally like to see. Here are some more interesting peer reviewed links that do

      seem to support electrolyzed water. I have elected to spend the money to try out this machine as time is short and money less important - Mark Toutain (904) 200-2995 (PS. I am pposed to the MLM aspects of this business and know about the hype that surrounds any MLM. I found it interesting the Enagic reps call it direct sales.)

      Inhibitory effect of electrolyzed reduced water on tumor angiogenesis.

      Biol Pharm Bull. 2008 Jan;31(1):19-26. PMID: 18175936 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

      Ye J, Li Y, Hamasaki T, Nakamichi N, Komatsu T, Kashiwagi T, Teruya K, Nishikawa R, Kawahara T, Osada K, Toh K, Abe M, Tian H, Kabayama S, Otsubo K, Morisawa S, Katakura Y, Shirahata S.

      Graduate School of Systems Life Sciences, Kyushu University, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka 812-8581, Japan.


      Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) is a key mediator of tumor angiogenesis. Tumor cells are exposed to higher oxidative stress compared to normal cells. Numerous reports have demonstrated that the intracellular redox (oxidation/reduction) state is closely associated with the pattern of VEGF expression. Electrolyzed reduced water (ERW) produced near the cathode during the electrolysis of water scavenged intracellular H(2)O(2) and decreased the release of H(2)O(2) from a human lung adenocarcinoma cell line, A549, and down-regulated both VEGF transcription and protein secretion in a time-dependent manner. To investigate the signal transduction pathway involved in regulating VEGF expression, mitogen-activated kinase (MAPK) specific inhibitors, SB203580 (p38 MAPK inhibitor), PD98059 (ERK1/2 inhibitor) and JNKi (c-Jun N-terminal protein kinase inhibitor) were applied. The results showed that only PD98059 blocks VEGF expression, suggesting an important role for ERK1/2 in regulating VEGF expression in A549 cells. As well, ERW inhibited the activation of extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK) in a time-dependent manner. Co-culture experiments to analyze in vitro tubule formation assay revealed that A549 cell-derived conditioned medium significantly stimulated the formation of vascular tubules in all analyzed parameters; tubule total area, tubule junction, number of tubules, and total tubule length. ERW counteracted the effect of A549 cell-conditioned medium and decreased total tube length (p

    • profile image

      Bubba 6 years ago

      Want to know if Kangen water is real?

      No real medical association or organization supports the preposterous claims made by alkaline water supporters. Not the FDA, CDC, AMA or any other valid institution.

      People trying to hock these $4000 water machines will quote obscure Japanese studies that support their claims. These are done by "scientists" who are hired by the manufacturers of these machines and are paid to produce an out come that is favorable. Many of these studies have been replicated by independent labs who didn't come to the same conclusion or, in fact, came to opposite conclusions.

      Hey, I'm not here to rain on your Kangen parade, and I'm not trying to get you hooked on this stuff, sell you a $4000 machine, or get you to start hocking these machines or any other machine. I just want people to be informed.

      So, if you are sick, go see your doctor. If you want to drink Kangen water in addition to whatever treatment they perscribe, go ahead. Just don't think that alkaline water, which turns acidic again the second it hits your stomach, will cure any ailment.

      Once again, I'm not trying to sell you anything. Phil Richardson is.

    • drumweaver profile image

      weaver 6 years ago from our blessed earth mother - canada...

      just to note... i'd be careful using baking soda to alkalize your water... as it's VERY high in sodium... which would be very hard on your heart and raise your blood pressure...

      the best way and easiest way to alkalize your water is to just squeeze a bit of fresh organic lemon or lime juice in purified water...

      but don't drink at night as lemon/lime juice can eat away at your tooth enamel! ...recommended to brush your teeth after eh?...

      (((o))) weaver

    • profile image

      mitch 6 years ago

      drumweaver: lemon and lime are strong acids... the OPPOSITE of alkaline...

    • profile image

      Tonia 6 years ago

      Wow there sure are a lot of opinions on this Kangen machine. I have not tried the water yet and look forward to doing so only because of the fact of drinking healthier water at a higher alkaline is beneficial to health as I have read and researched. After becoming very sick suffering from Crohn's disease & hospitalized needing emergency surgery last year nearly dying and having part of my colon removed I had to learn nutrition and healing the body on a whole new level...mind you I already live a healthy lifestyle being a professional competitive bodybuilder. I went from 150lbs solid muscle to 97lbs when I got out the hospital. After doing my research I've found out that an alkaline diet is very essential for your health overall...that is eating alkaline forming foods along with drinking alkaline water. So it's not just about this machine it's about living an alkaline lifestyle & putting your body in a higher alkaline state. I am currently on medications to control my Crohn's disease and my goal is to not be on them forever. All my prescriptions costs alone have surpassed the price of this machine. I'm on Remicade infusions, I've had 4 so far and the hospital bills my insurance for each infusion over $12,000 and my co-pays are around $900 each infusion. And let's not even talk about all my medical bills like continuous doctor visits, lab tests, my hospital bills..etc. So now all my money goes to trying to keep me alive and healthy. So again the question is what is your health worth to you? My mindset now is changing my eating and drinking habits that are geared toward having my body in a higher alkaline state for overall health with the goal of healing my body and hopefully be able to come of these medications. Bringing your body to a better state of well being and feeding the cells what it needs to heal, repair, & function at it's optimum performance is much more bigger than complaining about a company being an MLM scam. Your health is not a scam...denying your body what it needs to be healthy is the ultimate scam. To me I believe alkaline living is the way...that means changing the way you eat, and of course drink with this water that is out that surpass the regular water that is out there. Question is what type of gas are you putting in your car to keep it from knocking, pinging, and running like crap. You are what you eat, and get what you put in. Testimonies are truths that haters out there love to hate on..keep hating haters..if you don't want to spend the money to take care of your health then what's it to you if someone else's not your dollars coming out of your pocket. Keep your money for that crap food you choose to put in your body.

    • profile image

      Tonia 6 years ago

      @Mitch for your information Lemon is an alkaline forming your research.

    • profile image

      Troy 6 years ago

      Just FYI......

      You can find these machines on Ebay for less than half the price that the MLM sells them for. Probably from people who got sucked in at one of their pep rallys and realized later that they got ripped off. It's funny, most of them say they are selling them because of financial problems(hard to believe from someone who just spent $4000 on a fake water machine).

      If you want one, you might as well pay less for it and let some other shlub take the $2000 - $3000 loss.

    • profile image

      Bob 6 years ago

      To Troy: I am guessing that most people who purchase the machines use credit, not cash, so your argument holds little water.

      To Bubba: The FDA approved Aspartame for ingestion, which has been conclusively determined to cause brain lesions and kill brain neurons,(see Exitotoxins:The Tast That Kills) so the fact that the FDA doesn't "support" Kangen water has no relevance whatsoever. The FDA is the biggest scam going. Everybody knows that. Ask Donald Rumsfeld.

      Go with what works. You spend how many thousands of dollars on foods with a high fructose corn syrup base and don't want to shell out a few grand for clean energized water? If you ignore the water issue, you have to make up the difference in lifestyle, diet, breathing techniques, etc. Best of luck.

    • profile image

      John 6 years ago

      To Bob: Whether you pay with cash or credit they are still paying $4000 for a machine that doesn't do anything that the salespeople tell you it does. If you buy it for less on ebay you are saving money so I'd say that Troy's argument holds a bathtub full of Kangen water. (Nice pun by the way)

      To Bob: If the FDA is so bad, how can Kangen salespeople claim that the Japanese government health regulators are so good? Japanese health industries support a lot of practices and substances that are totally perposterous. Writing a Japanese character on the glass or playing music for the water before you drink it is just as effective as running it through an Enagic machine.

      To Bob: Your last paragraph was the best. YES, if you exercise and eat properly you won't be sick and fall into the trap of the Kangen salesperson who says that tap water run through this rediculous machine will cure all the ailments that their lifestyle is causing. That is the reason that people are so against this machine because the salespeople prey on the gullible, weak minded, and people who are sick and are looking for hope.

      Finally, I know what Bob stands for(since it's probably not your real name),

      Bend over boy!

    • profile image

      Stacy 6 years ago

      My neighbor and friend just purchased the machine....She invited me to her house and I was a little surprised to see a couple there who had their computer ready to show me their info-mercial. Who cares about the money making part of it....I don't, but it was informative. I will say this the water does taste better than Figi for example, and I'm currently doing research on the benefits of drinking higher PH water. I figure I will pay my neighbor to fill up 5 gal non BPA bottles I purchased at Whole Foods instead of buying water from another local vendor I use. If it's BETTER for my family - fantastic - I just want to make sure its not taking any of the good minerals out of the water when it filters through the platinum plates. I wouldn't just yet spend the $4000, but I will say as a SKEPTIC of all these types of thing, the water is quite delicious!

    • profile image

      lacey 6 years ago

      kangen water is definatly NOT a scam OR a myth. i have one and i haven't been sick for the whole time i have. i replaced a normal alkiline watrer filters. trust me kangen is the only one that works. if you dont have one then shut your mouth cause you have no idea.

    • profile image

      Walter 6 years ago

      Well put Lacey! Your grasp of the English language is second to none. You are a prime example of the uneducated people who can get sucked into a scam like this! Thank you for proving the point of many of the people on here who have tried to explain the perposterous nature of this fraudulant fad.

    • profile image

      tiffany 6 years ago

      I tried the water and didn't think it would do anything. Lo and behold I was happy to be proven wrong. You can certainly find a friend who is willing to share water with you and find out for yourself. BTW, how was I proven wrong? Well, I slept through the night for the first time in a long time. I had bad arthritis that would act up when it rained, which went away. My skin is not dry and itchy all the time, my moods have gotten better, my headaches went away (which before Kangen I would wake up with a headache and have one for days to weeks on end). I am certain this water works and it was not a placebo because I didn't believe it would work, and yet it did. My kids had results also, including my 2 year old who could barely communicate obviously but once he got on Kangen he would not drink any other water. My 4 year old had ecsema on his face and it went away with topical application of the acidic/beauty waters. I know it sounds crazy, but it's absolutely true!! If you don't want to buy one then don't, but don't go bashing something you haven't even tried. Give it an honest try. :)

    • profile image

      Reason 6 years ago

      You're either really stupid or another brainwashed fool Tiffany. I've got one for you:

      I've heard that breaking open thermometers and drinking the mercury will make you feel better and cure all kinds of diseases. I have no scientific proof that it works and the only ones backing me up are involved in an multi-level marketing scheme but you never really know until you give it a try. So for me, and for your own sake, give it a try. Put the Kangen water aside and give the mercury a try for just one week. I'm sure it will work wonders for you!! I was a skeptic but once I gave the mercury a try I didn't have digestion probems and my skin conditions cleared up. It really is amazing but you'll never know until you give it a try!

      By the way, eating mercury cured my uncle's pancreatic cancer!!! The proof is in the testimonials!!!

      You stupid nitwit!

    • profile image

      melanie 6 years ago

      after reading this whole page, it is interesting that almost all of the people saying it is a scam have never tried it and also seem to be very angry, as if someone was trying to force this water on them. everyone has a choice, and if your mind is closed, of course you wouldn't dream of trying it. mental states can cure and mental states can create dis-ease in the body. the curing of dis-ease requires a change in mental state more than anything and if the possibility of a cure is held in this water, it can be mind-opening so that healing can begin. our bodies are amazing and strong creations that in most cases live in spite of what we eat and drink, not because of it. it is time that people begin to re-access the knowledge of how to cure themselves and not give their power away to medical institutions that only have 2 tools in their box: surgery and drugs. nobody's bodies are ill because they do not have enough drugs in them. they are ill because of physical or mental imbalances, mostly due to the genetic modifying of foods and the addition of drugs (chlorine,flouride, etc.) into our water supply and bottled water. our bodies and our earth are made up of 75% water. how could we not be polluted at this point in time with all of these environmental toxins seeping into the ground? our world is now unfortunately a corrupted eco-system, pure undamaged water almost impossible to find except in very remote places. if one could look at the big picture, really people are starting to realize that they have to help themselves, and that will happen in a multitude of ways-there is no one cure-all for everyone. non-polluted water is the best start though, as we need that more than food. when people start to feel better in one area, it is contagious to other areas of their lives. they will start eating better as well, because of enhanced body consciousness. if the idea of better water is offensive to anyone, it is obviously not right for you yet and nothing more needs to be said. we should be concerned with how to heal ourselves, and stop the harassment, immature name-calling and negativity that is going on here. for those whose minds have been opened by the idea of this water...keep on the path of self improvement :)

    • profile image

      MommyofOne 6 years ago

      Hi I am five months prgnant with my first child and had exteme nausia for several weeks until my herbal mother in law brought by some Kangen Water. I have immediately stopped getting sick after eating. I plan to breast feed and my husband and I will get the system shortly after the baby is born. On the other side where i live you can get the water for free several pharmacies have it and as long as you have your own jug there is no cost. That to me says that some people do care about peoople who cant afford the machine or just skeptical to give it a try. By the way i am in the medical field and have a great deal of respect for medical science however i do believe in holistic approaches and if more people forget about the fact the medical is a science that focuses on the effect and not the cause they will also wisen up and see alternative options for wellness.

