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Keeping Your Samsung Galaxy S3 Safe with a Protective Case

Updated on April 10, 2013
Samsung Galaxy S3 Protective Case
Samsung Galaxy S3 Protective Case

If you look around in a public, crowded place, you'll probably notice many people using smartphones. If you keep looking, you'll also probably notice that many of those phones have cases on them. Some cases are colorful and aesthetically enhance the phone. Others are more rugged looking and might be full of scratches. Phone cases serve several different purposes, and their owners may have had various reasons for getting them. One thing you will notice, however, is that there are good reasons that so many smartphone users use cases, and there are plenty of reasons you should keep your phone safe with a Samsung Galaxy S3 Protective Case, too.

The first and most obvious reason it to protect your phone. The Galaxy S3 has a large, beautiful screen that also happens to be very delicate. Drop that screen on a hard, sharp surface with enough force, and you'll crack it. In fact, you probably know someone who has cracked their phone screen. Phones are expensive to replace in the middle of a service contract, and cracks in the screen make it very hard to read.

Phone cases also protect other parts of your phone. Although phone construction has improved considerably over the years, the back of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is still scratchable, and you'll see some wear in it after a while. This is natural and almost unavoidable, considering it's easy to slide a phone across a countertop or other surface, even while gently picking it up and setting it back down again. Rugged cases can also protect your phone from bumps and falls, something that happens to almost every phone. Some cases even waterproof you phone. You can protect your phone and save yourself the expense of prematurely buying a new phone by keeping it in a protective case.

Cases also add style to your phone. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is available in a handful of colors, but they are designed to be neutral and adapt to many styles. Cases personalize your phone and increase its visual appeal. Some simply surround your phone in bright, attractive colors, while others have trendy designs or even pictures on them. Cases are a great way for the fashion conscious Galaxy S3 user to improve their phone.

Although a few generic cases exist, you generally want to get one designed specifically for your phone. Generic cases tend to be excessively bulky and don't fit well. Often they are simply a large padded pouch for your phone. This design rarely provides the same degree of protection that a well-designed, form fitting case will. Fortunately, as popular as the Samsung Galaxy S3 is, many companies manufacture cases custom designed to fit that phone. These cases allow easy access to the controls and screen, while fitting snugly around the back of the phone. Some cases come with screen covers or protectors, while others only cover the back and sides of the phone. Well-built cases shouldn't impact the functionality of the phone, but of necessity even the best of cases still add weight and bulk to the phone. Bad screen covers can also impact performance, but those that work well don't make a difference in the functionality of the touch screen.

When looking for a case for your Samsung Galaxy S3, there are a lot of things to consider. The most important thing is how it feels to you. You're going to spend a lot of time holding the phone in your hand, so make sure to pick a case that is comfortable and doesn't impact the usability of the phone. Other considerations, like additional features the case offers, are secondary. Some cases, for instance, actually have a backup battery in them to extend your phone's battery life. While this is convenient, it's not worth it if you have to trade comfort for that ability. By picking a good case, you can keep your Samsung Galaxy S3 safe, stylish, and functional.


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