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Kids and Mobile Technology

Updated on December 24, 2015

Children growing up nowadays do not remember a time when there was no cell phone to carry around everywhere. Communication is so much easier and faster today and many teenagers take their phones to bed with them so that they can answer the phone as soon as it rings. There are various types of mobile technology now out on the market and kids are the experts when it comes to using these units.

Parents are often left shaking their head at the things kids get up to on their mobile devices. Parents are often left in the dust nowadays when new technology makes its way into the consumer market.

Children are so used to this technology that they are able to quickly master the skills necessary to maneuver this new array of toys that seems so daunting to many of the older generation.

Kids have quickly mastered the use of texting to get their messages to friends, with many youngsters using texting instead of talking on their cell phone because per minute rates are a lot cheaper.

There are units such as the Blackberry that were specifically built so that people could easily send text messages on them and most phone units aimed at kids now come equipped with a bigger keypad so that fingers can easily hit the keys to send messages faster.

Many phones even have slide-out keyboards, making sending text messages easy and convenient. This texting craze means that many kids can be seen walking on the sidewalk looking down at their mobile device, giving the unnerving view from behind of groups of headless teens.

Mobile devices and cell phones often come equipped with picture taking and video capabilities, although sometimes, young minds get a little out of control and snap pictures and take videos that can cause some trouble for both themselves and others involved.

The internet and mobile phones are the quick source to upload videos and photos onto websites such YouTube, Facebook and on many other social medias. As there are millions of people watching videos on YouTube and Facebook every day, it is easy for teenagers to become instant stars by posting their videos, whether that is advisable or not. Many young people enjoy singing and would not have been able to find a wide audience in the past, but now, with video uploading websites, it is easy to record yourself singing a song and get instant video views. This provides a handy forum for would-be pop-stars of all ages.

Many kids are now so good at making movies on their mobile devices that some of them look like professionally-made movies. Kids can edit and chop and change their video footage until it looks like a high-quality production. Photos can easily be taken on cell phones and photo-shopped to make the people featured in them look completely flawless and as a consequence, not many people put pictures that have not been altered in some way into their digital photo albums anymore. When there is something new to learn with technology, kids are leading the way to perfecting this knowledge.

There is a big trend to download mobile applications onto phones. The most popular mobile apps are games, such as the very popular Angry Birds and it is usually teenagers who have enough time to devote to these games, racking up large amounts of points and completing even the most difficult levels with apparent ease. Mobile technology is as natural as breathing to most kids nowadays and what adults find difficult is second nature to them.


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