    • profile image

      JustMeAgain 6 years ago

      @Reason-It was very unreasonable for you to suggest anyone ingest mercury...I realize you were being sarcastic, but someone might take your sarcastic suggestion seriously, and die as a result.

      @Walter-Before you castigate someone else for their grammar, check your spelling. You spelled preposterous ("perposterous") incorrectly.

    • profile image

      ladydi 6 years ago

      i am so grateful that my friend introduced me to Kangen water without a sales pitch to get me buy a machine and he made no promises of how the water would change my life, just gave it to me to try for 30 days. it tasted good so i tried it and to my surprise discovered after several weeks that i no longer need acid reflux medicine - it works for me!

    • profile image

      ITSHIM! 6 years ago


    • profile image

      JCP 6 years ago

      This product is a total waste of money. We bought this for the "Kangen" water but when you measure the ORP it's even less than the much cheaper Venus filter we got from Emco Tech. The lowest ORP readings didn't even break -100. They claim -400 to -800. The Venus which makes no ORP claims has a lower ORP around -150 for it's alkaline water. Worst yet when you call to confront them about this they hang up on you. Save your hard earned money and pass on this product.

    • profile image

      cordialtrader 6 years ago

      It is sad to see the torrent of opposing opinions. as far as believing that anything regulated by the feds is trustworthy .. well why not watch Food Inc,, they are looking out for us.... not to say the people selling enagic for 4k.... arent trying to make a nice profit... all in all

      i have drank the water, not consistently enough to notice changes.... but what i did notice is the highly alkaline water eating the plastic jugs i carry them in... and therefore will ingest plastic sometimes... noooo goood!!!!

      so stopped drinking it after this last incident and looking for better alternatives for holding jugs etc...

    • profile image

      Momofthree 6 years ago

      My son was diagnosed with Tourettes syndrome two years ago. He was starte on one a day meds and a couple months ago he was on two pills twice a day. As of two weeks ago Ryan started drinking Kangan water and as of Monday we have decreased his meds to one pill per day and there is NO reacurence of ANY Tics. This water works an I am a firm believer in it now. Before I thought people were crazy when they talked about a $4,000 water machine but now I see just why it's TOTALLY worth it, and I see it everyday in the eyes of my 9 year old :)

    • profile image

      Fatheroftwo 6 years ago

      Wow, that's amazing! Not that Kangen water is curing your son of his Tourettes but that you are gullible enough to declare this stuff a magical cure after only two weeks. Let me ask a couple questions: Is it possible that your son would have improved on his own without this "magic water"? Is it possible that the medication was more effective when you properly hydrated your son?

      I'm sorry, but anyone who claims that this sham water cured their kids autism or tourettes is diluted. You see the value of this scam EVERYDAY in the eyes of your son, all 14 of them. Excuse me if I take you for the Kangen schill that you are.

    • profile image

      Waterlover 6 years ago

      I usually drink alot of water. I recently went to a person who offered the Kangen

      water and gives weekly presentation. I've been using the water for one week,

      and I attended the presentation. I didn't have health problem, just looking

      for preventive health measures. After drinking the water, more energy, not a bloated

      feeling. I decided to write this as a neutral, unbiased person that is not so full

      of anger and rage directed at people that are sharing. No one can make people

      buy anything. Most sick people are doing the medicine. There are really no

      other choices. Perhaps ionized water is an adjunct to optimal health. I guess

      I really don't get the aggressive sar asm with mercury. It's not funny. If you really

      don't believe this water stuff why utilize your energy in this arena? A majority of

      American have never even heard of ionized water, let alone Kangen. As far

      as this machine goes, I'm willing to try it and see.

    • profile image

      Kangenhater 6 years ago

      Waterlover, some people rail against this scam because the high pressure sales people prey on the sick and elderly to make sales. This group that they target are susceptible to their tactics because they are looking to get better or might be suffering from senility or dementia.

      When someone gets a phone call from their grandmother who is recovering from breast cancer and is crying because she doesn't have enough money to buy this "magical water machine" on her fixed income or what she has saved from her veteran husband's pention they tend to hold it against the people trying to schill this $4000 machine on her. It's a sick pattern and sales ploy.

      Until you've had an elderly or sick loved one scammed by one of these people you wouldn't understand.

    • profile image

      Big Josh 6 years ago

      I am staying at a friends house with this particular water machine. They said it would help my wife go #2. Well 2 1/2 days later still no poo. She gets constipated often. I am not sure if the water has done anything for me but it has got me to drink MORE water. I am a water drinker anyway. Its always my first choice. So what do I think about this?

      I am not sure. I tried to find info on having your body to alkaline however more info suggest an acid body has multiple problems. I am not against this unit but I would not spend $4000 personally.

    • profile image

      Matt 6 years ago

      I bought a Kangen water SD 501 machine on Craigslist for less than half the retail price. it wa almost new. works excellently. You must maintain the machine to have it work properly, but that is part of the deal. This is a device that is medical equipment approved in japan. This is not a "MLM Scam". It is a machine that does very specific things with the water and the results speak for themselves. You can listen to all of these skeptic posts, or try it for yourself. I did, and my family LOVES the Kangen water machine. It is an amazing device. Matt, Orange County, California

    • profile image

      lisamomto4 6 years ago

      I love this water! tastes great and I feel better after I drink this... no more craving acid-based drinks! (which is everything!) I also want to tell people about sleepwear I discovered with calming negative ions...seems to also work well! I think there is something to the benefits of negative ions that have not yet been discovered in mass markets... very untapped with trememdous healing potential. water by day! sleep better by night! a powerful combination indeed!

    • profile image

      Water 6 years ago

      can any of you water lovers explain to me the taste of water? say i never tried water in my life, explain to me what that wonderful taste of kangen water is compared to regular water?

    • profile image

      Shawn 6 years ago

      I purchased some Kangen Water 2 weeks ago. I drink it, make my coffee with it, make my instant oatmeal with it, use it to make cool-aid and tea, I wash my face with it, brush me teeth with it, gargle and rinse with it. I have seen some amazing changes. My skin is clear and not itchy anymore, my sight is clearer, my gums have went from dark brown or black to healthy pink--plus my gums have stopped bleeding when I brush, I have no more constipation, my joints don't ache anymore, I sleep better at night with no more snoring, I wake up every morning with energy and ready to go, no more fatigue, my legs don't cramp up anymore, no more mensature cramping, no more headaches, no more sinsus issues, and no more back pain or knee pain. The Kangen Water is Great! My fiancé use to cramp up at night and get charlie horses in his legs---no more! He use to have stomach problems--no more! I even gave it to my dog that had extremely dry skin and use to itch all the time after a bath---no more itching!

      Thank you Kangen Water, you are a true healer!

    • profile image

      Spice 6 years ago

      Black and brown bleeding gums?! You know that millions of people are able to properly care for their teeth and gums with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and tap water right!?!

      I can only imagine what kind of shape your other orifices are in! Your poor fiancé!!!

    • profile image

      Mich 6 years ago

      Alot of people are skeptical of this but I'm a believer by seeing it work first hand. My son has been suffering with psoriasis for over 8 years now. Been to many doctors, dermatologists, chinese medicine doctors and still suffers with it ALL OVER HIS BODY. He started drinking the water and spraying in all over the affected areas of skin and has significant improvement in his skin. He is sooooo happy that this is working. No more steriod treatments, drugs, tests and so on. So for all of you out there who doubt this, better for us.. we'll be happier and healthier!!!!!

    • profile image

      Cliff 6 years ago

      I see so many people commenting and a few mentioning to test the water, but have yet to find results or any readouts of the basic testing parameters of the water:


      Salts Total









    • profile image

      John 6 years ago

      Cliff, don't ask Kangen people for proof of the process. They will provide you with doctored studies produced by the parent company Enagic. These studies are done by suspect companies that want to produce findings in support of the company paying for them. The only thing you need to know is that they claim that the machine produces alkaline water which, when ingested orally, turns neutral or acidic the second it comes in contact with the natural acids in our stomach. This conversion takes place long before the water is absorbed into the body through the small intestine. Ask them to lie to you and they will, that is how this scam works.

    • profile image

      Bob S 6 years ago

      total scam test it for yourself! buy ph-strips from your local health food store which i just confirmed by calling the company accurately test the ph in water. i tested the water that was claiming to be 9ph and it tested at 6ph!!!! about the same as tap water!!!! proof that this machine is a total rip off!!!! (i obtained the water from a local health food store where i personally know the owner, he just bought a machine and i purchased 6 gallons of water from him on the 9ph setting)

    • profile image

      Kari 6 years ago

      I have interstitial cystitis, which is pretty much an ulcerated bladder, and i have to drink lots and lots of water anyway. My doctor told me i cannot eat acidic foods and that i have to get my body into an alkaline state to help heal my bladder. I'm taking a medication that coats my bladder but i can definitely tell the difference between regular bottled water and alkaline water. I've been drinking a bottled alkaline water called Evamor but I'm trying some of the Kangen water and there's definitely something to it because my bladder doesn't burn as much as it does with the regular bottled spring water i usually drink.

    • profile image

      DGold 6 years ago

      Enagic / Kangen = Scam / Snake oil.

    • profile image

      freenextel 6 years ago

      Guys, I am not a distributor or currently a user. I have used the water and it did make a difference. One thing I noticed is that I could drink a lot of it without feeling bloated. But as far as my brother in law goes his parkinsons disease is almost all gone in just 6-9 months of using the water. I can't deny is total turn around.

    • profile image

      freenextel 6 years ago

      We are going to get a machine soon and that in combination with the Monavie we are taking should change the health in my family. My friend is a distributor for Monavie and asked us to try it. I did and to be honest have never had more energy ever! The green active helped with my joint pain and my erectile disfunction improved greatly with the Monavie pulse I was taking. I am so excited to get the kangen water system also! Good health to all. I think my friends site is for the Monavie stuff... Nice people. I see them once in a while but sign up as a preferred customer and order it direct...

    • profile image

      LOL 6 years ago

      Parkinson's cured in 6-9 months?!

      Someone tell Michael J. Fox!!!

      You're a sucker for the Monavie as well?! You are an MLM master! You know Viagra will sell directly to you and you don't have to go through a scam marketer. Do you know why? Because it actually works. Sorry about your broke d1ck! Hahahaha!

      Only rip offs like Kangen and Monavie set themselves up in a pyramid to keep their customers and distributors in line.

    • profile image

      skeptic 6 years ago

      LOL, I am not a Kangen water drinker but stumbled upon this site while doing research for my dissertation. I have read every post on this site and one thing stands out clear to me; You do not like Kangen. I do not have an opinion about your obvious contention of this product, but I would like to know what caused you to have such a fervent dislike of Kangen water? Mind you, I only ask this for personal reference and intend no disrespect to anyone on this site, including you. I simply would like to know if you, or someone you know, has been affected by this product, the company that produces the machine that produces "Kangen" water, or to what exactly you attribute your animosity? Please spare me the rhetoric of how Kangen is a scam, as that is not the reason for this question. I thank you in advance for your response.

    • profile image

      Ruth 6 years ago

      I am glad to know that so many people are being helped by this Kangan water machine. I certainly have! No more "sleep apnea", no more acid reflex disease, no more fibromyalgia, tiredness, moodiness, and sleeplessness! I lsot 25 lbs, have more energy, and feel a lot better overall! My son begin drinking the water, and he also lost 25 pounds. He just purchased me a machine for my Christmas present.

    • profile image

      CHANTAL 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Geoffrey Woo-Ming, MD 6 years ago

      I am a physician graduate of the University of London and licensed and practising medicine in California since 1973.

      I am asking any advocate for this ionized Fountain of Youth to send me a link to ANY scientific peer-reviewed journal with a paper that shows ionized water is better than faith healing. There are millions more people who will testify that Lourdes cured them but that doesn't motivate me to buy a plane ticket to Lourdes!!

    • profile image

      Rusty 6 years ago

      All of the negative commments on here are very troubling. How can you discount something that you have not tried. To anyone who is reading these from a neutral point of view be assured that the miracle that is Kangen water is very real.

      After years of i.v. drug use and many trips to the baths where I would have multiple unprotected encounters my doctor informed me that not only had I been HIV positive for some time but that I had full blown AIDS. I was immediately put on the cocktail of drugs to try to prolong my life. The adverse affects of these drugs were too much to take so I began to investigate alternative methods. A friend told me about this water system from Japan that helped with a myriad of problems and I decided to give it a chance.

      Low and behold, at a check up only 3 months later my doctor informed me that my white cell counts had risen to normal levels and my immune system was a strong as person without AIDS. I was absolutely astonished. I though it might help but had no idea that it would be this helpful. I was further amazed at my next check up when blood tests showed that I was free of AIDS or HIV entirely. Truly a miracle.

      Of course the mainstream media and medical profession will never admit to it, because the drug companies make too much money on the drug cocktail, but Kangen water cured my AIDS. The Kangen water miracle is real and I am living proof, and will be for a long time to come thanks to Enagic.

    • profile image

      Real science 6 years ago

      Experts like Thomas Wheeler, a retired professor of biochemistry at the University of Louisville who was quoted in the article saying that not only is it unlikely that the water remains alkaline or acidic, but also that it cannot have an impact on the body because: “The body goes to great lengths to maintain its pH, and there isn’t much you can eat or drink that will change that.” Woolston also points out that a person in search of alkalinity could just “pop a couple of Tums”. MacIntosh adds, “If this is in fact alkaline water, it’s simply replacing one water with another.”

