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Kaspersky Anti Virus: Malware Protection on All Fronts

Updated on July 22, 2008

There is a reason why so many businesses turn to Kaspersky Anti Virus for complete, reliable protection from viruses and other threats. Kaspersky Anti Virus is ranked #1 in malware detection and removal, and offers a risk-free anti virus software trial to prove just how effective their solution is at preventing infection. Kaspersky has combined an anti virus scanner, spyware control, a firewall, anti-spam control, and parental controls for a complete, effective security system to keep your computer protected on all fronts. A simple virus scanner is not enough to keep your computer free from today's biggest threats, and as malware becomes more advanced, Kaspersky Anti Virus does too.

Is complete, risk-free protection really all that important? It is if you value the longevity of your computer, the safety of your sensitive information and financial data, and your personal and corporate identity. Today's hackers rely on stealth technology to retrieve sensitive information and damage your computer, which makes it extremely difficult to deflect their attacks. The most significant problem with most free anti virus software is that it only offers one wall of protection, which leaves your computer vulnerable to more sophisticated malware attacks.

Kaspersky Anti Virus protects on all fronts, offering complete, non-intrusive protection for your system and valuable data. Very few anti virus products shield your system on all five fronts: virus protection, spyware and Trojan protection, firewall support, anti-spam prevention, and complex parental controls. Unlike other free anti virus software solutions, Kaspersky provides hourly updates to ensure your software is able to detect and eliminate the most recent, emerging threats to your security.

Kaspersky Anti Virus Offers a Free Anti Virus Software Trial

If you want to keep your computer free of today's most sophisticated and damaging threats, you must rely on a comprehensive, frequently updated anti virus solution. Kaspersky Anti Virus is ranked as the #1 software for keeping your computer protected from malware, including viruses, spyware, trojans, and hackers. To ensure that your system is continuously protected from both known and emerging threats, try Kaspersky for complete Internet protection by visiting You have nothing to lose by trying Kaspersky - risk free - for 30 days. Risk free protection comes from a professional source, and Kaspersky Anti Virus is regarded as the best free anti virus software trial available today.


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