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Kindle Bestseller List

Updated on May 5, 2010

 There are thousands of books published each year, but who has time to read them all. You can't carry dozens of books along when you go on a holiday, even if you wanted to spend it catching up on the best of the best books. Whether fiction or non-fiction, staying abreast of the books everyone is talking about is important. Using a Kindle is one way to gain access to the books and magazines you want to read.

The electronic device was originally developed by and has only been available in the United States since late 2007. The device was wildly popular as a Christmas gift but sold out within a few hours after its release. It wasn't until five months later that the device was restocked and available. The original version of this e-book device held approximately 200 titles on a six-inch diagonal display.

 The second generation of the device appeared in early 2009. It featured a 16-level grayscale display. The page refresh feature was significantly faster. The second version was able to read aloud from the text version and the equipment was thinner. A battery that was longer lasting helped to sell to more people looking for a longer reading time.

When put out the DX model of the e-book reader, it had even more features to attract and appeal to customers. This version allows the page to be rotated between portrait and landscape versions. The DX is larger, measuring nine inches diagonally. It holds a much larger inventory of books, approximately 3500 non-illustrated titles and has a battery that will last up to two weeks offline.

Most of the titles are available through in proprietary format. A few alternatives exist so that users can transfer other formats to the device by using USB connections. Usage of the equipment to transfer books in Amazon's format to another user or device is strictly prohibited under the terms of use. Originally, nearly 90,000 titles were available for purchase; currently there are around half a million books to read through the . AMZ format.

Book files can be transferred in any of several methods, including . Pdf, MOBI, . Txt and . Tpz. Ordering can be done through the device itself or by accessing the online store. The format choices continue to expand, although Amazon warns that some formats may not display correctly.

A more recent development with the device is the ability of authors to self publish directly to the equipment and sell through the store. There has been some controversy and disputes over copyrights and ownership of the published works. In some instances, previously purchased books in the . AMZ format have been withdrawn and purchaser's money refunded.

The Kindle represents a change in the way publishers present books. It offers an option the standard printed page that is convenient for traveling or for whenever you don't need to have a paper copy available. Pages can be annotated and margin information posted so that the electronic device contains useful study materials or comments about the materials.


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    • Nestor Mahno profile imageAUTHOR

      Nestor Mahno 

      8 years ago from Interwebz

      They no doubt will - all electronics does. But this refers to the getting older models, latest and mainstream models seem to have more or less the same price for the same general kind of device. :)

    • magnoliazz profile image


      8 years ago from Wisconsin

      I would love one of these because I am an avid reader, however...I am going to wait until they come down in price.


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