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Keeping your PC secure

Updated on October 3, 2011
You don't have to spend a fortune to keep your PC running good!
You don't have to spend a fortune to keep your PC running good! | Source


The purpose of this hub is to help keep your pc performing at its best and to make you aware of what some hackers are doing to steal your identity and get your money.

Whether you are aware of it or not Identity theft is a huge problem worldwide and is the fastest growing crime in the USA.

This hub cannot guarantee to keep you from having your identity stolen but it will help,

Keep your PC Antivirus up to date

Make sure whatever antivirus you are using that you set it to check for updates regularly and also make it a habit to open your antivirus program everyday when you boot up your computer and maually click the update button to make sure it is up to date.

If you don't have a antivirus go to and select free downloads,enter antivirus in the search box and pick out one,install it and keep it updated.

Remember hackers and identy theft rings works everyday so you should try to stay vigilant in keeping all your internet security software up to date, it only take around a minute to do it and is well worth the time.

While you are at CNET go ahead and download

  • A antivirus program (like Avast)
  • A maleware program (like Malewarebytes)
  • A registry cleaner (like CClean)

Keep your window up to date and your firewall turned on

To update your windows, simply click the start button in the bottom left hand corner of your desktop,select all programs,find windows update and click it.

This will keep your windows updated and will keep you secure from all the latest security threats to whatever version on windows you are running.

Be sure and make sure that your window firewall is turned on, to do this click the start button again,select control panel,select system & security and make sure that the windows firewall is on.If it is off that is usually a sign that you have a trojan or a virus of some sort once you install your antivirus and malware program it should catch it and quarantine it for you.

Always check to make sure your firewall is on,it only takes 3 clicks off the mouse and a few seconds and can make the difference in keeping your identity from getting stolen.

Always Delete suspicious email

Many hackers use emails to hack into your computer,make sure you use a spam filter and if you have a suspicious mail from someone you don't know,DO NOT OPEN IT,just delete it.

It is better to be safe than sorry when dealing with emails.

If you just have to open a email, scan it with your antivirus program before you open it.

To do this open your antivirus and select the scan email,select the mail you want to scan and click scan email button on the antivirus,it is that easy.

A few more tips to keep your PC running smoothly

Once a month do a disc defragment on your pc. you can schedule these to run at a certain time every month or do them manually, I prefer doing them manually and scheduling them,that way if I forget to do it manually the scheduled scan will run keeping my CPU running smoothly.

To schedule a scan click the start button and go to my computer,right click on my computer and scroll down to properties, click properties and click on tools, there you will see error check and disc defragment, left click on disc defragment it will open and you can left click on schedule disc defragment and schedule it to do it automatically at the time and date every month of you chosing, or you can click on disc defragment now and do it right then.

Do not over use the disc defragment, once a month is fine unless you are constantly installing and uninstalling programs on your PC.

Error check your PC once every 3 months or if you are having problems

I will warn you that a error check takes quite awhile to complete usually around an hour and a half so when I do them it is usually at night when I am going to sleep,if you are online make sure you sign offline or disconnect from the internet to do your error check.

Click the start button and go to my computer, right click on my computer and scroll down to properties,scroll down to tools and left click on tools and schedule a disc check, you CANNOT do a disc check right then you have to schedule it and reboot your computer and it will start so click schedule a disc error check and then click start and click reboot and it will start.

Remember it will take over an hour to do this so make sure you don't need your PC for that time.

Clean your registry once every 3 months

In order to clean your registry you have to use a program or software, so go to and select freeware in the search option and type registry cleaner into the search.

Install the software and update it and run the registry cleaner.

Always make sure that you save your reports so if you remove something you need from your registry you can reinstall it, I have done this hundreds of times and have never removed anything I needed but it can happen so I think it is always better to be safe than sorry.

I can recommend two (2) registry cleaners that are free and work great.

  1. Eusing registry cleaner
  2. CClean registry cleaner

You can type either name in and download them from their website or from

Stay Away from sites that may have viruses

If you want to get a virus quickly go to a porn or adult site,they are loaded with them.

Also Facebook is notorious for being loaded with spyware etc,if you use facebook be sure and go to privacy settings and set them to just you and your friends, also go to applications and disable all those games and things that you really don't need to use on facebook.

I know a lot of you will be surprised when I tell you that facebook is loaded with viruses and spyware but it is a fact, so do the best you can to protect yourself from it,also never open a mail from someone you don't know on facebook, I did this and lost a $900.00 CPU, do not make the mistake I did, listen to me it isn't worth losing a PC over.

Is that free song worth losing your freedom?

Don't dowlaod illegal music or movies,you can be fined or go to jail.
Don't dowlaod illegal music or movies,you can be fined or go to jail. | Source

Never Download any program that has a broken digital signature!

If you are downloading a program and windows pops up and it is green it is ok go ahead and download it but, if it is yellow or red and says it has a broken signature or it may be a virus - DO NOT download it cancel it immediatly.

Don't download illegal music or movies

Use you common sense when downloading anything and remember that it is illegal to download movies and music from the internet unless you pay for them.

You can get in a lot of trouble downloading illegally and it really is stupid if you think about it, is it worth losing your freedom over to download a free song or movie?

I don't think so.

I hope this hub has helped you to understand how to keep your PC running good and also to help keep your identity safe,if you have any questions or comment please feel free to leave them in the box below and I will do my best to answer them.

As always God-Bless-Us-All


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  • Brinafr3sh profile image


    7 years ago from West Coast, United States

    Hi Manthy, Most of these I do for my computer, but will need to do a couple that you have mentioned here on the hub. My Avast antivirus detected a virus on a PTC (pay-to-click) page that I viewed, and I have to watch those now.

  • manthy profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from Alabama,USA

    @pabeti - Yaou are welcome, thank you for stopping bye.

  • pabeti profile image


    7 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

    Thanks for informing us on the things we under estimate.Will take more caution.

  • manthy profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from Alabama,USA

    @Homesteadbound - Yes I know exactly what you mean,but most new rigstry cleaners have a backup feature that will allow you to undo anything that was removed that you need, cleaning your registry should not be overdone,I would say to do it about once every 3 months or so but if you are constantly installing and uninstalling programs you may want to do it once a week,also if you are using Windows 7 it won't let a cleaner remove anything you really need like audio drivers. Thanks for stopping by - I look forward to chatting with you again soon.



  • homesteadbound profile image

    Cindy Murdoch 

    7 years ago from Texas

    Great hub. I am bookmarking this one and going to start doing some of these things. I had wondered about registry cleaners. If I don't know I avoid things like that because I don't want to cause more harm than good.

  • manthy profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from Alabama,USA

    @donohub - Thanks for stopping by, I really hopes this helps people who don't know the bascis of internet sucurity.

  • dononhub profile image


    7 years ago from East Point

    Great article! Thanks for the info about how much people should be watchful of the Internet BAD goings on.

  • manthy profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from Alabama,USA

    Thanks Arlene - I hope this help you stay more secure online

    @vrajavala - YW - I hope they help you as well ;0)

    Ya'll have a great week

  • profile image

    Arlene V. Poma 

    7 years ago

    This sounds really bad, but I'm bookmarking this for my hubby as a reminder. The only thing I've done here is delete these mystery emails. Other than that, I haven't kept up with the computer at all. Whooop! Voted up, useful, interesting and AWESOME for giving me a wake-up call!

  • vrajavala profile image


    7 years ago from Port St. Lucie

    thanks a lot of helpful hints.


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