      Upon contacting the Kyowa Hospital, one of the hospitals featured in the television special, Dr. Koji Kusaka, who is hospital staff said Kyowa no longer uses the technology, “Perhaps it was a temporary trend. I think I remember watching those TV commercials; it is a commercialization, this technology. Our government does not authorize this technology, or profit from it” Dr. Kusaka admits that the general population has water ionizers, but he cannot confirm whether it is as prevalent as suggested. Regarding the medical effect, Dr. Kusaka says, “Maybe it has some affect, but the difference is ignorable… the effect might be there.

      John MacIntosh is an ND, a registered massage therapist (RMT) and the owner of the Natural Pain Therapy Centre in Toronto, “I’ve seen other technologies like this, like footbath machines. They’re claiming that they take [bad] substances out of the body. To tell you the truth, if we’re talking about water electrolysis, and breaking molecules – you can break the H2O into two components. If you apply enough electrical energy to water molecules you can break them.” But here is where his skepticism comes in, “Now the problem is as soon as you turn the power off, the molecules recombine, the negatives will recombine [with the positives] and you’ll end up with plain water again.” He says that even if the two waters were separated, that the atoms tend to recombine anyway, “Really it’s the kind of claim that goes against basic chemistry.”

      Waste $4000 and try it if you want to. It’s a scam folks!

    • profile image

      Reality 6 years ago

      Stick with my rant here. ITS SO WORTH IT!!

      So, coffee shops triple filter their water so that the "taste" of the coffee in your skinny latte tastes better. Bottled waters are all manufactured filtered waters. Its a fact. Bottled water at the market and gas stations are filtered not "natural spring water". Arrowhead and a few others are actual "spring" water. The public doesn't research. You are better filling your good plastic water bottles with tap water. The Ph is better at home than those. The public still doesn't know that Lexus is Toyota and Infinity is Nissan. I say all this because you have to get as simple in our thinking as possible: the reason you are all tripping so hard on this "water" thing has NOTHING To do with the unit, the company or the hype. It has to do with one simple truth: Hydration and the proper amount of Hydration. Here's what I know:

      The human body is a highly advanced organism which is constantly in the business of "correcting" and "righting" itself 24/7. You are unhealthy or have ailments because you are either NOT giving it what it needs or are interrupting its process so it never has the chance to correct. If you give it what it REALLY needs it RESPONDS quicker than you can imagine. Doctors are in the "business" of "treating" a symptom" not curing a cause.

      So think about this: The suggested amount of water for you a day is: Your body weight divided by 2. Take that number in ounces and drink that in one day. I'll make you a bet you don't even drink anywhere close to that. I know I'm supposed to drink 2 gall a day. If you weigh 120 pounds you need to drink 60 ounces of water a day. This is a rough number but I will prove my point now...

      The thing that cracks me up is that everyone has passion to find the answer. It's been under your nose the whole time but everyone lacks the SAME PROBLEM: YOU ARE UNEDUCATED ABOUT THE BODIES HYDRATION NEEDS AND PROCESS. If you drink AT LEAST what I've suggested you will finally be hydrated PROPERLY. The problem is you have spent YEARS of going each day without the proper amount of water. This takes a toll. So much to the point you are now asking questions. Your body has NEVER had the chance to right itself because you've NEVER activated or turned on the process. That's why people's bodies go into shock in a great way with ANY amount of proper hydration.

      Take 1 week, drink properly. Watch your sleep, energy, urination(color is supposed to be clear by the way), the amount of sleep you need, the fact that you will be less hungry because the feeling of "hungry" is actually the feeling of your body being thirsty. Watch how often you go number 2 will be about 1-2 hours after every meal. Yes that's "regular". The reason you are constipated is because your colon has been dehydrated for so long and there are so many defense walls of lining for coffee and soft drinks that it will take some of you longer to hydrate those walls or hard coverings. Once the colon is hydrated(and I mean weeks of doing the right amount of water each day) you will finally be able to absorb nutrients from your food. Imagine your colon is a sponge. A sponge that isn't hydrated "dries up hard". It will take a little bit of time to get all those walls, about 21 feet of them, hydrated and functioning. Remember: your small intestine is around 7 feet and this is where you "absorb"your nutrients. The colon "large intestine" is like the sewer or waste pipleline. You don't want toxic garbage hanging around and not moving through.If you are hydrated and the "tubes" are lubricated, your nutrients can absorb into the walls while allowing the bad stuff to leave immediately when used up. This supports my belief and cracks me up that everyone when going on a diet say "I lost 7 pounds in the first week". Of course you did, that's because you are doing a shake diet and the digestive track can hold 7 pounds of food. Once you add proper hydration(drinking a lot of water with the shake program and the shakes packed with fiber) things get moving and you lose a quick 10 pounds. Oldest trick in the book. By the way, let one of those shakes sit on the counter after you make it. Come back in a couple hours to see a pile o pudding in your glass. THat's good for you? Cmon!! Fake food.

      The reason people "feel" and "see" these water units work is because they are FINALLY drinking the water non stop!! If you give the body what it needs it works! Why then do you think people feel better? Because they are NOW drinking water and the right amount. I would be confident to say this is about 98% of the nation.

      Another reason oxidative stress such as working out is successful is that it forces the body to want to drink. When people use the right amount of water it radically changes the bodies chemistry. By the way, the suggested amounts of water above are for a normal day WITHOUT exercise.

      Not hydrating correctly is like throwing food down the kitchen sink plumbing with no water and nothing to break it up. You need to realize that anything other than water and lots of it doesn't hydrate the colon and its walls. Soft drinks are manufactured fake liquids.

      So here's a great way to have peace of mind and to really test if these water systems work:

      1. Drink the CORRECT amount of water daily from the TAP of your sink. See how you feel after two weeks. Every time to go out to eat, order water no ice and see how many glasses of water you can drink. You will eat a smaller portion. Trust me.

      the next week...

      2. Drink the CORRECT amount of water daily from BOTTLED FILTERED water. See how you feel after two weeks.

      the next week.....

      3.Drink the CORRECT amount of water daily from BOTTLED BOTTLED NATURAL SPRING water. See how you feel after two weeks.

      4. THEN....instead of buying a unit, get the stuff for FREE from a rep. Heck, buy it from them per gallon. Drink it for a few weeks and see if you SEE an FEEL a difference from the above.

      My biggest argument for saying all this is because you need to have something to compare to. You cannot go from little or no water a day and then buy a unit and say its the unit!! it might have been. However, what if the tap could have done the same thing and it COULD HAVE BEEN FREE AND GREAT HEALTH!???

      Get hydrated for the first time in your life. You will notice you are drinking from a bottle or glass ALL day. Its what your body needed the entire time! ALmost everyone I know who has issues I never see a water bottle or glass in their hand. You will be less hungry, less fatigued, your cells can go ballistic and run properly and better brain function= better health. Its a start and better than what you are doing now. Do the math, go into the kitchen, based on your weight fill up the bowls or glasses to equal the ounces you "need" a day and I'll bet you that you will be BLOWN AWAY how you are not even close to drinking that normally.

      By the way, check out the Ph of your cities tap water. :) Good to go..

      The true win for these companies is having you believe that the water in your tap isn't healthy. What makes you think so? Taste? Do you even know the components of your tap water? Seriously... try 1-4 above.

      Just a thought!

    • profile image

      Joni 6 years ago

      I just don't understand why people have to accuse web sites of scams. Its only a scam when no one benefits. I certainly can call what some folks pay for cars, or fancy electronics a scam, its not a value to me. It also should not matter if people are getting healthier by just drinking water, whether someone can prove its better or not, the end result is that millions, yes, millions of people are benefitting from this switch. And most people who purchase a unit don't pursue selling these. And no one purchases this product with out trying it out for weeks, sometimes months for free and only when they see and feel a difference to they decide to invest in their life.

      Individuals who go on rants about scams, obviously don't have anything better to do with their lives.

    • profile image

      Balogni 6 years ago

      You're living in a dream world Joni:

      1. Scams usually benefit one person and screw the other (why would someone pull a scam if they weren't going to benefit from it?)

      2. Things like cars and electronics do what they are advertised to do, despite the fact that they might be overpriced. (no one at Ferrari is claiming that their cars can fly when they can't just to justify the price)

      3. It does matter if someone could feel better by drinking more water without purchasing a $4000.00 magic water machine. (and there aren't millions of people benefitting from this, you're quoting drastically inflated numbers supplied to you by a MLM company)

      4. Even if someone doesn't get into the distribution angle(which most probably do) they are perpetuating the sale of them with their purchase and contributing to the scam.

      5. Many people purchase the product with out effectively trying it themselves. (that is why the distributors wrangle the weak, sick and gullible into high pressure sales pitch meetings at water stores)

      6. Some people who go on rants about Kangen and Enagic being a scam only do so because they have seen their poor and elderly grandparents be targeted and baited into purchasing one of these very expensive machines due to high pressure sales tactics. Some people contacted the distributor about returning it and explaing how their grandparent couldn't afford such a machine on their fixed income and were told there was nothing they could do, unless their grandparent got all of the people in their trailer park to also purchase a machine to cover the cost. Some people know that there is no REAL/FACTUAL science behind the claims made by the distributors of these things. Some people watched their eldery grandparent get sick and die despite drinking Kangen water all the time feeling very ashamed that they were hoodwinked by a slick salesmen who cost their family a significant amount of money because they couldn't afford it.

      Get real Joni, or get bent!

    • profile image

      Allan 6 years ago

      The water is amazing, I have been drinking Kangen water for about 1 month. I am sleeping better with no GIRD, I have never had so much energy. The business side of this is a bonus because I can get paid to make people healthier. The fact that my only investment was $4,000.00 was attractive. How many of you people can purchase a business for 4K? How much money will I save in Doctor bills? This product will make a serious dent in the misery index in health benefits and poverty. Anyone complaining about the price thinks small so hence they reap small. A poverty mentality never leads to wealth....

    • profile image

      wayne 6 years ago


    • profile image

      secrets4health 6 years ago

      To All the poster that cite the chem1 site and state that this proves the water is a scam, do a little more research than 5 mins please... the premise that Lower argues begins as a fallacy and ends the same way. Why not try something first before knocking it right out of the gate. I'm sure that you can find a friendly neighbor in your town that would be quite willing to give you a free trial with no obligation. Come on people... time to be critical thinkers and stop listening to the masses that intend to keep "standard of care" the status quo in this country. Absolute cynics will remain fools absolutely. To the nay-sayers... those that insist that the world is flat... will never attempt to sail around it! Fact!

    • profile image

      secrets4wealth 6 years ago

      Time to be a critical thinker?

      You should try it yourself. You probably believe every bit of information the MLM gives you and take it as fact.

      You want to be a critical thinker? Try looking into the "micro-clustering" that Kangen reps claim. It's total horsesh!t!

      This isn't exactley discovering the new world dumbsh!t. It's an MLM scam. Don't make it harder to figure out than it is.

      P.S. The secret to wealth? Don't waste $4,000 on this magic water machine!

    • profile image

      secrets4health 6 years ago

      @secrets4wealth... perhaps you should get a live blood analysis done to show you what exactly happens to your red blood cells approx. 15 to 20 mins after drinking ERW (electrolyzed reduced water)... ever heard of the Rouleaux Effect? or do a search on (the U.S. National LIbrary of Medicine) a peer reviewed medical journal, do a search for Electrolyzed Reduced Water and see how many results come back with clinical study and research on the subject matter. Oh, and by the way, if you did not know this already, Pyramid Scams are illegal in this country and it would be impossible to for such scams, as you presume, to operate by law. Not to mention the leader in this industry Enagic is a member of the DSA (Direct Sellers Association) and has an A+ member standing with the BBB (that's the Better Business Bureau)! Now to address your comment about by analogy about the "new world" as you put it... that is exactly what this technology and the association of highly intelligent and educated people who are involved in sharing this very crucial scientific paradigm about prevention of disease and maintaining health and longevity are about to do, change the face of health care in this country. Ha... and we wonder why this county is falling way, way behind in health status according to the WHO (World Health Organization). Go and have a look for yourself... America is ranked 38 world wide... despite that fact that we spend trillions and trillions of dollars on health care in the current state its in... and where pray tell do you think that money goes??? I'll let you take a wild guess on that one... here is a hint though, sit down and watch TV for 30 mins. I venture to bet that it won't even take you that long to figure it out.

    • profile image

      secrets4wealth 6 years ago

      You should take a step back from the Kangen literature, take a deep breath, and use your mind for a moment.

      People have been asking throughout this whole thread for peer reviewed studies that show that this water machine can do any of the things that the "direct sellers" claim it can do. But you can't. Because there are none.

      I don't have to do blood tests because I'm not whining about petty ailments. I'm healthy and I hydrate myself with city supplied tap water.

      Pyramid scams do operate legally in the U.S. They just call them "direct sales" or MLM. Please provide a link to that "A+" BBB rating. I couldn't find it as the only thing I could find were NR(not rated) and one B- rated distributor with 18 complaints. That is another trick of the MLM. They don't sell direct to the consumer so they are not subject to BBB standards.

