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Kids Rockin Guitar - Fender Squier Hello Kitty Strat

Updated on April 19, 2011


Girls and boys that just want to have fun would probably choose the pink Fender Squier Hello Kitty Strat Guitar. In case pink is not their cat's meow the black version may be the way to go.

If a cheesy little toy is what you expect then you need to take a closer look. Like the name implies - The Fender Squier Hello Kitty Strat guitar is a Fender. From the all wood double cutaway, high-gloss Lacquer and colorful graphics design to the 21-fret fingerboard it is the thing.

Righty - no problem, lefty - no problem, either one can play this rockin guitar. Child or grown-up no problem because this Strat is easy to play and the feel is one of a much more expensive guitar. Sure, you can't expect it to be everything a pro would want in a guitar but for most anyone else (especially a beginner) it has enough. For those of us with smaller hands the neck is a bit smaller than an ordinary Fender Strat but with the 21 frets it is not shorter.

Fender Squier Hello Kitty Strat, Black
Fender Squier Hello Kitty Strat, Black

My First Guitar


More details of the Hello Kitty Stratocaster include:

  • Length = 25 - ½" scale
  • Nut Width = 1.610"
  • Frets = 21 medium jumbo
  • Machine Heads = die-cast chrome
  • Hardware = chrome
  • Bridge = fixed
  • Pickup = single humbucking
  • Volume Control = single
  • Body = Agathis
  • Neck = Maple
  • Pickguard = custom Hello Kitty graphic

If you are not yet a guitar player yet and you don't really know where to start but you want the Fender Player's Club has tons of information.

  • Tuning Up
  • Chords
  • Power Chords
  • Tabs
  • Practice
  • Bass Guitar
  • Riffs

Before discounting this Fender Squier Hello Kitty Strat Guitar as a kiddy toy I suggest looking at it a little closer. Try the pink if you are brave enough and if not try the black. Either way enjoy a great rockin time.

I come from a line of instrument players and the guitar has always looked like a fun instrument to play. I wish that I had been encouraged to learn more than I was. Kids love music and they love to perform. This is an inexpensive tool to get them started.


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