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Kaspersky AntiVirus: Unmatched, Free Antivirus Protection

Updated on July 7, 2008

Kaspersky AntiVirus: Unmatched, Free Antivirus Protection

Kaspersky AntiVirus is the solution you need if your system has ever been compromised by a virus or other threat, or if you are concerned about the devastating consequences a future infection could cause. Virus and spyware updates are essential for keeping your computer continuously protected from outside threats, but very few products update as often as needed to provide complete protection. In addition to continuous protection and hourly updates, Kaspersky AntiVirus provides users with the highest detection rates and the most rapid response time in the industry.

To fully protect your system and data, you must choose a solution that can detect both known and emerging threats to your security. Kaspersky AntiVirus, one of the leading antivirus software providers in the world, is able to detect threats long before most other antivirus solutions. Kaspersky’s products are designed to offer interruption free, intensive, around-the-clock protection from all types of malware - while safely updating your computer with the most important downloads. Not only is Kaspersky equipped to handle more viruses than Norton Antivirus, it updates quietly and automatically, leaving you free to run your business. There are no extra items to manually install or intrusive downloads to deal with. These safe, interruption free downloads are the reason Kaspersky AntiVirus is favored over other leading products.

Why Choose Kaspersky AntiVirus to Protect Your System?

Norton Antivirus and McAfee, two popular antivirus software solutions, only offer daily updates, and some of these updates must be manually installed. Unfortunately, new threats occur hour-by-hour, leaving your computer vulnerable to Trojans, viruses, and other threats. Protecting your system requires hourly updates to your antivirus software in order to provide continuous, complete protection. Kaspersky AntiVirus offers this level of protection, and will protect the integrity of your system and your sensitive information around-the-clock.

Virus infection can result in extensive downtime, lost or corrupted data, and significant financial expenditure. To protect your computer and your sensitive information, download Kaspersky's free antivirus trial at Over 200 new viruses appear every day, which leaves your system vulnerable to attack. With Kaspersky's hourly updates, your valuable information and system will remain fully protected. Only Kaspersky AntiVirus is ranked by numerous antivirus reviewers as the most efficient software download available today! Do not wait until your computer is already infected. Try Kaspersky’s free antivirus software – your computers, your sensitive data, and your bottom line will thank you.


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    • guidebaba profile image

      guidebaba 9 years ago from India

      Thanks for Sharing

    • pcdriverdoctor profile image

      pcdriverdoctor 9 years ago

      I've been using Kaspersky Anti-Virus over 2 years. After the first 6 months, I began to implement it into my clients systems as well. It's saved them tons of money in virus removal fees from all the free crap like AVG and Avast.

      Great Hub!