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Keeping Your Facebook Private

Updated on June 16, 2012

Things to do before creating a Facebook page.

Facebook users have been asked to update their privacy settings.

You had an option to skip until later, unfortunately they took that option away quickly.

Through the process, information you don't want out for everyone to see will be in your profile. Although, you can change your privacy settings yourself.

Other social network sites don't have as much privacy as Facebook.

If you want to stay on Facebook, but are worried about your privacy try and keep in mind of the information below

  • Information in your profile can be viewable by everyone.

    Anyone, can see your name, photo, and school and work information. This is also true for pages you are already a fan of. Try to avoid becoming a fan of other profiles. You are also able to choose whether you want to display the city you reside in and gender.

  • Friends can also be viewed by other Facebook users.

    Friends lists are available for public info. Although, there is a way to hide it by going to the top right of your friends list and click the blue pencil icon. You will be given the option to uncheck the (show friends list to everyone)

  • Hide yourself from search engines.

    Go to Facebook's privacy settings and find the Search on the top right corner. Uncheck the corresponding box. Leave it checked if you feel you want people to find you on a google search.

  • Be Careful of third-party apps.

    There are many games on Facebook that are really fun to play.
    Just keep in mind that when you play it authorizes your profile information to be used, even if only your friends are available to your profile. The application will also be able to get some of your friends info. Keep in mind that you can change your settings under (Application Settings).

  • Review your friends

    You should always review your friends. Most Facebook users have a bunch of friends but only talk to a select few. Just go through your list of friends and try and edit who can see your posts and other information.

  • Have Custom Friend Groups

    If you have a ton of friends it might be a good idea to organize them. Think of different genres to put each person in, such as, co-workers, friends, etc. Go to (All Friends) and create a new list.

Don't think your always completely private. Any pictures or text messages could put a damper on your reputation. Just becareful when using social networking and other websites asking for personal information. Hope this information helped.


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