      Spare me your story about our healthcare system being so bad! The King of Saudi Arabia recently had to have some medical work done. He's one of the richest men in the world and could go anywhere he wanted to get the work and do you know where he went? The U.S. We're not rated poorly because our healthcare system is bad, it's one of the best in the world, we're rated poorly because the majority of Americans are sick because they are fat asses. They don't need Kangen water, they need to put the fricken fork down.

      Bottom line, if Kangen had reputable studies to show that this $4000 "magic water" machine worked they would tout them to all the world. They don't. Because there aren't. Because it doesn't.

      Suck it.

    • profile image

      Joe 6 years ago

      My Grandfather used to say "Nail any two things together and anyone will buy it."

    • profile image

      Kangen Owner 6 years ago

      To all of the nay sayers on here what should it matter to you how people spend there money its not yours so who cares. Also regardless if you drink tap water, filtered water, bottled water, etc. Your health is gonna benefit and regardless drinking kangen or other water over time the $4,000 investment pays for itself especially if you have a family you no longer are wasting money on bottled water for everyone in the family and also you are going green. Not only does the machine just make water for my family to drink but it makes 7 different kinds of water you can not buy any of these waters in the store or get it out of your tap. So before you judge everyone who has bought a enagic water machine and tell them how stupid and ignorant they are why don't you atleast try the water. Health food stores and my gym give the water away then if you dont want to drink it then don't no one forces people who bought the machine to buy it. So my point is I love the kangen water and even if it did nothing for me oh well we would have spent the same amount if not more on water over the years in bottles that you can't refill and fills up our landfills. Hats off to the other kangen owners for anything just going green and don't knock something till you try it what will it hurt.

    • profile image

      Comical 6 years ago

      I am always worried when people trust the word of a normal person over fact. My mother-in-law, who has zero medical training, zero education of any kind conserning the body or water, sell this machine.

      Why should you listen to her? By the way, she bought it because she had aliments. She claims it cures EVERYTHING. Yet she complains about aches and pains. should issues, hard for her to drive at night.

      But the paperwork she gave me claims all that will be cured.

      Come on people does anyone remember snake oil saleman.

      Look at the tread. it has "cured everything from baldness, to cancer, to weight loss, to weight gain.

      Really people. How many of those "millions" of people using this were looking/needed for a fix for their ills? I bet all of them. Preying on the sick...

    • profile image

      gr8life 6 years ago

      I am an owner of a vitamin store. I workout regular and eat right. I drink plenty of water and always have.Some guy brought me a gallon a day for 4 days and something was different about this water to say the least. I will be getting one of these machines being kangen or not. If you haven't actually tried it I wouldn't knock it. Its some crazy stuff

    • profile image

      gr8lies 6 years ago

      I am an owner of a vitamin store(I'm into healthy stuff so you should believe me). I workout regular(ly) and eat right. I drink plenty of water(so don't give me the dehydrated story, because this stuff is real) and always have. Some guy(I don't know who he is, just some guy)brought me a gallon a day for 4 days(because I can tell if magic water works after trying it for only 4 days) and something was different about the water to say the least(besides the fact that it was being dropped off by a total stranger and anything could have been put in it). I will be getting one of these machines(,) being Kangen or not(because I'm not a biased Kangen fan, wink, wink). If you haven(')t actually tried it(drinking gallons of what you think is water that is given to you by a total stranger) I wouldn't knock it. It(')s some crazy stuff!

      It certainly is some crazy stuff! Of course the guy could've been pissing in it but you'd never know. Can't wait to give it a try!!!

    • profile image

      Van Carman 6 years ago

      Remember the old saying that:the proof of the pudding is in the eating.Before calling Kangen Water a hoax,try it.After trying Kangen Water no more naysaying from me.Thanks,Van Carman

    • profile image

      david s 6 years ago

      I started drinking this great water 6 days ago. The pain in my hands is just about go. I have bad knees. One of them I have operated on twice and looking at a third. Most of the pain is gone. We are looking at getting a Kangen merical water machine for my familt and parents.

    • profile image

      Jeromy 6 years ago

      to the people claiming that they needed to "change their bodies PH" I ask A basic understanding of the biology of the body will make you ask the same question. You can't neutralize the stomach acids the water hits or you'll die. The whole needing higher PH in water idea is a scam from the start. Ask any doctor about it.

    • profile image

      Jeromy 6 years ago

      Also, if it is this amazing product and not just a placebo effect inducing POS, then where is the third party certification?

    • profile image

      Dr. Sam 6 years ago

      Being a health care professional I can say with great certainty that alkaline water definitely has it's benefits. However, after having done extensive product research I have found that there are many far superior products available at 1/10 of the cost. Sorry kangen, your just not the best out there, and if you were really in the business of helping people you wouldn't be so busy trying to help your wallets with over priced inferior products.

    • profile image

      Mr. Pissed-Off 6 years ago

      Kangen Water.. Sham Scam

      What a mistake to go in the Kangen Water biz. Those 5 Kangen distributors that signed me up are total fricken bastards. I suppose I’m the duped moron idiot fool again. It’s my own damn fault, that’s what I get when I deal with unscrupulous selfish mobbing nazish user trickster shysters. I played along and got played. I am such a dumb-ass.

      If I was going to do it over.. I would just a get a VitaMixer, for better results.. to get alkaline/healthy. And, I would’ve bought a down-scaled Kangen model on eBay. And, as for the general public, I feel that most could get better results by just eating more alkaline healthy foods, getting more exercise, drinking more water, reducing meat consumption and, avoiding processed foods, and smoking, etc (mainly avoiding the bad consumables).

      Initially, upon learning about the water, I was interested, since I had studied about it over the last 15 years. So I knew all about the health benefits of alkaline water. Eventually, after being pressed about considering Kangen water, I did lot of due diligence, a week full-time initially. The product was 100%, but the business and buying factors failed miserably.. it was shoddy and unprofessional. I considered buying one on eBay, in-all, I was not going to buy one, and stated so.

      But no, instead 5 of these distributors conference called me.. or as I see it mobbed or ganged-up on me. I recorded the call, and it’s available (email me I am embarrassed and ashamed that I was shammed so bad, as it turned-out. Naivety. They filled me with pipe dreams. A bunch of grandiose sensationalist bullshit. They sold me on that I was going to sell these right and left, that they were easy to sell, they go on and on and on, and play themselves as friends. They talk about how I get a business plan. How many business plan books have they read? They can’t even write an executive summary. I saw that they biz needed a lot of work to get up to par. Having been in many MLMs and a business expert, I determined that with my savvy and hardwork it was bound to pay-off, or at least breakeven.

      The whole business aspect did turn-out to be totally shoddy and unprofessional, so I went to work making my business first class professional. I never did get anything resembling a business plan. So I worked and worked, and my business was first class, but the business was still unviable, what a disappointment and waste of time. So meanwhile, they keep selling you on how you will be such a smashing success, and you work hard putting endless hours into it, reading everything you can, watching scores of videos, attending conferences, listening to conference calls, prospecting and just making a fool of yourself.

      From a business stand-point.. Why wouldn’t prospects just buy it on eBay for substantially less? Duh.

      I spend $15k and 500+ hours (3 months) on this business, and I sold one machine (I hope my one customer isn’t too pissed). 3 months after I bought the machine I realized it wasn’t even producing the correct pH water, it was a point off. Mean-while I had been giving people false claims. To think I was hyping this water and business is regretful.

      To think I went so far out of my way for them.. irks me. I feel they are lowly shallow people just looking out for themselves, under the guise that they’re trying to help you. The betrayal, disloyalty and disrespect.. has pissed me off. They lead me down a dead-end. Their intentions may be good(?), however shallow, twisted and tweaked.. but they have crossed the line with me. I reckon they don’t have enough of a conscious to care enough about my life, yet they feign that they are your helpful friend, and talk about integrity, ethics and the like. The beast works in mysterious ways. I was conned. It was underhanded, trickery, deception, slight of hand and brainwashing.

      Reverse Osmosis RO water isn’t so bad. The right RO system produces alkaline water. Much of their claims are not totally true, or true in only certain instances.. half-truths. Most of these morons don’t know what their talking about. They give you the snow-job. They have some smooth operators in their little rat pack.

      They say my sales systems are off, flawed and faulty, and incite that I am dumb, with slight or out-right haughtiness. They use fuzzy logic, flimsy promises, fluff and hand-you-off to their cohorts for manipulation. They expect me to join their bozo mob, and go trick, manipulate, smooth-talk, con & deceive others like they do. That’s beyond my moral boundaries. I feel I have a fiduciary duty to my fellow man.. so steer clear Kangen marauders. They are insincere, chincy and cheap. To think that they promote themselves as good people, your friend that’s are looking out for your best interests.. makes me sick. They are not true friends. They are poor advisors.

      To think I put my name on this.. To think I put my time, faith, belief and trust in them.. I feel burned. They are: not upfront, pushy, amateurish.. some other words include: high pressure sales tactics, whimsical claims, slimy, sleazy, ganging-up tactics, boasting, running me over, wham-bam-thank-you-mam, on-and-on, fast-talking, getting me to go along, getting you all amped-up with hype, shady, word-tricks, conniving.. questionable business practices.. however crafty, deceptive, obscure or blatant. They are not above-board first-rate professionals.

      Would never recommend this as a business to anyone..

      My bottom line: The Kangen business is a bunch of cheesy grandiose sensational hype.

    • profile image

      Linda  6 years ago

      I have known about alkalinity and acidity for years. I heard about this water and was ask to try it. I started on March 1. This company does not make any promises to diagnose, treat or cure anything. It is ask that you try the water for 30 days. I ran out of water and did not have it for one day which was Friday, Mar. 25,and I could feel the difference. I will never again buy the bottled water. You can laugh about this all you like, but it has made me feel better, and I can tell the difference iny body. I cannot put a price tag on my health.

    • profile image

      Jeromy 6 years ago

      Linda, before you drank the water daily, were you drinking the same amount of water daily? The simple fact is that more people should be drinking more water. Whether it's from this machine or from an RO or purchased in bottled water form. Safe, high quality water is key to the body functioning at its highest ability. The PH of the water has nothing to do with anything as far as your body is concerned.

    • profile image

      Jeremy 6 years ago

      I was always a big water drinker. I learned about alkalinity on the internet several years ago. The water does not bloat you, and honestly I am drinking no more than what I was drinking before. Sodas, coffee are all acidic, that is why I drank only water. What juices I drink , I juice. All you have to do is type in alkalinity and acidic foods in google and see wht I am talking about. You will find tables where they give the different ph balance of foods beverages minerals, etc......

    • profile image

      LINDA 6 years ago

      Jeremy, I was always a big water drinker. I learned about alkalinity on the internet several years ago. The water does not bloat you, and honestly I am drinking no more than what I was drinking before. Sodas, coffee are all acidic, that is why I drank only water. What juices I drink , I juice. All you have to do is type in alkalinity and acidic foods in google and see wht I am talking about. You will find tables where they give the different ph balance of foods beverages minerals, etc......

    • profile image

      Jeromy 6 years ago

      The PH in foods has nothing to do with your bloods PH which is regulated by your breathing. The acid in your stomach negates any idea of the high alkalinity in water changing anything. If you lower the PH in your stomach with what you eat your body creates more acid to keep the acidic condition in the stomach. The only way to change the PH in your stomach would be through eating too many antacids, excessive vomiting, etc...all of which would only change it for a brief time until the body caught up with it again. Placebo effects are well documented on a variety of products and services. I simply suggest that this product preys on those willing to believe a pitch that flies in the face of the biology of the human body and how it works.

    • profile image

      Jeromy 6 years ago

      I will concede that there are 2 things it does well and they are:

      remove pesticides from fruit and help with heartburn. BUT, both of these can things be done for far less of a pricetag than this machine comes with.

    • profile image

      Linda 5 years ago

      I have always heard that when you are alkaline disease and cancer cannot exist. Although, when you are acidic, disease and cancer can develop. This company though does not claim to diagnose, treat, or cure anything. They just ask that people try the water for 30days and to see what it does for them. For me, it has helped my health and that is all I know. I knew in two weeks I wanted the machine.

    • profile image

      Jeromy 5 years ago

      I would ask about the water you drank before. If you are on a well you may have had nitrates in the water which block oxygen from getting into your blood and affect you that way. There are many factors to consider...but the whole acidic vs alkaline thing is a joke. It's just not the way the body operates.

    • profile image

      Jeromy 5 years ago

      Also, there is a town out west where the water has a PH of over 8 naturally. No one there is any more or less healthy than anywhere else in the country. Cancer rate is the same, etc.

    • profile image

      Steiner 5 years ago

      Ok, for about a year a friend has been selling me on this Kangen water and machine. After about 4 weeks of him going on and on about it I point blank asked how much does the machine cost? Then the BS set in, he wouldn't answer the question. I hate when MLM's are trying to sell me anything whether amway or what have you and won't answer my questions directly, this pure BS and doesn't help the trust issue.

      Naturally I am a skeptic on just about anything, because there are far too many people out there willing to sell complete BS for a buck. But I am going to try the machine for at least one month because my friend is willing to loan me one of his. I will report back how it goes, but now that I know what he wouldn't tell me - that the machine is $4000, holy crap! I should have researched that a year ago.

