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Kill Your Cable: End the War with your Bill

Updated on March 8, 2012
End the War with Your Cable Bill
End the War with Your Cable Bill

How much was your cable bill this month? This is one college student who was fed up scrounging for another $100 each month when that bill came. I simply cannot afford it. I am not paying for this bill anymore, and it is now in the bottom of my trash bin where it belongs.

I have found the alternative. Raised by a single mother who always knew how to stretch a dollar, I became determined to rid this unnecessary bill. I no longer pay for cable television, and can watch whatever I want, whenever I want and stay within my budget.

Amazon Prime Students

Do you have an “.edu” email address? It’s pretty likely that if you are- or even were a student that you indeed have one. I didn’t know my .edu email existed for a couple semesters.

If you do you are in luck.

First things first, is sign up. You will need basic information, as well as access to you .edu address and a credit/debit card to keep on file. Make sure that once your account is created, you visit your renewal settings under your account and turn off the automatic renewal, so that you will not be charged next year until you are ready.

You can follow this link to amazon prime student free for 6 months which will give you access to free 2 day shipping and tons of annual deals and promotions just for students. Once signed up for the free 6 months of Amazon Prime students, you can sign up for another 6 months for $39.

This is where you have access to thousands of unlimited streaming movies and TV shows for the entire year, a deal worth taking advantage of. You can now watch instantly from your computer or television.

RedBox Free Movies

Most of us have heard of Redbox, the little kiosks outside our local drugstores, and convenience stores where you can rent new release movies for a dollar a night. Redbox movie rentals is a very good way for you and your family to watch new releases without much hassle. The catch to renting with Redbox is to return the movie by 9pm the following night to any location, otherwise you will be charged an extra dollar per day. Not only are there new releases available, but also blue-ray dvds and even video games!

The key to getting free rentals for one night is using their promo codes. Two very reliable codes that I have personally tested are: BREAKROOM and DVDONME. Upon checkout at the Redbox Kiosk just enter one of these promos, and you will be charged for your local state tax only. These are just two reliable codes that i have found, and I am sure with a little internet digging more can be found.

Okay, so that is two free movies right? But that's not it. The average American has at least 4 debit/credit cards in their name. For every debit, credit, or registered gift card you can use these codes to get a free movie. This means if you have 4 credit cards you just got 8 nights of free new release movies. Next week? Invite your friends over for movie night, and let them in on your secret using their card. Just remember the movie needs to go back the following night by 9pm.

Relax on the couch tonight, enjoying your free rentals
Relax on the couch tonight, enjoying your free rentals


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      Nicky Cornelison 5 years ago


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      Newyork204 5 years ago

      Great hub man. Terrific information that I plan to use. Where is my .edu email from college lol