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Kindle Fire HD camera

Updated on June 17, 2013

I had always wanted something like a portable netbook, something that could do a bit more work than my mobile phone but didn't have to be as heavy as a traditional laptop. Nowadays, having a tablet device is almost becoming the norm and a lot of young people are finding it more convenient to carry around devices like the Kindle Fire HD rather than carrying their old laptops.

Ever since I got my Kindle Fire HD, I didn't even realize that it could do much more than just browsing the web or playing media. The Kindle seemed to look a bit like Nokia phones which are know for their outward simplicity, durability and yet having hidden powers. Yeah, the Kindle also does have its own pool of hidden powers even though it looks simple in appearance. That pool is called the Amazon appstore and its a source for getting the right android files for your Kindle Fire.

Even if it didn't come with an active camera pre-loaded, the Kindle Fire HD is actually a cool device and could do a lot of things to keep you entertained. Here are come of the things I'm able to do with my device

Basic things the Kindle Fire can do

  1. Surf the web. It comes with it's own Silk browser that can work with Wifi or 4G to access the wireless internet.
  2. Check email: It has an email client you can use to configure and access your email account using an internet connection
  3. Read books: Yes, that's what Kindle was originally built for until it became much more. Kindle can download and read a lot of books in the approved kindle format. You can find a lot of these on the Kindle store.
  4. Open and view documents: Kindle can open a lot of documents such as word, pdfs and much more. It just has to be in an acceptable format.
  5. Store and play videos: Videos in mp4 are mostly accepted on Kindle and you can store them in your personal folder for later playing even without an internet service. You could also copy videos from your computer to the Kindle
  6. Store and play mp3s: Yes it does play mp3 and some other sound formats. Since mp3 file are much smaller and don't require video you could even
  7. Store and view pictures: You can copy pictures from your computer or even Facebook and be able to view them in a gallery or by flipping them over one by one.

Then, there is another thing - It can also take pictures and capture video.

You could add more apps to your Kindle that would allow it to do much more like play games, calculate, take pictures and even videos too.

How I installed a camera on my Kindle Fire HD

After using my Kindle Fire for a while, the next step was to know how to activate the camera it comes with. If you noticed, there is a small front facing camera the tablet comes with and which Amazon says is suitable for Skping. Well I don't use Skype and it didn't come pre-installed on my device so my goal then was to ensure I did install something like an alternative of what Skype could offer.

One one of those days while going through the Amazon appstore, something inspired me to just search for Kindle camera apps and to my amazement, I did notice that there were a lot of camera apps already developed and being offered in that market. I decided to go for the Kindle Fire HD camera app, since it seemed best suitable for my device.

Getting a camera app for your Kindle Fire hd is quite easy as all you basically need are your Kindle fire and an internet connection.

I got the one developed by the Chroma club and it was just called Kindle Fire Video HD camera app

Getting a camera on your Kindle Fire HD

The Kindle Fire Video HD app is a pretty good camera app to install on your Kindle as it can take both pictures and capture video. It also starts up fast and doesn't use much space. It allows you to take videos and save them in mp4 format and even upload them to Youtube or Facebook. You could zoom in or out and just has quick buttons for easy navigation.

It is a Kindle app that activates the front facing camera on the Kindle Fire HD and this allows you to do a lot of the basic things which cameras can do and a bit more.

At an affordable price of just $0.99, you could get one easily and make your Kindle Fire HD able to take pictures just like a real camera does.

To get it, just follow the link above which takes you to the Kindle store and you'll be able to pay and immediately install it on your Kindle device. After installation, you can always access your camera by first going to your apps from the main menu. Once opened, you'll be able to decide whether to take a video or picture, whichever you want.

Kindle Fire vs Kindle Fire HD

There are a lot of differences between the Kindle Fire and the Kindle Fire HD and one of those is that the HD version comes with a front facing camera which you can activate by making use of a Kindle App.

If you've got the old Kindle Fire, then it may not have a camera of it's own and you should replace it with the HD version which started selling from $199.

In terms of price, the KFHD is more expensive than the fire which is cheaper. Also the screen size for the HD is much more than the old fire.

Another difference between the two Kindle fires is that the HD version has about 8gb more storage space than the Kindle Fire which came with only 8gb.

If you ask me, I'd say the HD version is better and you should get it if you need to have a tablet that comes with a 1.3Mp front facing camera.


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    • jabelufiroz profile image


      5 years ago from India

      Informative. Voted up and useful.


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