    • profile image

      Anon 5 years ago

      I know nothing of Kangen, the alkaline and acidic properties people in the comments are arguing about, the sales reps, etc. I just want to figure out if it's worth investing in, and keep thinking not, that it's got to be a scam... but of course, I have no proof of that. I can obtain it for free, so I intend to test it before considering shelling out that much money. And if it turns out that I do benefit from Kangen, then I would like to find other explanations or methods of obtaining the same water, because there has to be a more affordable way to achieve the beneficial results, right?

      My situation is this: Fibromyalgia - chronic widespread pain, chronic fatigue, and low immunity. Also, at least in my case, my muscles seem resistant to relaxing, which may be causing the pain to be worse. I have a whole host of problems, too numerous to list here. I am sick of doctors because they and their medications cannot help me. My health habits are fantastically poor; I habitually drink water, and it is probably not enough per day.

      Of Note: I believe I am susceptible to placebo effects (which wear off after a month or two), so even if I experience something positive with this water I am reluctant to accept that it is the reason for any improvement. That will make me annoying to people who believe in Kangen, but I'm willing to change my mind if I can't disprove it.

      My Experience: Yesterday, a friend provided me with some of this water. I ~hate~ the way it tastes - for me, it is like drinking water with a dusting of chalk. I find that it dries my mouth out, and my throat feels very raw right now. To make it palatable, I have been mixing the water with drink powders (hot cocoa, Tang, iced tea, and so forth). What I have noticed so far is:

      - I have to pee more (note that I am actually drinking no more fluid than I was three days ago);

      - some of the pain I have been feeling for about two weeks has significantly lessened, though my muscles are just as stiff as ever (if not even more painful to use than before);

      - decreased stomach discomfort;

      - I got sleepy at night both yesterday and today - can't remember the last time that happened (it is a big deal for me because insomnia is a huge problem, and was prevalent for about a week prior to starting on the water);

      - my heart seems to have calmed down (I can usually feel it pounding and racing when I put my hand over it).

      I am unsure about how much placebo effects can affect a person, but I am going with the assumption that all of my experiences are within the scope of placebo effects. That means that it will require some time and testing to figure out if it is the water doing this, or something else is.

      I am also not 100% certain that I am not simply adding more water overall, and that is what is helping me. I have definitely drank this much water in the past without noticing any positive effects, but it is possible that I simply was not looking for any such effects. So, I think I am going to experiment with drinking exactly the same things I have been drinking for the past two days with my ~usual~ water (I can't drink tap water without becoming severely nauseous, thus my usual water is a filter-in-a-pitcher setup) and pay attention to how I feel.

      I will try to remember to do like Steiner, meaning come back here and report on this after I've been trying it for a while. If there are flaws in my plan, or I totally space returning to talk about my experience, and you care about either of those, please let me know!

    • profile image

      Linda  5 years ago

      I have owned the sd501 for almost a month. Considering what I was paying for beverages when I was away from my home, I figure I am saving at least $100 dollars a month. I take a container of Kangen alkaline water with me everywhere I go. I have a lot more energy, not to mention, I am regular as the water molecules are so small they hydrate me whereas before I was dehydrated. I was drinking the same amount, but it just does not hydrate like this water. I believe you pay for what you get. I was on the water for two weeks and decided I had to have one. The only way you can get one is from a distributor at this time. All aspects of my health seems to be better. I feel that I have invested in my health as well as my husband and my three dogs.

    • profile image

      kangenWaterScams 5 years ago

      Alkaline Water Scam. Quack Watchers

      Here is some of the best information that I have found in my search, that counters the ionized/alkaline water scam claims. It dispels the quack watchers claims of snake oil and rip-off. I believe you will find it all very interesting. The writer Bob McCauley really has his act together and knows what he is talking about.

      Why the “Quack Watchers” Need to be Watched.

      We've all seen the websites of the self-proclaimed debunkers of alkaline water scam, faux science and other myths. They explain to us that, except for the things we personally know to be true, everything we believe to be true is completely false.

      Almost every rumor we have heard turns out to be an urban myth when it comes to the Quack Watchers and other debunkers. And if something that they denounced turns out to be true, not another word is ever said about it and the debunking web page is quietly removed.

      What quack watchers do best is plant doubt in our minds when we are trying to search out the truth about something such as a health issue. It's easy to be a skeptic. It's hard to be a believer and even harder to believe in things that others regularly ridicule. Quack Watchers often have a chilling effect on an open debate because of the way they often scoff at the issues they are challenging.

      As a whole, we tend to believe the Quack Watchers because we want to believe that we can't be so easily fooled. And it's reassuring for us to believe that we are not so easily fooled. We enjoy hearing that the things that may sound a little weird or too good to be true of course could not be true.

      The most dangerous debunkers are the ones who have a background in science, but little or no experience at all with the subject that they are debunking. Many of the de-bunkers tend to be heavy on their opinion and light on the facts. In fact, they quite often present their opinion as gospel. For instance, when the interpretation of a photo is in question, their analysis is offered as fact, the final report.

      I don't expect the de-bunkers to go away. But we need to understand that many of the claims some have made are no more than one more opinion, not the Last Word. What bothers me is that so many of the debunkers serve nothing more than to confuse us. However, it becomes unsettling when we're trying to determine the truth about crucial issues such as our health.

      Quack Watchers denounce Lorraine Day, M.D. because she dares challenge the medical establishment and tell people that we can heal ourselves if we live on the right diet and have faith in God. They conclude from their Debunkdoms that someone is a crank when in fact they are someone they simply have profound differences with.

      When a radical scientific concept is first introduced, there is commonly resistance to it by the prevailing scientific community of the time. New ideas are commonly ridiculed and derided because people become comfortable with ideas and they don't want to change.

      Often, the members of the established community must die off so a new generation can be raised with the new concept and accept it from the beginning without any unnecessarily hand-wringing about what they once embraced as the truth that has now been shown to be superseded by the next wave of discovery. The new concept will no longer be described as radical.

      Many articles have been written about Ionized Water. Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi, a Heart Surgeon and Director of the Water Institute, Tokyo , Japan , wrote a 30 page article explaining Ionized Water in great detail . Dr. Hayashi describes Ionized Water in excruciating detail, including its precise chemistry during and after ionization.

      All this is completely ignored by the Quack Watcher who claims to be a chemist. When we don't understand the rudimentary principles of how something functions, some of us tend to simply dismiss it out of ignorance. This is certainly the case with the debunker of Ionized Water because anyone with even the rudimentary knowledge of its chemistry will see that Ionized Water is exactly what the body requires: higher pH, strong antioxidant, negative charge, abundance of electrons, incredible hydration and detoxification properties.

      If the debunker truly wanted to know if Ionized Water actually did anything to the human body one way or another, he would need to consume some for a few days or a week, but I can assure he has not.

      Debunkers are notorious for never trying what they denounce. They are part of a faux-intelligentsia that believes that all science can be explained on paper and therefore there is never a reason to actually test anything in the field.

      This is the biggest mistake that any scientist can ever make and, by his own admission, the debunker of Ionized Water has never touched a drop of it nor used a water ionizer to draw the scientific conclusions he has made. As with many of the debunkers, closer examination of them and their methods reveals who they are and that they themselves should be debunked.

      By Robert McCauley

    • profile image

      Rip off watcher 5 years ago

      Nice line of bull$hit! ;)

      The claims made by those trying to sell Kangen machines are the only real myths being tossed around.

      When a new, radical scientific concept is introduced it is rightfully ridiculed and suspect. The scientific community requires many peer reviewed studies to accept something viable and true. This is something that all of the "scientists" and "doctors"(many of these people have credentials from very suspect institutions and have $$$interests$$$ in pushing these products) involved with Kangen water have been unable to do or provide.

      You can quote articles by any obscure Japanese doctor that you want, but they are not peer reviewed scientific studies.

      Tylenol and Advil don't have debunkers. Because they work. They can be proven to work. Scientifically. They also don't have to be sold through an MLM or Pyramid scam, because people actually want to by them and don't have to be tricked into thinking they need them.

      One the last points is the most stupid. I don't have to drink mercury to know it will make me sick. I'll take my doctor's word that it will. Only the gullible succomb to the "try it" test. I'll stick to the "prove it and I'll try it" method.

      I don't have to try one drop of this "magic water" until REAL scientists and doctors can agree that it is beneficial.

      The claim that the "big pharma" institution and established medical industry doesn't want this doesn't hold water. All of the doctors that you quote could produce a study to be peer reviewed. They don't do it because they will show that tap water is equally beneficial to the human body, which doesn't help their interests(Kangen = $4000 per machine).

      Don't shoot the messenger, prove that your "magic water" works.

    • profile image

      Nik 5 years ago

      I have been drinking Kangen wather for approx 1 week and unfortunatly it hasn't made any difference. I wish it would. I have had a throat infection, tooth infection and insomniaa and unfortutely it hasn't hepled me with any of that.

    • profile image

      Linda 5 years ago

      You poor people, you are so quick to judge. When you try the water you are not to drink anything but the water eliminating all soft drinks. If you don't do that you are not going to see the difference as it takes 32 glasses of alkaline water to get rid of the effects of one soda. Cost discussion are you aware there are other units besides the sd501 !

    • profile image

      Linda 5 years ago

      This is intended for the person who calls themselves the rip off watcher. I am hear to tell you I shopped around before I purchased my sd501. I consider myself a smart shopper. The only way you can get a machine is from a distributor. I am sorry you feel it to be a pyramid scheme as I do not. This company makes it worth the persons efforts to share this water. You know if you had an issue with a car and it was not real old and it was going to cost 4g to fix it, would you fix it or junk it. I have health insurance, but I call this my health insurance as well. Our body is mostly water and if you have good alkaline water going throuh it you are nourishing all your organs,etc. We don't claim to cure , diagnose, or treat anything. We just ask people to try the water without drinking softdrinks. If you keep drinking softdrinks you will be defeating the whole purpose and you will not see the benefits. I do not understand why you are so negative. I have a problem with people like you. You want to put in your two cents worth you ought to get your facts straight. There are machines from 1200 to 8000. So you need to stick that in there. You only state the one that is 3980. My health is more important to me than 3980. I feel I cannot afford to not have one. It is your choice, but it would be nice if you told it all. I bought one because I could tell a big difference in how I feel, and the fact my kidneys are so much better. You undoubtedly do not read much or you would see what has been written abou the side effects of the OTC meds you mention:). I am not trying to argue a case just stating some facts to clear up a few things you have written. You know before I buy anything I wanna make sure I am buying something that is going to benefit me and my family. Had I not been able to try the water I would not hav bought the machine. No one in their right mind would.

    • profile image

      Lenny 5 years ago

      What is the diference between the Genesis Platinum that gives an orp of -360 with a ph of bet 9.4 to 10.4, and the enagic sd501 that gives also the value orp and ph? Genesis Platinum has a return policy of 60 days while the sd501 of only 3 days. GP $1695 no tax - SD501 $3985+tax. Enagic SD501 5 yr old machine - GP 2yr old.

    • profile image

      Kori 5 years ago

      I tested the water myself. My uncle hooked his SD 501 up in our kitchen. I downed one glass and a minute later got all flushed in the face and felt a little high cause I was getting so much oxygen to my head. Then I started getting teary eyed, which was a big deal because my tear ducts haven't worked in years. Then 10 minutes later I had to go to the bathroom cause it started cleaning me out right away.

      I'm broke after a divorce and losing my job because my car blew a piston, but I've taken the option of becoming a Tokurei in order to work towards my own ionizer. $33.57 and I have the right to sell them myself for the rest of my life, earning half the commission myself and the other half going towards my own ionizer. For a guy stuck in a tiny town with no available jobs, it's a way for me to help people with their health and earn a small amount of income for the first little while. So far it's just been a couple of $35 checks for the travel sized ionizers I've sold to a couple friends, but hey, that's money I didn't have before, and my friends feel great.

      If you do your research at all, you'll see that every person involved in the sales end receives a video about honesty and ethics. Being a church-going fella myself, I really liked that.

      Personally, the alkaline is great to drink, it does wonders for my energy level, but on the other end is the 2.5 pH strong acidic water. I snorted some when I had a sinus infection and I could feel it dissolving the infection in my head, I tried gargling it when I had strep throat, and I soaked my feet in it when I had a severe case of athletes foot. Cleared all of the ailments up in less than 2 days.

      Oh, and my dad was GIVEN an ionizer by one of the 6A's in the program. She's never even met him, but she's such a giving person and does so well in the company that once a month she buys one for a friend or someone with bad health problems.

      I think that kind of charity and integrity speaks for itself, so if you're skeptical, go ahead and be skeptical, but I choose to believe and I've seen the affects myself. :)

    • profile image

      Cin 5 years ago

      You guys can say all of the negative things you want about this water, but until you've actually tried it you can't judge. It's amazing how I feel after starting to drink the water. I didn't buy a friend gives me gallons of it.......doesn't cost me a thing. Bottled water is bad for the environment and it has absolutely NO benefit to your health. The Kangen water DOES NOT RID THE WATER OF THE NATURAL MINERALS YOUR BODY NEEDS. But I don't need to try and convince people. You can go on drinking your overpriced bottled TAP WATER and I will be drinking something that is good for me. Lets see where we are in 10 years.....I bet I will be in better health.

