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Kindle Fire HD does have Bluetooth

Updated on June 13, 2013

I'm so happy to announce that the new Kindle Fire device, not the former one but the Kindle Fire HD one does come with bluetooth capability.

I had been using my Kindle Fire HD for quite a while now mostly to browse the web using wireless connections, watch movies and listen to songs but have not really being bothered about the need for bluetooth until I wanted to copy some files from my Nokia phone to the Kindle Fire.

I needed to copy some high quality mp4 files to my Kindle Fire HD from my Nokia E52 but I was still trying to use the old method of first copying to my computer using a micro-usb cable and then copying them again to Kindle. This was a kind of lame method of transferring files when the source destination was a mobile phone and the final destination was the Kindle Fire.

So I asked myself; "How do I copy files straight from my phone to Kindle Fire HD?" The idea of using a bluetooth connection came to my head and I reasoned that if my small tech phone could have bluetooth, there is no reason why the Kindle, a respectable tablet would not have bluetooth. It would have been.

Where is Bluetooth Located? At the same place where you see theWireless link. Just pull down the top menu > Wireless > Bluetooth > Switch on.

When you switch the bluetooth on, the Kindle device would be hidden but would still be able to detect other bluetooth signals closeby(10feet). You can then pair your phone to the Kindle Fire first before making any transfers. Note that Kindle's bluetooth would be hidden until you make it discoverable temporarily.

Bluetooth Pairing on a Kindle Fire HD

Pairing a bluetooth device like the Kindle Fire HD is like creating and official ans safe relationship between two devices. When you pair two bluetooth devices, you are officially creating a relationship and saying it is ok to transfer files between the two of them. You should pair your phone or other bluetooth device to your Kindle Fire if you would like to keep sharing files through them in the long term as it would make it easier and quicker to bo file transfers as long as bluetooth signals are switched on.

How to pair a Kindle and a phone:

  1. Switch on the Bluetooth on your phone and on the Kindle
  2. Scan for available device on your Kindle or phone
  3. Select the device you want to pair from the search results
  4. Choose to pair and assign a pairing key e.g. 1234 or just 1
  5. Confirm to pair from the other device and enter the pairing key

Now you can always transfer or share files between them without a need to confirm transfers or even when their bluetooth signals are hidden.

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    • profile image

      Ben Malisow 3 years ago

      Sadly, not true-- even paired, the Kindle will ask for confirmation of each file...which is tedious.