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Karbonn Smart Tab 8 Velox Review and Full Specifications

Updated on March 20, 2013

Hello fellow Hubbers and readers. I’m back and it’s time for a full-fledged review. I recently bought the Karbonn Smart Tab 8 Velox and I must say Karbonn has done a pretty good job with this tablet. The tablet is really good and it poses stiff competition to the other tablets which offer very less at the same price range. The only other alternative to this tab, I think, is the Wammy Desire from WickedLeaks. You can buy the Wammy Desire from their website. So let’s get started with the review. For the first time I’ve also added some videos that have been taken by my son.

Karbonn ST8
Karbonn ST8

Rajeev Reviews Rating:

4 stars for Karbonn Smart Tab 8


The Karbonn Smart Tab 8 or the ST8 as it is abbreviated looks really nice. The design looks aesthetic. This is one of the very few tabs that come with Jellybean right out of the box. The box of this tablet looks great and the graphics on it will make anyone want to but it. Inside the box you get the tab, a USB to mini-USB cable, a USB adapter for connecting your pen drives and hard drives and the charger. There are no physical buttons on the right side of the tablet. All the buttons are placed on the left side. There is nothing on the top and bottom part of the tablet. The back of the tab looks very nice. It has a rubberized feel which gives a good grip. I bought the grey version of this tablet, as I liked it better than the other colors.


The Karbonn Smart Tab 8 houses some serious hardware. It runs on the Amlogic Meson6 G05-n1b processor. It is a dual core processor and it is clocked at 1.5 GHz. This is sure to give some great performance. The tablet also has a dual core Mali 400 GPU to take care of all the gaming needs. Low end games work effortlessly but high end games don’t work that well. Wait, there’s more!!! There is also 1 GB of DDR3 RAM. One drawback that I found was the internal storage. There was only 1.5 GB of internal storage, but as long as you have a microSD card, you don’t have to worry. There are a lot of useless apps that Karbonn has pre-installed. I liked only Flipboard from the apps that were pre-installed.

Temple Run 2 on Karbonn Smart Tab 8

Screen of Velox
Screen of Velox


The 8-inch screen is awesome. It is not an IPS screen so viewing angles will not be that good. It comes with a resolution of 1024x768 and the aspect ratio is 4:3. There is no compatibility issue with the 8-inch screen and most of the apps that I’ve downloaded have worked perfectly.


The camera behind the tablet is a 3 megapixel fixed focus camera. The camera is of really bad quality. It is bad even in proper light. All the pictures are grainy and it is of poor quality. There is also a front camera for video call and face recognition which comes with Jellybean. This camera is a tad better than the back camera, I feel.

Backside of Velox
Backside of Velox

Touch Sensitivity:

This tablet posed a lot of issues regarding its touch sensitivity. At first even I had the same issue. But then I removed the plastic film on top of the screen. Many people think that it is the screen protector, but it is actually a temporary protector. Anyway, now it is working perfectly and I have no complaints. But, when you look the tab under light, you can see many little squares. These are actually sensor points and what I feel is that the sensitivity at the top is a little less compared to the other sides. Overall the touch is okay but not up to the mark.



The battery inside the Karbonn ST 8 is a 4500 mAh battery. This battery easily lasts me a day. But the problem is that it takes 5 hours to charge. This is a very long time if you ask me. So I think this is another one of the drawbacks.

Video Playback:

This was something that amazed me. The Karbonn Smart Tab 8 played many of the videos flawlessly. 1080p videos played as smooth as butter. I even played some of my 720p movies on it and it worked like a charm. With the 8-inch screen, it is an awesome experience to watch movies on the go. The speakers are also of great quality at medium volumes, but the sound breaks at high volumes.

My Verdict:

You can easily go for this tab and you won’t be disappointed. It is priced at Rs.7,299 and it offers a lot. At this price point you can’t really expect Galaxy Tab 2 or iPad. So I think it is a pretty good buy. I am rating it 4 stars.


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