    • profile image

      curiousconsumer 5 years ago

      Question for Kangen water believers. There was a Korean scientist, Mu Shikh Jhon, who did a lot of research on water structure and how Kangen water/hexagonal water is good for health and good against cancer. I'm assuming since he dedicated 20 years of his later years promoting this type of water, that he would have drank it too. He died several years ago from pancreatic cancer. Anything to say about that? Just curious.

      I read some legitimate medical research articles done on alkaline water, and it seems like it does keep a person more hydrated and may help with decrease of bone resorption. But other than that, nothing else seems to have been clinically proven.

    • profile image

      KarlinPhoenix 5 years ago

      I saw a Kangen Water demonstration yesterday and was impressed with the science of it. So far, I have consumed about 1.5 gallons of water, including my fresh-ground Peet's French Roast coffee this morning. The coffee tasted different with the Kangen Water (I drink it black, no sugar) but it was not bad, just different from the RO water I normally have used for coffee. I live in Tempe, Arizona and the city water smells bad/tastes bad; not good enough for coffee. I feel more alert at 5:50pm than I would normally but it is too early to just attribute this to the new water. Time will tell. More study is required.

    • profile image

      John 5 years ago

      I was offered some of this water by a friend so I check with my doctor about it. I have a terrific family practitioner who has served my family and I for years in an impecable manner. He said that he had heard of ionized water and had researched it on his own and also contacted a number of biochemists about its efficacy. He had to report to me that much of the "science"(hexagonal molecules, body chemistry) is bunk and that he could not endorse it as anything that would be better for the human body than regular water. He has always been honest and up front about vacinations and side effects of medications and wished that there was something to the fad, but believed that it was nothing more than a money making scheme. This is a doctor that has always supported my beliefs of taking as little medication as possible, and certainly not taking any long term or permanent medications, and that taking care of the body naturally is best. He supported me in changing my diet rather than taking cholesterol medication and has never pushed any medication. It is sad that so many are sucked in by the fake science that the salesmen of this stuff claim and are taken by the placebo effect. You know what they say though, "There is one born every minute."

    • profile image

      You 5 years ago

      There are some scientists that say we come from monkeys. That explains why the zoo keeper went to work one day and the monkey pen had evolved into a people pen. Yeah, by the way some are writing comments on this subject and never tried it out. Some people just like to cause confusion and trouble they're never happy. Sick in their mind troubled individuals. That have nothing better to do but be negative. I feel sorry for you guys get a life and try some Kangen Water! You'll be glade you did! I'm not a salesmen, I just been drinking the water for 5 weeks and know 7 other family's that all have had amazing results. I would list them, but i don't have enough time. My time is to precious to waste on a bunch of monkeys. So go have a banana and go back to your miserable Jungle or Zoo that you came out of!

    • profile image

      Jeromy 5 years ago

      Not enough time to list the benefits you saw...but enough time to type out a barely legible thought? Prove to me that the PH of water can get past the stomach acid and that body/blood PH is not regulated by the breathing process and I'll start listening. Everything about PH doing anything for your body other than effecting tooth enamel is just snake oil intended to play on the minds of those who don't understand basic body chemistry.

    • profile image

      Pot-Kettle-Black 5 years ago

      "You" sound more negative than most of the people stating rational arguments against Kangen water. You're a perfect example of the brainwashed idiots that buy into this scam. You've only been drinking it for 5 weeks and would swear by it based on the testimonials of others. Anyone who knows about the MLM structure of this scam knows that most of the people you cite as testimonials have a vested financial interest in you believing that this stuff works. You're hilarious really, 5 weeks and you're already preaching the Kangen folklore like it's your religion.

      You don't have to try something to know it's a crock.

      "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." - Aristotle

    • profile image

      MPB 5 years ago

      Some people were asking about alternatives to plastic water bottles for the alkaline water. I have found glass water bottles with silicone sleeves to work great. LifeFactory makes a nice one you can get off amazon. I love it because there is no transfer of taste into your water and the silicone cover has prevented shattering so far. My kids also use glass bottles with the covers and have thrown them all over the place with no breakage so far.

    • profile image

      Adrian Castro 5 years ago

      The best glass bottle that I have found for Kangen water is the Miron Violet Glass - it is very dark and looks like black but if you held it against the light, you will see that the glass is deep violet. The Miron Violet Glass bottle provides superior protection from light degradation and increased shelf life for your kangen water. This is the same type of glass that is used in preserving the life of products such as homeopathic remedies, essential oils, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and herbal preparations.

    • profile image

      Jay Walker 5 years ago

      The PCS-730 +/- 1 kV Charging Source is used to charge the CPM-720 to +/- 1,000 volts to measure ionizer decay and material decay. Electrostatic Meter. These three instruments are match calibrated to work together for accurate and efficient auditing.

    • profile image

      Pizon QT 5 years ago

      It is quite understandable that many have reservations about this MLM company Enagic and a $4,000 water machine - the simple fact is the water does assist the body at the cellular levels and improves the body's absorption of water. PERIOD!

      If you think about most business patterns are based in MLM any how!

      Since I began drinking this water I no longer have the severe physical problems or symptoms surrounding the incurable virus Hep-C! Medical geniuses & researchers have no cure ONLY infiltrating people's bodies with certain Chemo treatments that often after months of terrible side effects the Hep-C is still virulent...this water helps cleanse the body where the liver is crippled by high viral loads to work properly...Hooray after months of drinking Kangen water I sleep better, eliminate well, bletch and little amount of painful gas attacks (not able to sleep)No longer does my body feel the effects of toxicity from inability to rid poison waste...I feel better plain & simple!

      Oh yeah...for several years I sought out so much research, medical spending & tried many avenues of healing - Right now I feel the BEST I have ever felt since diagnosed in 2007 by drinking Kangen ionized water since Feb 2011! Most of all I sleep, no more repetitive nights of profuse belching, flagellating and high levels of abdominal pain! I for One am Thankful for this water! Period!

    • profile image

      Dennis 5 years ago

      True KANGEN Water, from Enagic, makes no medical claims. How can 350 million people all react the same way to a changed body chemistry? Everyone responds differently. Your body heals in the order that is needed. After experiencing Chronic Leukemia, my wife was put through hell with chemotherapy. The intestinal tumors shrank (but remained) and her immune system was almost completely destroyed. After over 18 months, with blood tests every 90 days, she now has a vibrant immune system and lab tests cannot find any sign of the leukemia. Her oncologist was provided all of the related triple blind studies (about 6) for related other diseases, as there were none specifically done for hers. I have her labwork if anyone is interested. Every time her Oncologist sees her he says "whatever you are doing, keep doing it". I think my wife is worth $4,000 but I had a choice of many different models and chose the one with the maximum power so that she could experience the most benefit. By the way, you can't change the pH of your blood. Who said you could? If it varied 0.1 pH units, you would be comatose or dead. However, you can change your body fluid chemistry and prove it with regular testing using pH test strips used by diabetics. Ours has changed over 1.75 units higher, so don't tell me it can't be done. Properly structured water is recognized by the body as necessary moisture and is not metabolized. It does not sit in the stomach and get neutralized. That is why we stopped drinking with our meals (nasty American habit) as it upsets our normal digestion and forces the production of more stomach acid. Unlike my wife, I saw the results in one day so I had to investigate the technology a second time. As an industrial water purification systems design engineer, I didn't know purified water bottled water) was harmful in that it is devoid of nutrients needed by the body for normal digestion and without it our body is forced to borrow from tissue, bone, etc. every time we consume a meal. The facts are out there but we must break with tradition and not believe all of the dribble from allopathic medicine that tries to discredit new technology with demonstrable efficacy. We hand out gallon jugs of water now and say nothing about any expectations of what might happen. We let people tell us and we just relish in the fact that we have the power to help people for free. Whether anyone chooses to have this technology in their home, for optimum results, is their choice. Nobody should be put upon to purchase anything. True health is a lifestyle choice and not something you find in the bottom of a pillbox. The science is there if you choose to listen and not believe the critics. Educate yourselves and change your life.

    • profile image

      hahaha 5 years ago

      After reading most of the claims in this thread it seems to me the only thing kangen cures is dehydration. Drink more water people, and stop letting yourselves get so dehydrated, then you won't have so many problems and won't have to spend so much money for a "miracle cure".

    • profile image

      What?! 5 years ago

      So, now drinking water is bad for you if it is purified? Taking minerals from bones? You really fail to understand body chemistry. Water needs to just that. Water. The minerals aren't removed by this machine so they (like everyone else that doesn't remove anything) start putting out false info about why you want the minerals IN the water. Minerals and vitamins come from food. Proper cell hydration comes from water. The mineral content in water is generally so low and in the case of calcium from hard water in inorganic form that your body does little to nothing with it anyway. It's that easy, people. Just drink more water. There is no magical "alignment" of water molecules and there is no magic fountain of youth.

    • profile image

      now I believe 5 years ago

      I was skeptical about ionized Kangen water but no more. I drank some the other day and was immediately hydrated. It was though a veil had been lifted. Folks, this is not a scam. I am now much more capable and able than I ever was and that's no joke.

    • profile image

      now I lie 5 years ago

      and, you don't sell the machines at all. ever. right?

    • profile image

      adf 5 years ago

      it makes my ball hurt

    • profile image

      Nick 5 years ago

      Wow you guys are like a Kangen cult. Behold the magical savior water. with 99% less calcium minerals. Shun the non-believers. Mad placebo effect. Then you people start to bother all your friends to buy one of your silly water filters, to continue your pyramid scheme.

    • profile image

      karl in phoenix 5 years ago


      You really do fail to grasp what is the ionized alkanine water from this Kangen Water device. It is not a "water filter", though it does contain a water filter. It would be wise to become somewhat familiar with technologies and devices before you make critical and negative comments about them.

    • profile image

      snake oil salesman 5 years ago

    • profile image

      spyder 5 years ago

      hey there, Cudos to REALITY !! nice job there (posted about 8 months ago)

      start with proper HYDRATION , see how that works for you, might be that's all you really needed to start with...

      to all the haters ( really i don't see your point) , if it takes spending 4000 to get in the mood to hydrate properly and continue a path to a healthy life, go for it.....if you can do it for free, good for you too....

      but everyone, for everyones sake, just drink more water...i don't care where you get it from...

      i wish all of you a healthy happy hydrated humanity

    • profile image

      mateo 5 years ago

      All ionized water is a scam. Ionized water has ZERO effect toward altering the body's P.H. If alkaline water enters the stomache, stomache acid production increases immediately. Any water entering the intestines is made alkaline by pancreatic excretions, even if it was highly acidic entering the body. Futhermore pur water cannot undergo ionization. Only added metals (usually salts) can . The rate of disociation in H20 is about one out of every 2 billion molecules. No device electric or otherwise has EVER been demostrated to increase this level. So "ionized water" is not even ionized. This is basic chemistry folks, no theory . No Biologist, chemist, or physicist would ever buy into this scam. You shouldn't either.

    • profile image

      Maria 5 years ago

      As a scientist, I can say with certainty that this is 100% bunkum, a scam, a boldface lie, a get-rich-quick scheme. Do not believe the hype!

    • profile image

      Harriett 5 years ago

      I find it disgusting the amount of hatred expressed in some of these comments. Can't you disagree without being disagreeable?

      There is one medical fact EVERYONE seems to be overlooking: What works for one person may not work for another. How many people do you know who cannot use Aspirin, but have good results with Tylenol? (Only an example). Could it be the same with the use of ionized water? We are all unique creatures. One size does NOT fit all. If ionized water has cured someone from a dreaded condition -- PRAISE THE LORD! Be happy for them, don't call them a deluded fool just because your experience was not equally satisfying.

      As for all you scientific minds, chemists, etc., back off, please! There are a good many things in this world you cannot prove in a laboratory, hard as you might try. Faith healing? For some people it does work! Give credit where credit is due. But for pity's sake people, get a grip and calm down. If you cannot relate your negative experiences without being nasty, improve your vocabulary. If you have had no negative experience, then shut up! Be happy for those who had a good one. What ever happened to good manners and common courtesy?

      As for Kangen water -- I've not tried it. I don't know anyone who has, or where I can get it without buying a machine I cannot afford. But I'm not going to knock it until I've tried it. And yes, there is a great deal of difference in the taste of water. My town's water tastes very nice. Not too far away the water smells of sulphur and has a harsh flavor to it. A spring in southern Missouri has water that is positively delicious. So not all waters taste the same.

    • profile image

      Faith Healer 5 years ago

      Apples and oranges. The reasons why aspirin works on one person and not on another are completely different. There are scientific ways in which a medication is researched, created and released to the public. It has to be proven to do what it claims to do. You can't just make up your benefits based on thin air and expect NOT to be judged and criticized for it. Call Kangen...the actual company and you'll get ZERO claims to any health benefit that isn't based solely on drinking more water. The rest is all mostly baseless claims made by those trying to sell the units.

    • profile image

      JustSayNo 5 years ago

      I was very sick w/autoimmune disease and was given several gallons of kangen water from a sales rep. who told me it was the purest water on the planet. All of her friends backed her up, making claims that this water was healing every disease imaginable. I was never informed that sodium bicarbonate was being added to the ionizing machine. My kidneys nearly shut down after this woman gave me 9.5 pH water. These sales reps are not qualified in the medical field and are playing w/people's lives. I developed numerous new symptoms & became 10x sicker than I've ever been. Two years later, I'm still bedridden most days, since my kangen experience. I'm no longer

      absorbing nutrients, am on approx. $800-$1000 in supplementation to stay alive. My organs began shutting down from the kangen water. Did the mfg. or sales rep care that they nearly killed me? Hell no! These people are a brainwashed cult that prey on the sick & weak. Many of the sales reps. like to bring God into the equation of their sales pitch. I was lead to believe I was drinking clean, filtered water. After becoming deathly ill, I've researched these machines and have found out that they are not properly filtering the heavy metals out of the tap water. I didn't buy a machine, but my life has been destroyed by the "free healing, miraculous water" these nutjobs are pushing. What's really scary, is these brainwashed people who sell/own these kangen water machines will offer others a glass of 9.5 pH water at their home or place of business, without making people aware of what they are drinking. Do these reps. have inside knowledge of whether each & every person they meet may have a heart, kidney or high blood pressure condition that could be adversely affected by ingesting this water? No, they don't ask & the person themselves may not even know at the time if they may be suffering from one. I want to see this company shut down just for the sake of their unscrupulous business practices, let alone the lack of medical, science, health & chemistry knowledge of each & every sales rep. Any product being sold/distributed as a MLM, needs to be scrutinized. The sales reps want people to believe the FDA doesn't want people to learn about the health benefits, but the truth is, they know they are selling a controversial product that can fly under the radar. I believe these MLM's are seeking some kind of protection now from the FTC against people who are considered MLM whistleblowers. I would not be surprised if they too secretly have lobbyists in D.C. Afterall, they've become a multimillion dollar industry that nobody appears to be regulating.

    • profile image

      GreatHealth 5 years ago


      Anyone can say anything here.....

      You Want to Claim this water almost killed you?

      Who ARE You?

      What is the case number and county where you filed suit against this person or company?

      Anyone Else here would like JustSayNo to prove his claim?

      Before you believe any of these naysayers with NO medical experience.....

      Take a look at Dr. Hironi Shinya... Yes the Dr. Who invented the Camera for the Endoscopy procedure, the method for removing polyps is called the Shinya Method.

      Dr Shinya is the Medical Adviser for Enagic and Recommends Kangen Water to All the Patients he treats.

      Visit and Look through their site.. all aspects of this company are public knowledge including the Direct Sellers Program.

      I would certainly believe Dr Hironi Shinya over everyone of these naysayers.... Do your own Research.... When ever you find a website knocking Enagic machines, do a whois search and you will find that all the sites knocking Enagic products as too expensive or dangerous are owned by COMPETITORS in the water Ionizer industry or promote Hydrogen sticks..... Do your research People and then TRY THE WATER.....

      Here's to taking our health into our own hands.. PEACE!

    • profile image

      poor health 5 years ago

      Sure, believe the guy making money on it over someone who tried it and had ill effects. Sounds reasonable to me.

    • profile image

      Life Resurrector? 5 years ago

      Guys, I am not a distributor or currently a user. But as far as my brother in law goes he was revived from his death owing to a massive coronary just 6-9 minutes after using the water. I can't deny is total turn around.

    • profile image

      hahahahahaha 5 years ago

      good one.

    • profile image

      Mike 5 years ago

      Not to beat a dead horse but here is my experience. I have helped hundreds of people who used the Kangen system. They were still very sick and getting worse. Some claimed they got better at first, then slipped back into a disease state. There is no magic bullet for health. I had to address many different areas of their health to get results. The science and biology prove this water can not work as proclaimed. It's just not how the body works.

      I attribute the few that found temporary relief to the placebo effect and or just plain drinking more water. The danger is that thinking this water will change what the underlying health imbalance is. If you take an aspirin for a headache, it doesn't solve what gave you the headache. It wasn't that you were aspirin deficient. You must find the underlying cause of the imbalance within the 11 or so homeostatic control systems of the body. Until you do that, you are just chasing your tail.

    • profile image

      fudgey p. 5 years ago


      Time for some basic water chemistry research...

    • profile image

      FacePalm 4 years ago

      The funny thing is, they think that testimonies bolster the legitimacy of the said product. They are testimonies. Its is personal opinion rather than a scientific fact. Two words.. EXPENSIVE PLACEBO

    • profile image

      Bill Ladd 4 years ago

      A man with experience is never at the mercy of a an with an opinion. I am not a distributor of these filters, I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer of the colon that matastized to the liver in July 2010. Chemo treatments are about $23,000 neach and I have had at least 18 of them, so stop whining about the price of a KANGEN machine.

      The cost for the chemos does not include 2 weeks in the hospital for the colon surgery, the countless oncology visits at $160.00 each, blood work weekly and the list goes on. Not to mention staff infection of the port in my chest, another 11 days in the hospital and about a $65,000 additional bill. Nor the 7 CT scans during this tima at about $5,000 a piece. Wanna talk about a scam go for it. Health Care is NOT ANYTHING MORE THAN SICK MANAGEMENT.

      Five weeks ago I got a Kangen filter and have been drinking about 80 oz of the water a day with 9.5 ph. Last week after my CT scan my Dr told me that the spots on my liver had decreased 25% which is more than they have done with chemo in 18 months. He also said that my blood test should 100.8% oxygen. The reason would be because of the micro-clustering of the water, allowing it to get in my blood stream faster and causing the red blood cells to separate and attack free radicals like they are suppose to. Placebo effect i doubt it, I just drink the water. It is working, my color, energy, and medical condition iS TREMENDOUSLY IMPROVED. A small price to pay for better health and nearly $1,000,000 less than what the tradtional health care cost have been.

    • profile image

      Horse dung 4 years ago

      You're so full of it. With all of the cancer patients out that are out there, if this scam had any real effect it would lead headline news stories and be in the hospital room of every patient. You cite the micro-clustering(which proves you have totally bought in to the Kangen literature) which is totally disproven. Maybe they finally got you on the right chemo, maybe it works better when you're properly hydrated, maybe it is the placebo effect of a desperate and dying individual, whatever it is, it isn't this "magic" water. If you're so down on the medical care you are getting, try going to another country and see how it is, better yet, stop it all together and let the Kangen water heal you. Your colon and liver will really get you then. Good luck budday!

    • profile image

      JustSayNo 4 years ago

      @Great Health, why would I lie and to such magnitude?! The only reason I couldn't sue Enagic is they have the perfect defense, that being that all people have gotten horribly sick like me (had a pre-existing condition)! Furthermore, lawyers do nit taje on cases where they cannot find expert witnesses to testify. This who kangen rage is still a relatively new, but very controversial topic. If I was able to retain Dr. Andrew Weil, I may have been able to pursue a case. My medical records indicate the proof that the 9.5 pH changed my entire body chemistry. The kangen rep admitted to me I was not the first person to get deathly ill from the water, but that doesn't stop the rep. or Enagic from pushing forward. If you google, you can read about a pastor's wife nearly dying from kangen, as well as a guy who developed holes in his eosphagus. So before you judge & discredit someone who has nothing to gain by being honest, educate a little more! Dr. Shinya is only one dr besides that criminal dr (Dr. Robert Young) who promotes kangen. Both of course profit off these machines & theories. Why don't you do everyone a favor and become a bit more selfdeprecating? Your cocky, know-it-all attitude is not very becoming.

    • profile image

      KC Collins of 4 years ago

      I am doing research about the Kangen system that I purchased several months ago so I can put more info on my website about it. First, I am more than impressed with all the uses for Kangen water. I have cleaned my entire house with the 11.5 water and believe it or not, it even lifted dried, bright blue fingernail polish out of my white carpet! That just blew me away! It kills bacteria and viruses which is extremely important to me. I raise small breed, high dollar/quality lap dogs and I don't need any illnesses floating around. We had a horrible scare (to say the least) when we purchased, unknowingly a puppy who was infected with the parvo virus! This puppy had been in many areas of our home before he showed signs/symptoms of parvo. We could not use bleach which was the best way to kill the parvo virus to my knowledge at that time. My husband is allergic to chlorine, so no bleach was used. Our holistic pet food store guy told us about Kangen and it didn't take us long to order our system. We sanitized our home top to bottom and washed all clothing/bedding with the Kangen (12.5 and 11.5) water and not one puppy or dog has become infected with parvo since. We run a very reputable business and I can't have problems like this ever! I care too much for my little fur babies to let any single one of them become sick. This water system saved lives...literally! The things that Kangen water has done for me so far can't be numbered. We have cut back cost by not having to buy bottled water as well. I hope to use as much of this information on my website, so I can explain how great this Kangen system is and how happy I am with my purchase. Spending $4000 on this was a lot to swallow but when it comes to saving the life of my babies and enhancing the life of my is priceless.

    • profile image

      lol Bill Ladd 4 years ago

      Your doctor, when faced with the idea of "micro clustering water molecules" would likely laugh in your face and call his friends to share the joke. No such thing is possible or even proven in the scientific community. No doctor worth his certificate would even mention it. Nice try, company man.

    • profile image

      mike 4 years ago

      There's a local store in my neighborhood that offers the water for free (a mere donation is suggested to offset the water bill). Believe me, there is a big difference in taste and quality! I get stomach cramps and other issues from tap and well water in the area, but this water is great. It doesn't sit in your stomach like a heavy weight, either. I can drink my recommended 8- 8oz glasses a day and not get the water overdose feeling.

      Whether or not it's worth $4k, I don't know yet. But it sure beats drinking tap water or paying for distilled water (the only true clean water).

    • profile image

      ross 4 years ago

      I just got one of these and it is amazing! you can tell the difference in taste, this is not a scam. the water is amazing and you can do so much with it! i love it

    • profile image

      Joe 4 years ago

      Kangen water is real amazing The water apparatus such as the SD Series, SD501 (one of them) is actually certified as Medical Device which none of the similar products have ever been certified! So amazing is this medical device that the saying is true, "Change your water...change your life!" and revolutionize your lifestyle with this kangen water... Why don't you visit to discover the amazing facts about kangen water. I personally experience kangen water do wonder to my health! You can enjoy this health too...

    • cnatraininginfo profile image

      cnatraininginfo 4 years ago from California

      One thing that is for sure everytime a company comes out with something good theres always someone to try and claim negitives on it. The difference between some of the more expensive machines is they do more then just ionized water. Some of them remove more harmful pesticides and other chemicals like aresnic from the water but again do your own research don't just follow what everyone else says about a product. I bought mine from a japanese company and it wasn't 4,000 dollars but I notice a major difference compared to water which is from tap I also notice a difference compared to smart bottled water and other brands of bottled water.

    • profile image

      health4life 4 years ago

      Wow there is a lot of negative comments posted on this site!! I cannot believe the cruel and cutting words....if alkaline water can help be a stepping stone for people to regain their health, all the power to them.

      I had read through all the posts on this site a while back and the ignorance was starting to make my blood boil, people seemed to have posted their stories with a lot of heartfelt sincerity...and were being attacked and mocked by these grade school bullies,.. intelligent men? I beg to differ, intelligence isn't condescending or about who's right and who's wrong... well with the protection of their computer screens and anonymity I guess they might feel like they have some balls.

      Anyways their ignorance gave me a great bash, bash away.

      Naysayers I have a question for many people in your lifetime have you seen live a healthy vibrant life on pharmaceutical drugs? I am pretty sure our raise in life expectancy is due to these pharmaceuticals....but i am sorry.. if i'm going to live a long life I don't want it to be in a chair looking out a window, wondering who or where I am. If I am going to live long I want to die having lived my last days, not alive in a chair with a glazed over look on my face while I'm rolled onto my bed for my last diaper change. You don't need to be in a laboratory looking under a microscope to see the ill effects modern medicine and modern food have created. Neither do you need thousands of dollars spent on expensive clinical trials, blind or not, to see that society is getting sicker and sicker. Get your heads out of your arses. Your country is our lab and your people are the lab rats.

      I work in healthcare and I see it take these liver pills to help you get better(temporary bandaid) and oh... so sorry but in a year or two you will have to come back for some dialysis on your kidneys because those liver pills your taking have destroyed the amazing kidneys you once had...oops so sorry. Everyday with every drug this happens, where creating drug dependent people. Take some time out of your day and watch some of their wonderful toxic commercials.

      Anyways to my point,

      We are living organic matter.....I have done my own study with kangen, on living organic matter. My laboratory is my home, the test subjects are my plants.....plants love water, so they are the perfect test subjects, although obviously very different from us, but organic just the same!! I used 4 different types of water and 4 plants....and of course, I didn't tell any of the plants what water they where being given. This way the experiment is totally legit...they weren't being set up with false expectations... so the one getting tap water as opposed to kangen, fish water, or a mixture of the two, would't just roll over and die.

      I used four of my houseplants in this experiment, all sit in my picture window facing in an SE direction, so they had a lot of good nurturing sunlight in equal amounts. The plants themselves are in very good health, I normally water them only with water from my tropical fish tank, they love it!!

      My four types of water consisted of:

      1)tap water

      2)tap water mixed equally with water from my tropical fish tank

      3)kangen water

      4)kangen water mixed equally with water from my tropical fish tank

      I watered the plants once a week for a month...these are the quick results. Now as you are well aware none of the plants were told what water they were the results in the plants are unbiased.

      my results were as follows..

      The two most undesirable outcomes are listed first..

      1)Tap water: plant looks less vibrant,leaves are not as shiny, green color is paler compared to the other 3 plants, new growth at the top of plant is stunted.

      2)Tap water/tropical tank water mix: Plant looks less vibrant, green is duller, but there is still plant growth at top.

      3)kangen water: plant color and vibrancy has stayed but growth has slowed,not stunted.

      4)kangen water/tropical tank water mix: Plant is the most vibrant of all the specimens, healthy in color, leaves, and growth...

      My conclusion is the kangen water with the tropical water mix obviously had the best results. Plants like kangen better too!!

      A healthy plant cannot live a healthy existence on water alone it needs good food and clean water to survive, and thrive, similar to the needs of humans.

      A strong plant given clean water will exist better than a plant given water that comes out of the tap(chemically treated) what does this mean for us.

      Do you know where your tap water comes from? I have a friend who works at my cities water treatment facility, he will not drink water straight from the tap. He filters his water, now that has to tell you something.

      Head down to your local water purification plant, check out the chemicals that have to go into your water so that you don't become sick from the e coli and other chemicals that get flushed through your toilets.

      Give your heads a shake, our ancestors didn't have the pollution that we have today, they used natural cleaning agents not toxic chemicals, they had bowel movements in outhouses..all our household waste, including the feces goes to a city water treatment facility, so it can be treated, recycled and used again...straight out of the tap..yeeaah now that's what I call refreshing:)no thanks

    • profile image

      theonewhoknows 4 years ago

      This would be a good product for CBC's Marketplace to check out.

    • profile image

      plant man 4 years ago

      You do know that some plants enjoy acidic water and some don't, right? Comparing a plant to a human in terms of what water will do for it are a bit misinformed. Plants do pretty well on manure as fertilizer, too. Should we change our diets to match?

    • profile image

      plant man 4 years ago

      also, those chemicals in your city water (namely chlorine and chlormines) can easily be removed with carbon filtration (absorbtion for chlorine and adsorbtion for chloramines). And, if they're dosing with flouride it's as easy as reverse osmosis to take care of it all with one product. One that will give better quality water than the Kangen I might add and won't cost near as much. Oh, and did your Kangen dealer tell you that you'll need an RO before the Kangen anyway to bring the TDS down if you have high TDS...which most places do? Biggest ripoff ever based on non-proven science with no third party testing to back its claims. The medical seal issue for use in Japan simply states that using the machine won't kill you. You really need to do more research before regurgitating what your salesman pitches to you.

    • profile image

      David 4 years ago

      Ther eis a reason the kagne machine cost so much more and it's simple Ask any one who is selling one to you how much they make from selling the machine ( we all live on profit so no harm no foul ) but then ask them how much their sponsor or the person above them in the chain makes and then the next..the person selling you depending where they are in the chain can make less then the person above them.I am talking hundreds of dollars if over $1000 or $2000 or more is made before the machine is even paid for well you get the picture. I am not saying anything about the quality of the machine just that there is too much profit being made by too many people ....Find out before you take out a loan etc. Ask about a way for you to make money if, after you buy a machine you want to sell them..... (you sell one to a person you make let's say $200 then that person sells one they make $200 you make $400 the person who sold the one to you makes $800 and on and on..These numbers are examples only but you get the picture/( again not saying anything about the quality of the machines) be sure to ask about buying filters after you have the machine also$$$$

    • profile image

      B&J 4 years ago

      We tried Kangan water for a few weeks and had dramatic results. Aches and pains were gone, sleeping better, more energy, less cravings, pooping more & easier. My child has Crohns has a hard time going to the bathroom. He started going three times a day with no pain! We researched the competitors and bought a cheaper machine that claimed to do the same thing. After two weeks, no results and aches and pains, etc. came back. We have just returned it & bought a Kangan machine. After a few days back on it, we feel great again and symptoms getting better! Just saying...

      Telling all my friends about it! It's wonderful, healthy and great tasting!!

    • profile image

      kangenwaterscam1 4 years ago

      Kangen Water is the same as Alkaline Ionized Water. Just keep a look out for how much negative ORP you want as well as what pH Range you want to be drinking. I like to drink around 9.5-10.0 pH and at least --750 ORP

    • profile image

      kangenwaterscam1 4 years ago

      Are "ALL" Alkaline Water Ionizers a Scam...? The short answer is no. There are numerous studies and publications supporting the health benefits of antioxidant rich foods and beverages including alkaline ionized water. Increasing the body's antioxidant levels has been linked in numerous studies with higher energy levels, anti-aging effects and disease inhibiting properties including fighting ulcers, arteriosclerosis, diabetes and even some cancers.

    • profile image

      zin 4 years ago

      How can one sale back the kangen machine if they dont need it anymore? plez let me know

    • profile image

      Dan 4 years ago

      My grandma died at the age of 106. and she drinks water on the deep well. it taste nasty and no filter. now his son and daughter they all drinking with the same well.Most of their kids died at age 96,92 and 94. and some still living and they are in 90's. so do you think it is in the water or on the food that they ate?

    • profile image

      scientist 4 years ago

      @kangenwaterscam, please list the publications and the studies with their PMIDs

    • profile image

      heavynumber 3 years ago

      I found this site doing a search on what the AMA says about alkaline water.My friend is buying a Kangen purifier and I'm trying to help him learn a little more before he drops 5K on a water purifier.

      Sorry philrich,the "testimonials" the experts,doctors,etc they're all there for every "cure" that ever hit the big time.Every ab machine in the country has them.One question for all of those individuals that were "amazed" by the results.Were they as well hydrated before they started drinking the water?Were their lifestyles,eating habits,etc. exactly the same "after" they started drinking the water?

      Hey,if the water helps people feel better,live longer,more power to it.But do a little research and gain some knowledge before you spend thousands of dollars.If you can acheive the same results from buyingh a Brita jug purifier and making the resolution to hydrate yourself daily,why waste the money?One of the things my father always told me about researching something.If all the people you find promoting the product are selling the product,run.

      philrich,show me one link from the AMA,FDA or CDC that supports the claims; you mentioned them in your lead in.There is absolutely no scientific evidence supporting the claims that drinking Kangen alkaline vs regular ole H2O water is better for you.

      Every time I see products like this I think of the infomercials,the doctors,the "experts",the testimonials for fen phen.Yup it had doctors and all kinds of testimonials.I'm not saying alkaline water is akin to fen phen.But I also know that I drank a gallon of it every day for two years when I worked a job near the Kangen outlet on Spencer St in Torrance CA and felt absolutely no change when I started or stopped.None.Nothing.But I always drink a gallon of water every day.I'm sure if I stopped drinking the water,there'd be noticeable changes.Moral:drink your water

    • profile image

      Pawel 3 years ago

      I told my dad, Dont get the machine, what did he say, Ok, you're right, its obsurd and it probablly is a scam.. What did he do? he bought the fucking 4k machine.. and now i dont have money to go to mma..

      Now he drinks the water and says that it improved his health..

      It's the fact that you are drinking water period that improved your health, not that it's kangen water..

    • profile image

      kangen-ionizer 3 years ago

      Kangen Water™ is certainly the best of the best

    • profile image

      kangen-ionizer 3 years ago

      Sorry, I lied. It's just water. Not ever high purity water at that. Don't buy one. Ever.

    • profile image

      toocool 3 years ago

      my dad just got this kangen machine. gonna see how this will heal my shoulder and ankle pain.ill be back with a review! just started drinking 2 days ago.

    • profile image

      bentonjames 3 years ago

      It is a total rip off! I cannot believe people are paying 4000 dollars for a water filter! Its actually comical I think. Check it out, they are ripping old people off just to make some commission off this Japanese companies product.:

      Common people, do you really have no common sense?

    • profile image

      Pawol 2 years ago

      Pawel.. Your father is an idiot for buying the machine, but why is it his responsibility to pay for you to go to MMA?

    • profile image

      Pharme464 2 years ago

      Very interesting topic, appreciate it for putting up. cbekkfb

    • profile image

      kangen-ionizer 2 years ago

      Whoever just used my name saying that I lied about Kangen Water not being the best seems to be a troll. Kangen Water is the best, and no other kind of water can offer the same health benefits

    • profile image

      JustSayNo 2 years ago

      So I'm still so sick from drinking kangen water a few years ago. I've developed major digestive issues and the water gave me candida and my bones are now brittle. These machines split minerals, producing hydrates so you are essentially drinking products like lime. This is not natural, people. There are Japanese studies published online that indicate that rats given the water suffered from fibrosis, arteriosclerosis and their lives were cut very short. Buyer beware!

    • profile image

      willinda 2 years ago

      just want to know if this machine is okey with waters from the gulf areas, particularly kuwait and/or saudi arabia.....

    • profile image

      Ashley 2 years ago

      Kangen water units makes alkaline water by mixing harmful chemicals into water.

      Kangen Water Exposed - Video

      Find water ionizer machine online at &

    • Nyomah profile image

      Nyomah 2 years ago

      Well I'm no fool and I have certainly spent $3980 on the SD501 and also in return gained excellent health with changing the type of water I drink. It has truly changed my life physically, spiritually, and financially. I think the fools are those who would not want to invest in their health and gain good wealth. I have lost weight, gained more energy, lost high blood pressure, lost borderline diabetes, lost high cholesterol, lost allergies to some raw fruits, raw vegges, and raw nuts. I even lost allergies to pollen which I have suffered from for more than 30 years. Along with changing my water, it has caused me to get rid of the cravings I had for a poor diet, now I am healthier than I have been since I was a child. Drinking the water that comes from the SD 501 ionizer definitely promotes good health. Now lets get one thing straight, the water is not the healer by all means, we are not making any medical claims at all, when you put the right things into your body, it will cause the body to go through the homeostasis it needs to in order to heal itself. The ionizer is from Japan, manufactured and assembled by one person per machine, it is medically graded and also known as a medical device in Japan. If you do your research on alkaline water in Japan you will then understand the history of why these ionizers were produced in the first place. There will always be some sort of competition with a product that is successful and produce good results. I am not knocking any other ionizer out there, but there are no other ionizer companies that will allow you to sample their water on a trial basis so you could see for yourself the end results of drinking water which is ionized through the SD 501. That's my take on it, and I could not be any happier or healthier. Enagic is not MLM it is direct sales, the owner of the company compensates you for introducing and selling ionizers to others to promote good health and good wealth, you do not have to sell the ionizer. In other words it is your choice to become a distributor, you are given a distributor number on the sole purpose of being able to sell the ionizer to others and get paid for it. The company also advances extra bonuses for selling so many. MLM companies do not do that without someone else your downline selling under you. With Enagic it does not matter who sells, as long as the sells are coming in and adding up you will get the bonus. Also there is no residual, all income made from this company awarded to you is from you and everyone under you who have sold an ionizer. For every ionizer sold that is how many people and their families you have allowed to have good health.

    • profile image

      Lilly 2 years ago

      I love my sd501, and I know this water works and I am helping many people with their health. so you skeptics have fun when you get sick . I am a cancer survivor and if my unit was the last one , you couldn't pay me enough to part with it. thats all. Blessings

    • profile image

      Jon Peters 2 years ago

      Let's think. When someone is hospitalized, and the bill for 3 days stay was $4,000 how many hospital employees will be paid from that $4,000? Assuming the hospital has 300 full time employees.

      When you buy a $3,500 flat screen HDTV, how many people are paid from the original equipment manufacturer to final sales?

      When you buy a plane ticket from United airline how many employees must be paid?

      Fifty percent of a product mark up is usually allotted for marketing cost. If a product is retailed at $2,000 the product was bought by the retailer at $1,000. Now, the manufacturer made the product at $500 or less.

      A PRADA shirt can cost you $700. A Bruno Magli men shoes can cost $1,200. A Bently can cost $120,000. A Viking Norwegian cruise for 2 might cost $25,000 for two weeks. Everything is relative. A first class plane ticket might cost thousands. Meanwhile coach seats a few hundred.

      As an investment Banker, I can say, you get what you pay for. As for MLM. Every corporation, businesses, government, military and even the religious organization is a form of pyramid. Just imagine what does the church sell? Over a billion dollars a week is given worldwide for a promise of eternal salvation. We don't complain about it. How many hundreds of thousand employees actually get paid by the church?

    • profile image

      enagic water machine 2 years ago

      Enagic water machine was helpful to enjoy safe and healthy life. They also help to prevent a various kind of diseases.

    • profile image

      FauxGod 23 months ago

      I got cured of my illness immIDIOTy after consuming Kangen juice. So much debate and all rubbish

    • Gen De Ruo profile image

      Perhiasan 22 months ago from Jakarta

      i enjoy drinking coffee made of kangen water .. it give better taste to my tounge..

    • profile image

      frank silver 17 months ago

      I am a 33 year old man living in San Francisco, California. I have been HIV positive since 2003. I took HIV medication on and off from 2004 up to 2009. At one point, my T-cells were below 100. In October of 2009, I decided to get off the HIV medication and to fight the virus naturally with powerful herbs, supplements and lifestyle changes, here is dr oluku email who cure me from hiv:, or call him +2349051208634

    • profile image

      hejejejejejejej 17 months ago

      hej med dig

    • profile image

      Jonathan 13 months ago

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